Darkness Rises: Rise or Fall of the Hydra


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    Private Darkness Rises: Rise or Fall of the Hydra

    Post by Copy on 28th August 2017, 7:59 pm

    The air was crisp, eerie and forebode nothing but a lingering sense of doom in the time to come. The sense of evil was present, even prior to the invasion; something always felt off about the forest. However today was something different it felt like it was oozing the presence of a demonic horde.
    Earlier in the day, the guild-master of Infinity Hydra- Ardere Kasai had received word that the town, guild-hall and ultimately region were to be invaded from an ancient feud that re-surfaced. Perhaps one of the fewer known qualities of their leader was his origins, but it wasn't the time to dwell much onto that; after-all, a known horde of oni are charging on behest to specifically eliminate Ardere and his companions- That should say well enough of one's history.
    Given the forewarning of the attack, it allowed Ardere and the Guild of Infinity Hydra to devise precautions and preemptive defenses to deploy with some efficiency.

    Ardere and a few of the Infinity Hydra members and other visiting Sabertooth mages were posted in the Guildhall preparing for a direct siege, which was inevitable. Wolfe, Sabertooth members and Copy's fellow teammate Chris were posted in the city to aid in defenses and evacuations on a per need basis. All while aiming to help reduce the influx of combatants in the Guildhall.

    It was here, in the looming shadows and lurking darkness of the forest that Copy and his allies were requested to deploy too. Copy wasn't entirely certain of his team, having only met Akane once prior and only just heard of Kite; other than he was a Guild-master himself. They were understandably alone, in a potential horde of monstrosities.

    Given the circumstances of their terrain and the technicality of their to-be combat. It was difficult for much coordination to be had, aside from the direness that Ardere articulated that the goal was to eliminate and prevent as many Oni from breaching through- And ultimately making it to the city with further potential advancement. Collateral was certain to be had, but it was something left to the members to try and regulate; as they were stepping into grounds that favored their foes, not them. -- Or most of them.

    "Alright... We're entering here, it may be best to create a spread of our forces-
    while thin as they may be. Our goal is to prevent as many Oni through as possible; even if it means breaking down our strengths a bit... The City of Terra Ignis and it's inhabitants are relying on us to succeed to the best of our ability."
    Copy stood just past the wall of the forest, his hands drooped at either side, the cleanliness of his dress-clothes were soon to be tarnished yet again; but he paid no heed to the minor details as such. What was there was a visual of determination and pained urgency. This was met with a thriving, sickening crack and fleshy worming that warped down his right arm, the tattoo slithering down to his palm until it manifested a sheer black and midnight purple blade. A withering darkness exhumed off his presence, a near evil himself-- Perhaps it was why Ardere requested him to fight in the shadows, for they existed with him. And his shinigami.

    "Let's move it fools!" No later did the pipsqueek Excalibur stick his nose up, facing the oncoming battle with haughty pride and conviction. A cane in hand and top-hat ready. Despite his short-comings, he was always reliable to be found fighting- if it could be called fighting.

    Shortly thereafter, Copy looked back to his allies and nodded. Bursting into the woods, crackling and movement started to stir in the far distance; perhaps a few kilometers at the resounding presence of magic. The Oni only just sensed their coming, an advantage for now. But their numbers will soon become a struggle in itself.

    Common Oni: Spectre-like beings of energy shrouded by cloaks, adorning Midi-style masks that are broken and cracked. They are capable of manipulating darkness and utilizing it as a weapon. Normal weapons pass through them, but magic is able to harm them. - Player Controlled

    Titanic Oni: Creatures very similar to ogres, most standing well over ten feet tall. Their skin tends to be a shade of red or green. They adorn rather large horns and sharp teeth. Their hulking bodies allow them to carry clubs and hunks of metal resembling swords equal to the size of the average man. - Player Controlled

    Boss Oni: An unknown force that stalks through the forest; it's whereabouts and what it can do have yet to be revealed, but it is anticipated to be a force to be reckoned with; givent hat it's leading this horde. - Copy Controlled

    If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me or Ardere. For the first chunk of this event, it will be fairly combat intensive. With the shadows aiding the forces of evil, it can make combat tricky for non-darkness fighters.
    With some background tactics laid out, the initial goal is to drive back the Oni to the mountains, or prevent as many from getting through if the team is over-run.


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