I Envy Your Apathy • Private, Event-Job [Lucius & Erika]

    Madame Astrid

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    I Envy Your Apathy • Private, Event-Job [Lucius & Erika]

    Post by Madame Astrid on 26th October 2017, 5:53 pm

    And while you are sitting indoors
    waiting for the storm to pass
    I will be outside dancing in the rain

    It was a totally normal day in Oahu, the underwater city in which the Golden Phoenix guild resided. Mages of the guild went back and through the many portals scattered throughout the city in search of their newest missions. The aquatic life closed off from said city swam past the clear glass majestically, either in schools of the same breed or just by themselves. And one particular guild master... Was currently standing on top of her brother's shoulders trying to get into a upper floor window...
    Well, it was at least normal for this guild...
    Small hands reached upwards, trying to grab onto the window sill which stuck out from the wall just enough so she would be able to pull herself up onto it. That is, if she was taller. Even while standing on the tips of her toes Astrid could not seem to even scrape the bottom, being just a few inches too short, even with the combined height of her brother's gigantic size. "I'm... Almost there." Astrid whispered down to the dark haired mage through gritted teeth, trying to stretch both her body and arm with all of her might in hoping she would be able to make herself a few inches taller. Even so, it seemed to be doing no good. Seeing this, the silvernette relaxed herself, and placed her hands against the bricks to make sure she wouldn't wobble and fall off. It was no use, the further she tried to stretch herself, the more she was feeling as though she would slip off Lucius' shoulders, and she just wasn't tall enough to do it on her own. Curse her short body. Couldn't Erika have given her a bigger one? Well, the woman did say she would give her whatever kind of body she wanted... So why didn't she give herself a taller one instead of one that looked closest to her original body? Ugh, she was an idiot...

    One might ask why Astrid was currently on the big brute's shoulders, trying so hard to sneak into Erika's house. Well it was simple. She wanted some of the cool fire from the last time they did a job together. The slayer had only been able to get a taste in before the thread mage decided to pack up her stuff and leave, leaving the guild master only with a hunger for more. It has been driving the elf girl crazy ever since. It was sweet, but also spicy at the same time. It was warm, and weirdly savory. Hard to describe in full, but addictive nonetheless. At least for her, a light slayer.
    But she knew just going up to Erika and asking nicely wouldn't work. No, that's not how the woman worked at all. It wouldn't be that easy. So what she was planning to do might you ask? well obviously she wanted to sneak into her house and scare her. Yes, she wanted to scare the woman so much that she accidentally unleashed her flames. She did it all the time when she was afraid, and so did Sirius that one time she sneaked up and hugged him... Which then earned her a smack on the dead. It was a sudden dip in concentration, and that's usually when powers were let out by mistake as a mage of such a power level as them both usually had to try and hold them back. it was either going to be that, or Erika would start to fight her with fire. Either way, it would work. Because Astrid was as scary as a hedgehog covered in a fluffy blanket.

    Silver eyebrows furrowed, stroking a finger curiously across her chin in thought, until suddenly it was as though she realized something. Bending down, she would then jump and reach out, using her magic to cover her nails with small light-made claws. With this boost she was able to dig her nails easily into the soft wood. By now she was dangling by one hand, as she was still too short to touch the sill from Lucius' shoulders. But at least she had managed to grip onto the ledge somehow. A grin covered her determined expression.
    She was about to pull herself up the rest of the way, reaching out her other arm, but before she could do that a buzz came from her pocket, along with an ear-piercing alarm.
    The sound scared the slayer half to death, and she almost lost her grip, but managed to catch herself before she could. Even so, she could feel herself slowly slipping out of the weak wood now due to the fright.
    The alarm continued, and if Lucius had his ILac it too would be ringing. But she couldn't exactly answer it now, not while she was hanging by a hand. "Chut! Stop! Silence!" she commanded the device pleadingly, not wanting the woman to find where she was right now.
    She began to inch down the wood, leaving small markings where the wood was being damaged.
    Astrid used her strength to insert her other fingers into the wood, now holding herself up by two hands with all her might.

    Basically, she was stuck. She could either let go and risk falling, or continue to stay there and face Erika's warth.
    Either way she in for a world of pain.
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    Re: I Envy Your Apathy • Private, Event-Job [Lucius & Erika]

    Post by kittykool75 on 2nd November 2017, 8:03 pm

    Lucius Foss Golden Phoenix B-Rank
    I   c r e a t e d   a   m o n s t e r   a   h e l l   w i t h i n   m y   h e a d

