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    The sudden leave.


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    The sudden leave.  Empty The sudden leave.

    Post by Shairako on July 30th 2014, 9:17 am

    It was a gloomy day, one that Ao hated. And today wasn't a nice day. Ao had gotten a letter from her parents on Joya, which had contained an urgent matter, a matter that would keep Ao in Joya for a very long time, probably for the rest of her life. Due to this, she had decided to leave behind the life of a mage and depart from Fairy Tail. She loved all the people here, but there was no way she could ignore this letter, no way that she could see that is. 

    Ao let out a sigh, it was the last time for her in this guild hall. She had snuck by everyone, hoping to keep a low profile. Goodbyes weren't her thing, never had been. She had left a letter for the guild-master, explaining her leave and why she couldn't stay any longer. It was quite hard for the cat-girl to leave, but it had to be done, there was no way to stay anymore. 

    She pushed open the door and slipped out, dragging her small bag with her. That was her last time seeing the guild hall, from here on out, Ao wasn't a mage anymore. That was behind her. A past she would never forget. 



    The sudden leave.  T9mAOST
    The sudden leave.  Tumblr_mnbwa1KGfw1s37in7o5_500

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