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    Earth God Slayer



    Earth God Slayer

    Post by Guest on 18th May 2014, 5:32 am

    Earth God Slayer Magic

    Primary Magic:
    Earth God Slayer
    Secondary Magic:  N/A
    Caster or Holder:  Caster
    God Slayer magic is a type of Lost Magic, forgotten through time and almost non-existent with exception to only a small number of people. God Slayer magic, as its name suggests, is a very powerful magic that was created in order to slay Gods, the all powerful beings who claim to have formed every aspect of life as we know it. The sheer power of God Slaying magic would have made it impossible to bestow all elemental power and knowledge upon a single human being, and so the magic was split into various specialised elements, but each fused with a level of darkness to deal greater damage to the heavenly bodies of the gods.

    This particular brand of God Slayer magic is of the Earth element which was bestowed upon the now infamous Hexworth family. The magic gives the owner the ability to cast spells involving the earth, whether it be the destructive force of destroying mountains and creating monstrous fissures, or the more beautiful and serene support spells using natural aspects such as trees and flowers. Maximilian Hexworth uses both of these to his advantage during combat, making himself one of the more versatile of the Earth God Slayers, while also giving him a lot of toys to play with when he has one of his 'moments'.

    As a God Slayer, Maxie is able to eat his own element to restore MP and enter God Force. As the Earth Slayer, this means he is able to eat the earth around him, something which is in very high supply in the majority of circumstances. HOWEVER, he is unable to eat the magic of his Demon Slayer counterpart due to the magic being of a more holy nature and thus reacting terribly with his own dark infused magic, a combination that would destroy him.

    Earth magic is generally seen as being more of a brute force type of magic. Earth God slayer is no exception to this, with the magic being very offensively biased, giving Maxie numerous options with which to decimate his victims. Earth God Slayer magic also allows Maxie to use plant-based earth spells that, more often than not, are support spells. These spells can act to give the user buffs, or to entangle Maxie's victims to make them easier targets.

    Earth Magic has a natural advantage over fire magic, often being used to smother flames and put them out. Certain Earth spells can also be used to shatter Ice Magic or redirect water magic, although the latter are few and far between and very much situational.

    Due to the sheer weight of most earth spells, wind magic has a difficult time breaking through them, or rather moving them aside.


    Iron magic of equal or higher rank can blow through Maxie's earth magic with relative ease, making Iron based mages rather difficult to overcome.

    Water Magic of equal or higher rank will, in most circumstances, erode Maxie's more offensive based magic over time. The larger the gap in rank, the quicker the spell will erode.

    Fire magic of equal or higher rank will burn Maxie's plant-based earth spells, thus rendering them entirely useless.

    As mentioned before, Maxie is unable to eat magic belonging to the Earth Demon Slayer, as the reaction caused by the mixture of the darkness and holy aspects of the two magics would literally tear him apart.

    Earth magic is generally quite slow but incredibly powerful. For this reason the spells may take a while to travel to hit their target and/or have long cooldowns.


    God Force - By devouring a large amount of earth, Maxie can enter a state referred to as 'God Force'. This force doubles Maxie's strength and durability, allowing him to deal physical damage equal to a spell of his own rank, allows him to cast spells without losing MP as well as giving a slight boost to the strength of his spells, giving them the power needed to overcome spells of equal rank. This state lasts for 7 posts, leaving Maxie with 5% MP once it runs out.

    Enhanced Senses - As a God Slayer Maxie has extremely stronger senses than most normal human beings. His sense of smell, sight and hearing is twice as strong as the normal human being. His sense of style is questionable though.

    D Rank Spells:

    Great Tree of the Earth God:

    Name: Great Tree of the Earth God
    Rank: D
    Type: Earth Nature Support

    Description: Maxie places his hands out in front of him and calls forth the natural force of the Earth God. He then spreads his arms out to either side. A green magic circle is formed beneath him, from which bursts a massive cherry blossom tree approximately 100 feet tall and 150 feet wide. During the time the tree is intact the cherry blossoms will fall, allowing Maxie to generate 5% HP at the end of each of his posts.