    Lucius didn't want to be here, though if I am being honest here (and I am), where did he ever want to be besides alone in his room sleeping or trying to sleep. But of course, as always, Astrid had dragged him out of the house. This reason was stupider then most of her reasons to bring him out, though I guess it's always good to get him out there so he isn't constantly left alone with his thoughts, but the reason beside that was a bit off to say the least. But really, he wasn't surprised, he knows his sister well so this isn't the weirdest thing she has done surprisingly enough. So here he was, standing outside the house that Astrid said was Erika's. He figured out this was the strange woman that was with them near the end of them exterminating the monsters. Her being the one doing most the exterminating, killing all of them swiftly and effortlessly when the both of them had been there for house. Being here sort of disgruntled the eighteen year old, he didn't really want his sister to hang out with this mage who was a complete mystery to him, plus he didn't really want to be a third wheel again. But he couldn't say no to his sister, that was an impossible thing to do.
    His large pale hands held firmly onto her feet which rested upon his broad shoulders, knowing though his sister was a very powerful mage, (she couldn't really get to being a Guildmaster and Wizard Saint without being strong now could she?) but he also knew she had the tendency to be rather clumsy. He glanced upwards at the sound of his sister's grunting, and her stating to him that she could almost reach the ledge, not that looking did anything for the blind assassin. The boy took in a deep breath before releasing a sigh from his lungs, though tried not to shift his body much when doing so, knowing that taking in a more exaggerated breath could move his shoulders. And since that was his sister's current foothold, he had to take such a little thing into consideration. He felt her return to being flat on her feet instead of on her tiptoes, guess she didn't make it then. The dark mage assumed she was thinking of a different way to get up there, hopefully she did it soon so he could go home. He didn't want to be here for her to eat the light from the strange woman's fire.
    He didn't really see why she really wanted to do this, it seemed quite odd, though he did know she was a White Dragon Slayer, so she often absorbed/consumed light. He didn't really understand how that worked not being a slayer himself, but he didn't bother asking. No matter, she really wanted this, and she wasn't going to stop until she got what she wanted, she was stubborn like that. Lucius just hoped he didn't have to be here more then an hour, he wanted to go back home and have a nice cup of tea all huddled up in the eerie yet cozy (to him) darkness that was his room. But he assumed that it wouldn't work out like that, and something would happen. Either Astrid would be found out by Erika for breaking and entering, and to an extension, Lucius. Or something else entirely would prevent this from going smoothly, because when did it ever go smoothly, either way, not matter what happened, he assumed they wouldn't be able to get to go back to their house at a reasonable time.
    They weren't even out of the town, still inside Oahu, which was run by Golden Phoenix and hidden underwater (or something of the sort he didn't remember), so they weren't that far from the guildmaster's house. Not that that would allow him to be able to get home easier, he could just leave when she managed to get in, but he couldn't leave her alone with Erika. Though he knew they had at this point had become rather close friends, and much to his dismay have hung out plenty of times without him knowing, he did just recently become aware of the thread mage's assistance after all. But if he could be around to prevent anything from happening, though he doubt he could knowing how powerful the other mage is, then he wanted to be there. Despite how awkward it was for the poor teenager to be there in any situation with the two of them, how awkward and how painful and aggravating it was, how it is. To think that there is another person his beloved elder sibling is close to that he doesn't know, and currently doesn't approve of (though when does he ever). And not just friends, but a connection more then that that wasn't the sibling bond that the Foss siblings had. It bothered him to no end, and even after the event took place, he couldn't get the anger to subside, not for a long while.
    There went Astrid, he felt her weight shift on his shoulders as she squatted down, trying to get herself into a better position to give herself more momentum for a jump. Which she did, though I'm not sure how well she succeeded in it. Thought she did manage to get a stable enough hand hold, but how stable her grip was on the ledge was a whole another thing entirely. When she leaped from his shoulders, this knocked him backwards due to her enhanced strength, but he managed to catch himself, planting a firm foot behind the rest of his figure, and quickly straightening himself again. When did she get so strong? Was it when he slowly drifted into depression and wasn't keeping as much as a careful eye on her? No earlier then that, probably always, made him wonder if he was ever in her league magic and power wise. Not that he needed something to lower his self-esteem anymore.
    There it was, the thing that was going to keep him and his sister from getting back home at a reasonable time. He just had to think about it and he jinxed it, how painful it was for the boy, his lack of good luck. Suddenly the warning emitted simultaneously from the Foss sibling's iLacs, he cursed not so quietly as he yanked the cellular device from his black pant's back pocket. Though his swearing would usually get him a solid smack to the back of head, but considering this said person was hanging onto a ledge few feet above him, he didn't receive this. At least not now, though the warnings from iLacs were very loud and normal people probably couldn't hear him speak under the sound of them. He didn't doubt his sister's hearing ability, and from experience he has learned to not swear around her, but since he was agitated from the sudden loud noise that he couldn't help but fall back into bad habits.
    Lucius unlocked his iLac by placing his thumb on the fingerprint scanner, luckily that stopped the warning, at least on his. Lucius was still irritated by the sound of Astrid's device, and worried about the owner of the house bursting out. Her then possibly killing the both of them despite being friends with one of them and the other not really even wanting to be there or committing the crime. Though she didn't seem like the type of person to care about what anybody else besides herself feels, like some kind of narcissist or someone with a god complex, or something of the like. He was sort of like that earlier in his life, though of course all it ever was just false confidence and self-esteem, which was covered up again with charismatic and social behavior. But now he didn't bother to put up any sort of facade, except when he tried to not look like he wanted to kill everybody and was extremely irritated. Even then he didn't do that much either, he was to tired and to lazy to try and put up a mask most of the time.

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