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    Tsumi Buredo


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    Tsumi Buredo Empty Tsumi Buredo

    Post by Tsumi on Mon 26 May - 3:14

    Name: Tsumi Buredo
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Birthday: 7/24
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Special Characteristics: Has a birthmark of a Z, on his chest.

    Personality: Tsumi is a rather strange individual. He is very sarcastic, while kind at the same time. Tsumi has a very strong sense of right and wrong, and intervenes into the simplest of conflicts. Tsumi does not understand his own mortality, and would gladly sacrifice himself for a good cause. He is a naturally brave soul, with one exception, GIRLS. He cannot talk to anything female, and usually gets a bit nervous when a girl talks to him, sometimes going so far as to hide from nearby women. He knows nothing about romance so, when the topic is brought up, he becomes quiet.

    Tsumi can usually withstand a girl’s presence once he gets to know them enough. Very sentimental about his life, but doesn’t really like to talk about it. Tsumi finds new motivation every time someone shows that they have genuine faith in him. Tsumi enjoys being social and talking to others. Tsumi doesn’t work well in a group he doesn’t know, but easily coordinates once he actually knows them. A clear head is the key to any win, and that’s exactly what Tsumi tells himself during every fight.

    Tsumi cannot stand anything more than injustice. In fact, he's a pretty mellow fellow, though one of several things that will set him off is wrong-doing. Tsumi is...somewhat naive, and almost always seen with a big, cheesy smile on his face. Tsumi has an unquenchable appetite, which he is usually able to keep under control, though when he's hungry enough.... chaos ensues.

    Although he refuses to admit it, Tsumi is, in fact, a masochist. During battle, even if he takes a brutal hit, he will usually go right on smiling, until restrained, or knocked out. When asked about it, he'll generally try to avoid answering, as he also hates lying.

    Tsumi isn't quite 'all there'. A second consciousness, who goes by “Z” talks to him, on the inside of his head. This alternate personality tends to criticize Tsumi's actions, though he does tend to be helpful in a pinch. He has the ability to speak through Tsumi's mouth, causing the magical flow of Tsumi's body to fluctuate slightly, and his voice to deepen, as well as causing his eyes to turn an iridescent green. Other than this, the “Z” personality cannot physically alter Tsumi's body.

    This "Z" personality presumes himself as a hardened warrior, and is a bit less emotionally sensitive than Tsumi, though he is much more skilled in combat. He seems to have incredibly fine-tuned instincts, and is much more receptive to information. Though, Z also disregards Tsumi's fear of women- in fact, he quite enjoys flirting with the opposite sex- especially redheads.

    Tactically, Z and Tsumi are as different as night and day. Tsumi prefers to fight aggressively, preferring to attack in flurries, so as not to allow his opponent an opportunity to strike. Z, on the other hand, prefers a more Analytical style, instead fighting defensively, and conserving resources, until he can find an opening, through which to land a fatal blow.


    • Food. Tsumi is a bit of a glutton, taking advantage of his being a growing teenage boy to eat to his heart's content, without worry of getting fat.
    • Climbing. Tsumi, while afraid of women, is not afraid of heights- rather, on top of a building is where he finds he can focus the most.
    • Music. Tsumi loves any and all things that please his ears, and has even tried to pick up playing an instrument once or twice- the best he can manage is a loud, unpleasant screech, however, so he tends to just listen.


    • Being flirted with. This falls under his fear of women- his little heart just can't take it. He tends to freeze up, and sort of babble, when on the receiving end of that sort of thing.
    • Surprises. Even when he's in control of the body, Z's high-strung-ness tends to carry over, causing immediate disruption into whatever focus Tsumi has.
    • Boredom. Tsumi's a bit ADHD- he has to be doing something that inspires him, creatively, or he simply sinks into laziness.


    • Seeing new sights. Tsumi wants few things more than to see the world, and learn about different ways of life (and different kind of cultural cuisine...).
    • Trying new kinds of food. Tsumi's a bit of a glutton, taking advantage of his growing-teenager abilities to eat like crazy, without getting fat.
    • Making friends! While Tsumi is incredibly eccentric, he hates being lonely- and what better cure for loneliness than someone who'll stick with you to the end?
    • Learning more about himself. Tsumi is in the middle of an identity crisis, due to his second personality having surfaced. As such, he hopes to learn which of his "Selves"- him or Z- is truly the real owner of his body.
    • Mastering the Sword. Tsumi, while not a very good mage, has dedicated himself to his weapon techniques, and hopes to someday be regarded as an inspiration, for other, more advanced, techniques.


    • Females. He is incredibly shy, and sometimes goes so far as to hide, when addressed by a woman.
    • Being Alone. He can't stand loneliness, more than anything else.
    • Being yelled at. Tsumi is a rather meek individual, and cannot help but feel depressed, when addressed in a tone of anger.
    • Love. Tsumi finds himself at a loss, when the topic comes up- oftentimes, his brain will cease functioning, and he will simply babble.

    ~General Appearance~

    Height: 5”10
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Hair: Tsumi has unruly white hair, with silver highlights.
    Eyes: He has Grey eyes, which turn an iridescent green, when his other personality takes over.
    Skin Tone: Incredibly pale.
    Appearance: Tsumi weighs in at 140 pounds, standing at 5 feet, and 10 inches. He has never bothered to smooth down his unruly white hair, and as a result, it sticks out in many places. However, this unruliness accentuates the silver highlights, that are placed haphazardly throughout his pale mane. Tsumi's hair is rather long, though it never gets in the way. Some infant beard hair grows upon Tsumi’s chin, but he makes a point to shave it off.

    He has a rather scrawny build and, much to his dismay, can’t seem to gain weight, no matter how much he eats. On his chest is a flamboyant birthmark, in the shape of a Z.

    On his chest is a metal vest, which offers minor protection to Tsumi. The vest is made to be worn over clothing, but Tsumi, eccentric as he is, chooses to wear only that. Now, Tsumi's vest is made of steel, using very small chain links in some places, so that the wearer can still move comfortably and easily. On his legs are metal-plated leggings, which are made of three layers: Seal skin on the inside, for easy mobility and comfort; Leather in the middle, for minor protection; And Overlapping plates on his lower legs, for shielding, complimented with metal gloves.


    Tsumi Buredo Drawn_16


    Guild: Lamia Scale
    Tattoo: His tattoo is located on his left shoulder.

    Tsumi Buredo Lamia_Scale_Symbol
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    Tsumi Buredo Empty Re: Tsumi Buredo

    Post by Samus Aran on Mon 26 May - 19:23

    Your personality needs 115 more words to get to the 500 minimum.

    Each of your likes/dislikes/motivations/fears needs a sentence to explain them.

    Bump when your done please!


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