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    Official Staff List


    The Panda

    The Panda

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    Official Official Staff List

    Post by Seijin on 11th May 2014, 12:03 am

    Official Staff List Z47NO8f

    Official Staff List T0B5mRv


    Official Staff List Th0aUu9

    Information: Administrators deal with jewel transfers, managing moderators, character approvals, and event management. They also do some content developing work and should be the ones you go to if a moderator is not present or is not helpful in your situation.

    Senior Administrators are admins who have been part of the administrative team for a long time and can be deemed as experienced admins who coordinate other admins and guide them to becoming a senior in the future. This list is compiled starting from the oldest administrator to the newest administrator.

    Administrators that have (Inactive) next to their staff title are either busy IRL, taking a break, or have other issues to take care of. It is not recommended messaging any inactive staff members.

    Johann  - Administrator
    Nessa Cordelia Lux  - Administrator
    MarkusEldridge  - Administrator
    Sivvy - Administrator


    Official Staff List SpchJuf

    Information:Moderators deal with character approvals and enforce the rules at all times. They are in charge of making new players feel at home and report anything they can't do to administrators.

    The Head Moderator coordinates the other moderators and makes sure they are active. Administrators will ask the head moderator on updates as to moderator activity. If there is not a head moderator then the admins will deal with this area.

    Trial moderators will work for a certain amount time grading apps before they are promoted to an official moderator. This is a 'training' period so mistakes may be made and any issues should be sent to the admin or head mod.

    Saraphina  - Moderator
    Ahote  - Moderator

    Staff Application:

    Note: Send this application to "Seijin", "MarkusEldridge", "Johann", or "Nessa".

    Position Applying For: Moderator or other role?
    Username: Your In-Game Username
    IRL Name: Your Real Life Name (Will not be mentioned in game without consent)
    IRL Age: Your Real Life Age (Will not be mentioned in game without consent)
    Location: Where You're Currently Living In
    Staff Experience: What Kind of Staff Experience Do You Have
    Role-playing Experience: How Experienced Of A Role-Player Are You
    What You Have To Offer: What Can You Bring To This Site
    Activity: How Active Can You Be On A Daily Basis
    Additional Details: Anything Additional To Add
    Recommendations: Recommendations from active staff members.

    [b]Position Applying For:[/b]
    [b]IRL Name:[/b]
    [b]IRL Age:[/b]
    [b]Staff Experience:[/b]
    [b]Role-playing Experience:[/b]
    [b]What You Have To Offer:[/b]
    [b]Additional Details:[/b]

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