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    Antonia Leviaette '' Levi '' Valentine

    Antonia Leviaette

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    Antonia Leviaette '' Levi '' Valentine

    Post by Antonia Leviaette on 20th July 2014, 3:35 pm

    Antonia Leviaette ''Levi'' Valentine
    31st of July
    Special Characteristics:


    Antonia  has a very complicated behavior pattern. She is a very straight forward and strong minded person. She has her own opinion on everything that rarely depends on others, however sometimes she restrains from speaking out her thoughts carelessly to avoid unneccessary trouble. She is definetly a confident woman, however she is not naive or overly feisty. She would rather not get involved into business that is not her own and therefor keeps herself out of certain situations. Antonia is good at ignoring other people and she is a person who spends most of her time with herself. For some reason she doesn’t believe that people out there can be trusted over a long time so she focuses on herself instead. The female Wizard is not only coldhearted, she is also very prideful. She believes in her own strength and magic but she also values her life enough to accept help from others if needed.

    Towards other people, Antonia has a very split personality and is a very moody person. She can be friendly and kind, almost gentle towards her friends and those who mean something to her but at the same time she wouldn’t mind tearing them into pieces if she had to. She has a very pure and honest nature, sometimes almost innocent. On the other hand though, Antonia is a very hot headed and sly person, she is smart and sneaky and sometimes even a bit bossy. She tends to behave very mature and calm in most situations, especially when encountering strangers. Appart from that, Antonia can have a wild, untamed personality, and depsite her usually cold demeanor, she is a seductress and a person who doesn't care what other think about her. She know that many individuals from the male poppulation find her attractive, and she knows how to use this in her favour. Although her seductive yet cold personality, Antonia is loyal to her friends, and wouldn't let them down, even if that means putting her own life on the line.

    In a battle, Antonia, who tends to go by herself in most ocassions, tends to follow the leader's orderd and avoid getting the others in trouble. She herself doesn't mind if she gets in trouble, since she doesn't care if she is risking her life, as she never really cared and would never care. She has it pretty clear that one day she will die, so she would rather risk her life, thinking that at least she would have lived an awesome life until she could, rather than a boring one. She isn't scared of death, and the possibility of her dying on a job doesn't worry her. She would be glad that at least she died in a battle, maybe as a hero. As a leader, however, Antonia tries to avoid being to hotheaded and tries to protect her team above everything else. She would still put her life on the line, but not her team's. If anyone got injured on a mission she was leading, she would never forgive herseld.


    • Drawing: Antonia loves drawing on pictures of people. It's just something enjoyful for her. She usually drwas moustaches and bushy eyebrows on pictures of people from newspapers. It might be childish, but she loves doing it. Despite this, she also loves drawing people. It's her passion.
    • Rabbits: Antonia considers Bunnies the most adorable creatures on the planet, and adores them completely. It's her weakness, in a way, she melts when she sees a rabbit.
    • Freedom: Antonia loves freedom, the feeling of not having to obey to anyone, just doing whatever she wants. It makes her feel alive, happy, in place wherever she is.


    • Isolation: Antonia despises being away from people. Not having anyone to talk to makes her feel sad, alone, left alone.
    • Sea Creatures: It might be odd, but she has developed a terrible dislike towards sea creatures. She just finds their slippery skin disgusting and the fact they live underwater odd.
    • Chatterboxes: Antonia despises people that talk fast, that talk nonsense and don't have any straight conversation with her. It annoys her a lot.


    • To acquire knowledge: Antonia is a very ambitious person, coming from a poor family she has learned that there a certain things you have to work you ass off to get them. She believes that no one has ever learned everything so she tries to get as close to it as possible. It’s her life goal to know all kind of different things, wether it comes to magic, or plain things like cooking and herbs.
    • To conquer her fears:  Antonia knows that fears are only holding you back. They limit you during your whole life unless you learn how to deal with them and get over them. There are a lot of things you are missing out as long as you have fear towards certain things and she wishes to conquer her fears and get over them so she can fully enjoy life without worrying too much.
    • Becoming Stronger: Antonia wishes to become stronger, unbeatable, a person that many fear and respect.


    • Sea Monsters: If she despises the whole idea of sea creatures, then she fears the idea of sea monsters. Imagining sea dragons or gigantic leviathans just makes her tremble in fear, as she thinks these creatures, although disgusting to her, are insanely powerful and can kill you with a blink of their eye.
    • Abandones Buildings: Empty, run down buildings are simply creepy. There are hundreds of places were enemies could hide, the area is completely unexplored and everyone who knows this place just a little bit better than her has a lot of advatanges during a fight. If something forces her to actually enter an building, she mostly isn’t alone and always uses her strongest magical spells to protect herself. Antonia can become very paranoid in these kinds of buildings.
    • Spiders and Centipedes: This might be a very common fear, especially for girls, but while Antonia  feels slightly uncomfortable around bugs, she can still live with them. However, Spiders and Centipedes don't count into that and they completely freak her out. Antonia  is terrible afraid of Spiders and Centipedes and when she faces them she usually switches over to her strongest magic spells, not caring about the consquences in terms of destruction of property.

    General Appearance

    119 lbs
    Long, Pink, Always down
    Eye Colour:
    Crystal Blue
    Skin Tone:

    Antonia is an averagely high, light girl with a curvaceous perfect body. Her long light legs are perfect, and her chest is quite good. She has crystal blue eyes, which often remind people of ice, not only because of their colour, but because of how cold the looks they give people are. Appart from that, Antonia has long, silky pink hair of which she is incredibly proud. Normally, Antonia likes wearing dresses or revealing clothes, although not too revealing, but on jobs, she tends to limit herself in wearing revealed clothes, and tends to wear a black sweater with a hoodie, skinny jeans and Dawn, her rapier, attached to her belt.


    Yellow, on her back

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    Re: Antonia Leviaette '' Levi '' Valentine

    Post by Samus Aran on 20th July 2014, 3:44 pm

    Bunny Girl. How Sweet.



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