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    Miharu Miyoshi


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    Miharu Miyoshi

    Post by Miharu on 22nd August 2014, 8:33 am

    Name: Miharu Miyoshi
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Birthday: 05/01
    Sexuality: Straight
    Special Characteristics: N/A

    Miharu is a happy guy, who is most of the time in a cheerful mood. He is great to have as a friend considering he is always supportive and gives hope to his team. His belief that his friends can do anything with his cheering is a sign of his true optimism which is only defeated by total grief; A trait which has yet to be seen by Miharu's eyes. His way of looking at life is truly one of a chivalrous knight. He follows his own moral codes to protect the ones he cares about in and out of battles. As far as friendship goes, this is the friend you'll want the most. Miharu would back his friends up in a heartbeat no matter what. However, this acts as a double edged sword as it prones him to be gullible to what his friends might say or ask of him. He is typically courteous and hates to see others upset. He also won't mind taking a few risks for the good of others. Slightly charming, rarely sociable, however once you get behind the fact that he is fairly shy, due to being born with a feminine name. Once you get to know him, he'll quickly get comfortable with people. Therefore, he is great to have around just to have some fun.

    In combat is where he feels most secure, because it is here on the battlefield where he shines only to himself. He has nothing to prove to anyone, and only wants victories for his own selfish reasons. He wants to be brave, and strong; a force to be reckoned with. Miharu just wants to be his greatest. When outside of combat he feels like he is being bottled up, yet when the sound of battle is heard, weight is lifted off his shoulders, and it feels like he breaks out of his shy shell to be the hero he was meant to be. Miharu isn't too strongest, but his heartbeat can be felt by his comrades and friends like an earthquake; loud and proud.The mage isn't the smartest human in the world, or in Fiore. He is of average intellect, a normal person. He has average knowledge in most areas. Even street-smart-wise, he is average. However, where Miharu's brain excels is in battle. When his heart races, pumping blood and adrenaline all across his body, his analysis and intellect are revealed. He analyses things quickly, picking up things faster than most, seeing through flaws and using his athletic traits to exploit them. Strangely, he feels complete when in the battlefield or when in missions. He will take all tests, and surpass all trials to be the person he wants to be. Miharu's shy shell is just the persona given to his fear that he cannot be this hero all the time. The secret to release Miharu's stronger self can be any trigger unpassive. If he gets angry, upset, or challenged, then he will arise; above any mage's wishes, any mage's expectations. You can see the true man, behind the shy scared shell. The man he was meant to be, the hero Miharu.


    • Food!-Miharu loves to eat more than anything else in the world.

    • Poetry-Miharu writes poetry on a daily basis, and is for the most part philosophical.

    • Music- Miharu feels music is inspiring, and triggers different mental states.


    • Random Outbursts- Miharu is shy and very rarely will he speak up in front of a crowd, or even a few people.

    • Pessimists- Having such an optimistic mood, this is a rival trait of his own beliefs.

    • Pointless Violence-Unless in the heat of battle, Miharu is a pacifist and believes fighting for any reason other than justice is pointless, and idiotic.


    • Strength-Miharu wants to reach his full potential

    • Friends-Miharu wants to make friends, and fight along their side to the top

    • Fame-By the end of his life, he would love his name to be heralded around the world


    • Heartbreak-Miharu is scared of falling in love, and getting hurt.

    • Failing-Miharu is scared of failing tasks, missions, or in battles. He knows if he fails it could be the end of something he loves. Whether it be objects, guilds, or even worse people.

    • Clowns- His greatest fear, Miharu is scared of clowns, if one touched him, he might as well pass out. He'd attack any of them on site.

    General Appearance

    Height: 5'11''
    Weight: 142 lbs
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin Tone: Light-Tanned
    Appearance: Miharu has light skin, not pale, but not tan. He has bluish-black almost jet black hair. It juts out from his cowlick in all different directions parting to the outlines of his facial features. The front of his hair arches just above his eyes, while the back shoots outward and down. It hangs about medium length, just stopping at the end of his neck. His eyes are brown-auburn, and and they are always looking straight into the eyes of the individual he is talking to, in the right light they can even seem to look red. His chin is of a triangular nature, and unlike the rest of his family did not receive the abnormal cleft chin that seems to run in his genetics. He has a short but slender neck, leading to his slender but athletic body. He is mostly seen with a straight face, unless in presence of his friends then he is mostly smiling.

    Miharu has a couple different outfits that he wears based on occassion. His first outfit is his casual wear, it looks to be somewhat aristocratic. It is shown to be a long sleeve shirt usually white, sometimes blue, with a red scarf that he wraps around the collar. He ties a black belt around his waist even though he wears the shirt out instead of tucking it in. The outfit is complete with tight black pants matching the belt, and regular dress shoes with a white sole. When Miharu hears that he will be in a battle that he can prepare for he wears a blue under skin tight suit. Covered by a white button down. Then as if not complicated enough a blue half jacket over that. Along with some white and blue straight slacks, and black shoes, he feels complete with this one, it is his hero wear. Lastly, we have a suit, a white button down covered with a blue sports coat, and some nice blue dress pants.


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    Re: Miharu Miyoshi

    Post by Indiana Jones on 22nd August 2014, 8:58 am

    Everything looks good and i see no problems, so...


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