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    Sinocchi's Introduction [Open/NK]

    Chloe Harken
    Chloe Harken

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    Sinocchi's Introduction [Open/NK] - Page 4 Empty Re: Sinocchi's Introduction [Open/NK]

    Post by Chloe Harken on 14th August 2014, 9:51 pm

    Chloe smiled as she walked home with Kyoya, happy that she and Gwen made such a nice friend in just one day. Chloe was curious to see how the "new person" time with Gwen would work out. Chloe entered the home and changed into her light blue footie pajamas she had in her closet. Eventually, Chloe fell asleep in her bed from the very long day.


    Sinocchi's Introduction [Open/NK] - Page 4 XgUWmH8
    Kyoya Sinocchi
    Kyoya Sinocchi

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    Sinocchi's Introduction [Open/NK] - Page 4 Empty Re: Sinocchi's Introduction [Open/NK]

    Post by Kyoya Sinocchi on 14th August 2014, 9:58 pm

    Chloe seemed exhausted by the looks of it, which Kyoya noticed as she didn't have much to say for the rest of the night. Kyoya tucked Chloe in while she was asleep, whispered her another thank you, then walked slowly upstairs with Gwen to her room, where in three days, furniture would fill the area. Luckily, the two had plenty of space during this time to relax. Kyoya set her muffler beside her before laying down on her side, then watched as Gwen moved out of the muffler, and near her to sleep. Kyoya rolled over after she saw Gwen do this, rested on her back at this point, and allowed Gwen to rest on her stomach. "What a great day..." Kyoya muttered before she fell asleep.

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    Sinocchi's Introduction [Open/NK] - Page 4 ZUXzt0Z

    Sinocchi's Introduction [Open/NK] - Page 4 PZ3rmq8

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