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    Break the siege Akryn and Lekuna


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    Break the siege Akryn and Lekuna Empty Break the siege Akryn and Lekuna

    Post by Akryn 19th May 2014, 8:23 am

    The job: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t3934-break-the-siege

    Akryn growled a bit to himself, wishing the old man could hobble just a bit faster. Valuable time had been lost already, first with the old man going to the authorities, and then with him beating around the bush instead of getting the point in the first place, the siege of his village. Any wizards guild worth their salt would gladly have come to the villages aid, but local law enforcement couldn't be bothered. Typical and pathetic, he thought to himself, taking a moment to mentally applaud the old mans courage at least. If things were as bad as he said, then getting out couldn't have been easy, especially in his condition, and leaveing his home and family couldn't have been easy either.

    Still, the delay had allowed Akryn to grab some help, a wizard he didn't know. But any backup was better than none. "By the by, names Akryn, of Eclipse Soul. I use storm magic. Specialty is speed and tactical thinking. What about you?" he said looking over at Lekuna questioningly.


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