    - The tree is rather sturdy, requiring 4 D-rank spells to destroy.

    - Maxie is able to regenerate health over time, a vital ability to have alongside his otherwise destructive arsenal.

    - If a water or light spell is cast on the tree then the health regeneration becomes 10% for the following post.
    - The tree deals no damage to anyone (unless they're stupid enough to stand in the magic circle when it's created).

    - Fire magic will burn the tree down considerably quicker than most spells, meaning it may be destroyed prematurely.

    - The tree cannot defend itself, and thus the only way to keep the tree intact is for Maxie to block the attacks or prevent attacks altogether - not an easy feat in the slightest.

    3 turn duration with a 4 turn cooldown.

    Wrath of the Earth God - Magnitude 4:

    Name: Wrath of the Earth God - Magnitude 4
    Rank: D
    Type: Earth Offensive

    Description: Maxie faces the palm of his right hand to the ground and calls forth the wrath of the Earth God. The ground will then shake before creating stone pillars in a straight line headed directly for the target. The pillars are 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide, and are created as far as 20 meters away over the course of 2 seconds from where Maxie casts the spell.

    - The spell is of short-medium range, allowing Maxie to hit targets that try to kite him as well as those who try to get in close to strike.

    - The height of the pillars will block the view of most enemies if they are behind it, giving Maxie a great opportunity to close in on his prey.

    - The pillars remain intact albeit unmoving after the duration of the spell, reducing the movement for any opponent who intends to try rushing directly at Maxie.

    - If the target is more than 15 meters away then the spell can easily be dodged.

    - The spell cannot distinguish between friend or foe. Anyone caught in the trail of the spell will take damage as a pillar strikes them.

    - A metal based spell will easily demolish the pillars once they're formed.

    1 post duration, 2 post cooldown.

    Raging Fist of the Earth God:

    Name: Raging Fist of the Earth God
    Rank: D
    Type: Earth Offensive

    Description: Maxie's creates a brown magic circle in his left hand, then cracks his right fist against his left palm. The fist becomes coated in a layer of stone, which Maxie then uses to strike his victim.

    -  Boosts the power of Maxie's punches with his right hand during the duration of the spell to D-rank.

    - The stone around Maxie's fist cannot be broken except by high level armors or spells.

    - The spell is quick to get started and is perhaps the fastest spell in Maxie's arsenal.

    - Spells and armor of a higher rank (C/Strong) will shatter the stone around Maxie's hand...and probably every bone in his hand in the process.

    - If Maxie is particularly low on health then this spell becomes difficult to use due to the sheer weight of the stone around his hand.

    - Water magic of equal rank will erode the spell and end it's duration a post early.

    2 post duration with a 2 post cooldown.

    Stone Wall of the Earth God:

    Name: Stone Wall of the Earth God
    Rank: D
    Type: Earth Support

    Description: Maxie places both hands in front of him and generates a magic circle from which a large stone wall appears. The wall stands at 10 feet tall, 5 feet wide and 2 feet thick, making it incredibly sturdy and allowing it to take 2 D-rank hits worth of damage.

    - Is capable of taking 2 D-rank hits worth of damage before breaking (1 C-rank)

    - Due to its size, the wall is able to protect allies as well as Maxie himself.

    - The wall is created almost instantly, meaning only incredibly fast spells will be able to strike Maxie before he can get his shield up.
    - Maxie is unable to see anything through the wall, meaning he won't know where an opponent is.

    - Certain spells can travel around the wall, rendering it virtually useless.

    - If a C-rank spell is cast on the wall then it will be destroyed immediately, with Maxie suffering damage equal to the incoming spell plus additional D-rank damage from the flying debris.

    - Metal based magics of equal or higher rank can blow through the wall in considerably less hits (1 hit for D-rank)

    Instant use with a 2 post cooldown.

    Samus Aran

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    Re: Earth God Slayer

    Post by Samus Aran on 18th May 2014, 4:17 pm

    After talking with you on skype about the changes needed, I can now give this my personal stamp of approval.


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