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    Twiddling my thumbs


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    Twiddling my thumbs Empty Twiddling my thumbs

    Post by Kirahunter on 7th June 2014, 8:00 pm

    Simon sighed and kicked back in a chair and set his feet on the table in front of him. The mage had without a doubt been completely bored out of his mind. He had gone 4 days now without any work and each day that passed no new job appeared on the board that appealed to him. The wooden chair he was leaning in had been his constant companion for the last few days. Some people would enjoy the luxury of being able to lounge around at their place of work doing nothing and chatting with their co-workers. Simon however was not most people and he found this to be terribly dull. The worst part was probably that he found he had very few friends in the guild hall. Everyone knew him and he knew everyone but if he was old enough to go out drinking none of them would be his choice of people to go out drinking with. Simon groaned and leaned back further in his chair, so much so that the chair toppled backwards and he sighed. A man knew he was at a new low when he was upside on the floor of a tavern/mercenary guild/bar/ect making dumb analogies. Seeing everything upside from the ground Simon couldn't help but say "It's moments like these that remind me how short I am."


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