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    Lucille Grove

    Lucille Grove
    Lucille Grove

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    Lucille Grove Empty Lucille Grove

    Post by Lucille Grove on 21st May 2014, 5:44 pm

    Name: Lucille Kayle Grove
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Birthday: 6/18
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Special Characteristics:

    Personality: Lucille is a loudmouth, somewhat calm, cocky, cynical and very dark girl. She has been ever since her mother died. As a loud person, she likes to speak her mind a lot more often and bring the focus on to her slightly. And her cocky attitude leads to her believing that only those who have proven their strength to her have the right to even speak to her at times. People tend to annoy her more than anything, and she can quickly grow tired of talking to the same person if they don’t shut up. Lucille tends to be quite cold, not caring whose feelings she might hurt in the process. Lucille is very blunt when she is telling the truth, but can easily be manipulative and lie. Lucille never truly gets ‘angry’, seeing that no one is truly worth the time to get worked up over. She would rather leave the situation if she cannot handle it with bloodshed. Another small fact about Lucille that should be mentioned is that she tends to become psychotic when she notices a large amount of blood. And it has to be a significant amount, not like a small cut or anything. Lucille is nearly impossible to befriend, rather she would refer to anyone who she is close to as business partners or personal property. Lucille is also fiercely loyal to anyone she decides to work under, most specifically her guild master. This loyalty is a bit blind, as she rarely second guesses her leader and follows his orders to the letter, even if it means she might die.

    Lucille is a bit of a health freak, wanting to stay as physically fit as possible. Otherwise, she believes that she will revert to her old noble self, who was self-righteous and a pompous ass. She hates that old part of herself, seeing how she was weak and fragile. Nobles disgust her, and she would rather slaughter any she meets than even listen to them for a split second. However, she can easily blend in with them, acting the part of the maid or spoiled rich brat. It comes as second nature to her, seeing as she was raised to be one her entire life. Lucille hates doing it, but will do what is necessary for her plans.

    Lucille is a vicious and ruthless fighter, not caring who or what she steps on in order to defeat the person she wants to. She will use any means necessary in order to kill or crush whoever has dared to attack her. If that means her allies will be killed or harmed during the attacks, then Lucille will do it with a bigger smile on her face. Lucille is a tactical fighter, able to plan on the fly as long as she is in the right mindset. She would rather spend her time on the offensive in a fight, hating to wait for an opening and wanting to create one of her own. Lucille isn’t the perfect soldier, as she will constantly question her team leader if their choices are not what she believes to be right. However, this does not mean she won’t follow them if need be. Lucille does not like following orders, but knows that she isn’t always at the top of the food chain. Lucille isn’t the best team leader either, seeing anyone who follows her as a pawn that she needs to get to the king. She wants her orders followed to the point, and anyone who disobeys her is required to be eliminated. Lucille knows it is wasting the lives of useful pawns, but it is necessary to show who is the boss during the leader.

    Lucille enjoys killing. She enjoys it so much that she will go and kill for fun. It is a necessary means to an end for her, and she doesn’t care who doesn’t agree. Lucille has no qualms about who she kills, as it will be for the betterment of her own goals. Lucille knows that it is pure evil to not care, but she envisions herself as pure evil.

    Blood: Ever since meeting with Maximillion Mephisto Hexworth, Lucille has grown fond of seeing other people’s blood. It makes her day much more pleasant to see someone bleeding that isn’t herself.

    Winning: Who doesn't enjoy winning? Lucille just takes it an extra step and parades around each time she wins.

    Fruit: She finds any fruit to be extra delectable than any other food. She can be seen regularly eating apples if she isn’t doing anything else.

    Death: Lucille enjoys watching a person’s life leave their eyes, or hearing their last breath leave their mouth. It comes as a pleasure to her to help them come closer to that end….personally.

    Legal Guilds: These guys disgust her. To Lucille, a legal guild is just filled with self-righteous pricks who need to either be shown the truth or die. Painfully.

    Her ‘pathetic’ father: His attempts to change her into a woman that he thinks her mother would want disgust her. He’s spineless and utterly useless in every way imaginable, it's only fitting that she dislike him.

    Vegetables: What? She can dislike vegetables. It just isn’t something Lucille frankly likes. She’d rather eat dirt than vegetables.

    To prove herself a real terror to the world: Lucille has a dream to make herself known as something to be feared at night. To make everyone afraid even when her name is uttered.

    To resurrect her mother: In the end, she’s still her mother’s little girl. No matter what, she wants to only bring her mother back from the dead. It is her most important goal.

    To etch her name in history: Immortality in a sense. She wants to forever be something to be feared, long after she has passed away herself.

    Her dead mother’s spirit: Her current path in life is not one that she believes her mother in her current state would approve of. Her fear is that her mother will never understand her if she sees the path she’s on.

    Incarceration: She cannot be feared if she is locked away. Lucille would rather die a premature death than be incarcerated and not feared.

    Immortality: In the literal way of not dying. Living forever means constantly being hunted, and while she does not mind it now Lucille knows that in time it will grow on her psyche.

    General Appearance

    Height: 5’7”
    Weight: 145 lbs
    Hair: Long black hair
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin Tone: Light skin tone
    Appearance:  Lucille is a young woman with long black hair. She has a small birthmark on her chest, but she usually hides it away from anyone to see. She has some muscle, but is still somewhat skinny from her days as a noble. She also has a tattoo of a dragon on her lower abdomen, but it is normally not able to be seen by anyone at all.

    Image 1:
    Lucille Grove 554Bambietta_yells

    Image 2:
    Lucille Grove C554Bambietta_destroys


    Guild: Tartarus
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    Lucille Grove Empty Re: Lucille Grove

    Post by Guest on 21st May 2014, 5:48 pm

    First of all, love the avatar!

    Secondly, one ONE thing before I can approve you:

    Please insert a paragraph about how your character would work under a leader in the personality section. Thank you!

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    Lucille Grove Empty Re: Lucille Grove

    Post by Grizzly on 21st May 2014, 5:52 pm

    "Lucille isn’t the perfect soldier, as she will constantly question her team leader if their choices are not what she believes to be right. However, this does not mean she won’t follow them if need be. Lucille does not like following orders, but knows that she isn’t always at the top of the food chain."

    It's already in there Kichi ^^

    Naisu, another one!

    Approved ~


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