Dungeons and Dragons (WIP)



    Dungeons and Dragons (WIP)

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    Job Title: Dungeons and Dragons
    Rank: 100Y
    Player Requirements: At least 2 S-rank wizards, maximum of 2 mages. 400 words per post with 80 posts required.
    Job Requirements: There are two requirements for this mission. The first is mandatory while the second is optional.

    1. Mandatory - Enter the dungeon, traverse through it and reach the lair of either the Minotaur King, the Medusa Queen or the Alpha Manticore. Slay them and take their own horde of treasure as your prize.

    (When you enter the dungeon you will reach a fork in the road. Roll a normal numbered die.

    1 or 6 - Left, down to the Throne of the Minotaur King

    2 or 5 - Right, down to the Hall of the Medusa Queen

    3 or 4 - Center, down to the Lair of the Alpha Manticore

    After this point the monsters you encounter with the Monster Dice will be those found down the appropriate path (Minotaurs to the left, Medusas to the right, Manticores down the center) as well as goblins who act as their servants.)

    2. Optional - Once you've done the mandatory you may risk your life and look to head deeper into the dungeon in the hopes of finding more treasure. When you reach the heart of the dungeon you are ambushed by a massive Black Dragon, comparable in size and stature to the Dragon King Acnologia. Good luck getting out alive. If you flee then you lose a portion of the reward given to you above. If you somehow manage to slay this phenomenal beast then you will take the grand prize as your own. The choice is yours.

    WARNING: You may lose a limb or three.

    Job Location: Shadow Island
    Job Description: There are tales of a phenomenal treasure hidden in the depths of a dungeon located on Shadow Island. Of course there is no proof because anyone who has attempted to go down there has never made it out alive...well, except apparently for that one man who came out with his arms missing, but he died soon after so he doesn't really count. The point is, no-one has been able to make it down there and live long enough to tell their tale.

    You discover information as to the whereabouts of this dungeon only to find out that there is rumoured to be somewhere around 1 million jewels worth of treasure down there. Captivated by the lust for gold - or a lust for a good challenge that would likely see you dead - you head to Shadow Island to start your own tale. Just...try not to end up like the others alright?



    You know those annoying little buggers that kick you in the kneecaps and swear at you repeatedly? Those are nothing compared to these bastards (although their language is equally as foul). These goblins have lived in the dungeon for probably centuries, and boy do the scars on their bodies show it. They've become almost like a pack of wolves with the three dungeon monarchs residing over them, but with them constantly fighting over who is the top gob. Don't think them easy pickings though; they'll set aside any quarrels at the sight of fresh meat and will co-ordinate with one another with surprising results.

    Rolling a Weak dice will result in 10 of these coming at you at once, each of them dealing B-rank damage and requiring an A-rank hit to put down.





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