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    Fairy Tail Guild Hall Info


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    Fairy Tail Guild Hall Info

    Post by Naziel on 24th May 2014, 3:55 pm


    Welcome one and all to the home of the Legal Guild Fairy Tail. It rests in the heart of the Fiore town of Magnolia, a booming town port filled will pleasant and happy people who are all too accustomed to Fairy Tail's antics. The guild itself is currently under the leadership of the newly appointed Guild Master, Noriko Hitsuguya. This charming and strong young lady has already pointed Fairy Tail into a bright future and the guild hall makes a wonderful home too all who bear the Fairy Tail mark. The guild hall in total sits on a total of 21,987 sq ft of land. It looks much like a mansion from the outside with lavish

    Physical Appearance:

    The guild itself is like a mansion in terms of size stretching a total of 21,987 sq ft. The structure is broken into 3 levels. Most noticeable is the architectural design. The Main two floors from the outside appear like country estates with lavish balconies and chiseled marble bannisters, which can be accessed from inside and stretch the length of the building. The front contains two center based battlements that spiral to the second floors, the exterior of the staircases end in spirals and cones found most noticeably on castles and other mighty structures. The most defined feature is the bell tower that stands at the center and pinnacle of the Fairy Tail hall. This bell rings when members are returning as well as during Magnolia's celebrations and on a more sombre note, if a member decides to leave Fairy Tail.
    Just below the Bell Tower lies the flag bearing Fairy Tail's emblem, hanging proudly for all too see, this is also seen on the arched gates that lead into the grounds of the Guild.


    Guild Gardens: The guild gardens stretch around the outside and rear of the guild, with a wide range of flowers, trees and shrubs as well as benches to admire and contemplate for all members to enjoy. Most of the small shrubs have been pruned into the shape of the Guild Emblem as well as some floral presentations that also show the guild mark.

    Outdoor Pool: The Fairy Tail guild also has the privilege of obtaining its own pool that sits in the rear of the gardens, it has a large slide as well as being a 250 meter pool for all the members of the guild to enjoy at their leisure. The pool is heated all year round along with a magical barrier that appears in winter too keep the heat in and the cold out.

    Training Area: Too one side of the guild hall lies a training ground with magically enhanced moving targets that allow all of the guild members to hone their skills before jobs as well as set healthy competition between each other for high scores.


    First Floor

    Main Entrance and Gathering area: This area is seen as you enter the great Fairy Hall. It is simple in design with many tables and benches for the members to sit and chat as well as drink and make merry. The center hall is very open looking up into the roof of the building which is scattered with star constelations. The outer walkings of the hall are lined with large white stone pillars that hold up the second and third levels, of which every second pillar has a cloth flag with the guild emblem embroided onto it. In the rear of the hall lies the Bar from which all members may drink as well on the house of course! It contains most liquers, beers, ales and spirits to drink at the members content! Either side of the bar area  lies two marble staircases that lead to the second and third levels.

    Second Floor

    Jobs Board: The second floor is strictly for work and jobs as it holds each ranks respective jobs as well as offerings for lower ranks that wish to take a senior with them and vice versa. The second floor also holds the Guild Masters office. Although this seems like a scary thought it is only really used for the Master to escape from the mayhem below for a moment as well as taking care of official Guild Business.

    Library: The library is free for all members to browse at their leisure, containg books from now and long ago! It is the main archive of the guild and tells tales of the great member who previously walked the halls before them. This is also a place for members to find peace and quiet and obtain information of guilds.

    Third Floor

    Sauna:The third floor is strictly for relaxation. In here you will find a several Sauna's, two Jacuzzis, a steam room and also a small bar, which permits only 5 drinks per client during their time in the sauna. After all it is for relaxing!

    Games Room: The games room has 4 pool and snooker tables as well as several darts boards and poker tables for all the members to enjoy! (although its mostly the guys that spend their time here!) This area is comfortably lit and has soothing music playing throughout the day and night.


    This area is known by only the Guild Master and those who are take the mantle of Guild Master or too be taken here at the Master's Digression as it leads the the biggest and most secretive of Fairy Tail's origins and powers.

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