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    Walking on a different path

    Antonia Leviaette
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    Walking on a different path Empty Walking on a different path

    Post by Antonia Leviaette on 6th June 2014, 7:48 am

    The sun shined right above Magnolia, as if it was the place it wanted to shine above. Raven growled at the star and rose her umbrella, hiding her pale skin from it. She threw her black hair backwards and watched the Fairy Tail Guildhall with sadness in her red eyes.

    Do Fairies really have tails? That is a mystery no human has ever resolved...

    As time passed, slowly at first, the Memory Make mage had discovered that she fit better in a dark guild than in this guild. Her attitude, appearance, and social status, everything it her indicated that she was a person belonging to a dark guild. Lately, this thought remained running around her mind, as she finally decided to do it.

    Draconius flew from her shoulder until he reached the Fairy Tail guildhall, letter in his mouth. Raven, or, as she had began calling herself lately, Marceline, remained watching him slowly fly away, knowing that, when he came out, she wouldn't be there anymore, but he would know where to find her.

    Because she was not practically a person that dissapears in the shadows without a trace.

    And so she turned around, walking away from Fairy Tail, leaving behind the memories, something she didn't do usually, and her nice behavour. It was time to show what the Vampire Queen was made of.


    Walking on a different path EOCxXX4

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