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    The Story of Brushogun


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    The Story of Brushogun Empty The Story of Brushogun

    Post by Brushogun 5th July 2014, 12:27 pm

    History: Brushogun grew up in a home of warriors and knights. His family had an obsession of blacksmithing to create the strongest armor and weapons. They trained day and night to prefect their combat. That was the skills that Brushogun grew up into. However, despite his family's views, Brushogun aspired to be a magnificent artist, and that's what he did while his family fought with swords. Brushogun studied arts and paints, he began to learn alchemy and magic using his paint as a medium. Soon Brushogun made his own paints with his magic, learning from elemental masters from his village. Soon he masters the four basic elements. It wasn't long until his family forced him to train with them, learning martial arts and the art of combat. So he fought by day, and painted at night. He hated using the skills to harm others, so he expressed his anger and emotion in paint. Years later, when we grew to be a teen his family was assassinated. He froze in fear as he watched his family being murdered. He began to cast and sling his paints at the assassins. He found that the paint alone was not enough to save his family. That night, when all of his family lay dead he took the strongest samurai armor he could get his hands on and he grabbed his family sword, at that moment he sword to avenge his family and use the last thing he had of them to restore hope within himself... their secret art of swordsmanship.

    And so, Brushogun's magic was created, he called it, "The Art Of War."

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