Dying of confusion (intro)


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    Dying of confusion (intro)

    Post by Boxfox on 24th May 2018, 8:55 pm

    Boxx had seen the ship long beforehand he reached town. It was a massive behemoth with what seemed to be a city. He looked behind himself before continueing his run. They were catching up he was not fit. He had been running for a while now and could not fight. As he ran into town he tried to hide in the alleys and buildings but it didn't work. They always found him no matter what. He briefly checked his necklace to make sure it was still there. Suddenly one of them lunged at him. He barely escaped before running again. He decided that his best bet was to enter that city and hope to escape in the massive buildings and structures. Once he crossed the bridge he thought he was gonna be fine and that they had lost him. He slowled to a brisk walk and took in the scenery. It was breath taking. All of a sudden he heard shouts. They Had found him. He ran into the nearest building and closed the doors. When the men seemed to not want to step near the building he relaxed and looked around. Just them a voice asked if he was going to become a member. Not wanting to leave the safety of the building boxx said yes. Only after he was approved and made a member did he realize where he was. He was in the crystal swan guild hall. Slowly he walked to a corner and sat down.

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