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    Katherine Wickfield (done)

    Felicity Vrago
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    Katherine Wickfield (done) Empty Katherine Wickfield (done)

    Post by Felicity Vrago on 29th July 2014, 7:53 pm

    Name: Katherine Wickfield
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Birthday: 9/11
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Special Characteristics: Navel Piercing and an old guild tattoo of the Sprinting Fox on left shoulder.

    Personality: If there was one word that could describe Katherines exterior personality, it seems to be one of perfect bliss, peace and utter happiness. She seems to always take the best things out of life and know how to find joy from it. It is one that never seems to break as she practically sings and dances the day away. For many people this sort of happiness is unnatural and it is. Regardless there is a sure way to tell what her real emotional status is currently by looking at the weather. If the weather is serene then she is legitimately happy, but if it rains (sadness) or a thunderstorm (anger) then there is something that she is hiding. In that regard its easy to read Katherines emotional status before even meeting her.

    What she is really doing is flooding her life with as much joy and happiness as she possibly can to drown the horrors of her previous life. It gives the impression that she suffers from severe ADHD, but in reality its quite the opposite. She is incredibly focused on whatever tasked that she is given, but tries to distract herself with another task as soon as possible.

    She does have a spiteful side to her, mostly directed to the weak. Not in body, but in spirit that she determines weakness. People make mistakes, but the true strength comes from those that learn to move on. She is most likely to be softer about it when its her fellow guildmates, but extremely harsh when it comes from Dark Guilds. To those that gave up she doesn't bother to give them the time and is willing to slap sense into said quitters.

    When Katherine fights, its dependant whether its practice with an ally or legitimately fighting for real. If its the former then Katherine likes to tease and toy her opponent, trying to make the fight fun for her opponent. In that regard this makes her an excellent teacher on how to have lower rank mages fight effectively. If it is the later then she fights with the power of all the hate and anger that years of pain can give. She will fight until target is down for good and has no compunction towards killing if deemed neccesary. This makes her excellent fighter, but if she leads others to combat then she gets overzealous protecting others. She lost to many friends and allies already to lose more...

    Fighting under a leader depends on if it is somebody that she trusts or not. If it is somebody that she trusts, then she will follow instructions to the letter. It is least she can do to reward such trust, but even then she can be slightly wary. If the person is untrustworthy then she will only listen to the instructions that she deems convenient. When that person fails, she will try to wrest control of the group so that his failure does not get everyone killed. She will not let other die while she is around... to remember sagain would be too painful.

    Likes: Sweets: She has a love for all things that taste sweet. It is one of few things that will cheer her up when she is sad.
    Tea: It is the absolute only thing that will stop Katherine when angry. It is very calm and relaxing for her.
    Cute Pets: Because what is there not to loveabout them? <3
    Fighting: Lets out all the anger and frustration out on people that deserve it.~

    Dislikes: Spicy food: If you want to see her run around comedically screaming in agony as she tries to put out the fire in her mouth then go ahead. She will hate you afterwards.
    Dark Guilds: Not all of them, but those that go dark for childish reasons. Just because one slighted you does not give you the right to hurt others.
    Weak People: She hates those that are weak, feel sorry for themselves and never get out of the rut. If you are strong then you will find reason to continue. Weakness is a symptom that can be cured.
    Boredom: She utterly hates having nothing to do.  Katherine constantly needs to be doing something.

    Motivations: Happiness: Such a simple goal that will never be accomplished, but one can aspire to for herself and others.
    Family: Not the ones bound by blood, but the ones forged through blood, sweat and tears. That is a true family even if it is dysfunctional.
    Suffering: Her lifetime of loss, pain and misery motivates her to do better. It is by her lifetime of suffering that motivates her to ease others from it.

    Fears: Failure: Last time she failed a task at hand it cost the lives of others. How can one accept failure after that?
    Death: She is still haunted by the deaths of her previous guild. Death haunts all of her dreams at night.
    Kyll Vie: Although a good friend... She is very scary when angry. Katherine will run from an angry Kyll.

    General Appearance:

    Height: 5' 11"
    Weight: 160 pounds
    Hair: Pink wavy hair.
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin Tone: Caucacian
    Appearance: She has a very Slender figure that is free of any physical imperfections. She has very soft, smooth skin despite her body having the physical toughness of a slayer. The biggest feature about Katherine is that she always seems to have a form of smile on her face.

    Her clothing consists of a black polo shirt with a zipper. Above it, it has a white sleeveless jacket that has buttons instead of a zipper, a cutaway collar and with several bag-like pockets on both her sides. There is a brown belt just below the chext of Katherine. There is a black short skirt that has a loosely tied red belt around it. She has a green metallic pauldron over her left shoulder bearing yellow stripes. She carries a black case which hangs off the belt of her skirt, and wears a necklace with a pendant similar to a lightning. Katherine also wears leather gauntlets that don't have finger tops; they are dark blue with black endings. finally she wears a pair of black boots that have several metal rings around them.


    Guild: Eclipse Soul
    Tattoo: Midnight Blue on the right shoulder
    Rank: A (Asked Zeno and Kyll for that aproval ^_^)

    Katherine Wickfield (done) Empty Re: Katherine Wickfield (done)

    Post by Guest on 30th July 2014, 5:52 am

    Have fun in Eclipse Soul =]

    Katherine Wickfield (done) K1fKoIY

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