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    Banished Celestial Spirit Magic


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    Banished Celestial Spirit Magic

    Post by Jayce on 10th May 2014, 3:30 am


    Primary Magic: Banished Celestial Spirit Magic
    Secondary Magic: N/A
    Caster or Holder: Holder
    Celestial Spirit magic, is a type of summoning magic, that allows the user, with the use of special keys, to open gates to a different world and to bring in spirits from that world to fight for them. The keys usually come in two different forms, the golden keys, which summon the 12 zodiacs and the silver keys, that summon other celestial spirits. Though, there is a third category, that especially the spirits themselves don't talk about. They are the banished keys or the dark keys. The keys glow in a shade of purple and look very old. They also give off a menacing and evil presence.

    The spirits, that these keys can summon, are banished from the real spirit world. They have usually committed crimes and gone against the laws of the celestial spirit king. These crimes range from destroying other keys to murdering people. Though, the spirits have never killed their owners, well except for one. These spirits aren't necessarily evil, but they aren't good either. They are a lot more brutal and unforgiving than regular spirits though and the summoning for them is slightly different. Also the contracts have a lot more to them than regular spirit contracts. For example, the spirit and user are tied by their souls and when the user of this magic dies, their spirit will be locked into the world of the banished spirits. Maybe becoming a banished spirit them self. Also, the spirits forms are more rough and evil looking, as the banished world has changed them.


    • Most spirits are useful for different situations, giving this magic very high versatility.
    • Can outnumber their opponent.
    • Multiple summons can be used when reaching a higher rank.


    • High cool downs on summons.
    • Requires celestial keys to do the summoning.
    • The cost to summon a spirit is higher than casting a spell.
    • Can summon multiple spirits only at higher ranks.


    • Bond:  The power of ones bond can strengthen attacks and even allow a Spirit to come to its masters aid.

    Celestial Spirits:

    Name: Ademite
    Rank: D-rank
    Type: Spirit
    Ademite is a banished spirit. She is a cat spirit, looking similar to a black cat, but is bigger. The hind legs are also a lot more powerful than a regular cat's. She has dark blue eyes and a blue pendant around it's neck, given to it by it's only former owner. The spirit was banished due to attacking humans on it's free will. It is a spirit that gets annoyed by everything. The contract between the two was made a couple of years ago. Ademite was Akemi's first banished spirit. The contract didn't include anything special. When Ademite is summoned, a small dark circle appears onto the ground and she materializes onto it. To summon Ademite, the user must point the key outwards and yell: '' Open, Gate of the Black Cat, Ademite. ''


    Ademite's spell:
    Name: Volar sight
    Rank: D-rank
    Type: Supportive
    Description: When Ademite uses Volar sight, she gains the ability to see through walls and blocks. Living beings are outlined for her sight, easily finding enemies or allies. This however can't see anything, that has a magic power of a b-rank mage. C-rank mages are hazy and their location isn't accurate.


    • Ademite is fairly agile, making dodging of spell easier.
    • Ademite's spell can see people through a wall, making it excellent for finding people.
    • Ademite is silent with her movements, making her a good scout as well.


    • Is easily annoyed by comments made in battle.
    • Isn't that combat orientated, but can still fight.
    • Can't take a lot of damage, will go down in only 3 d-rank hits.
    • Will randomly attack humans sometimes, if they consider her a real cat.

    Duration: 3 posts
    Cooldown: 5 posts

    Name: Damien
    Rank: D-rank
    Type: Spirit
    Damien is the second banished spirit Akemi received and he is probably one of the most disturbing ones. Damien is an incubus, which is a male succubus. He has blond lowing hair and has a very well built body. He also has black horns crowing out of his head and has a pair of demonic looking wings. His fingers have turned into small spikes, during his time in the banished world. He is 6'3 foot tall. He is quite skilled in combat, but hates to fight, he would more happily chase after women.
    The contract between Damien and Akemi holds nothing special in it, as Damien isn't a very powerful spirit. To summon Damien, the user must point the key outwards and yell: '' Open, Gate of the Incubus, Damien. '' After this a magic circle will appear and Damien will walk out of it, like using a gate.
    Damien was banished from the spirit world, because he kept finding human females, seducing them and then killing them. Quite the evil bastard he is.


    Damien's spell
    Name: Seduction
    Rank: D-rank
    Type: Utility, Offensive
    Description: Damien uses his incubus magic, to pretty much make a female fall for him. This magic can render the opposition fairly weakened and it works on both spirits and humans. Though, he can only seduce for some time and it depends on the strength of the opponent. If the target is d-rank she will get seduced for 2 posts, if c-rank for 1 post, b-ranks and higher are unaffected by Damien.  


    • Is fairly efficient in combat.
    • Can seduce female opponents.
    • Is very loyal to Akemi, as she is a female as well.


    • The spell is useless against males.
    • If fighting females, he may get distracted.
    • Is actually annoying towards Akemi, trying to seduce her.
    • Will go down in 4 d-rank hits.

    Duration: 4 posts
    Cooldown: 5 posts

    Name: Sardon
    Rank: D-rank
    Type: Spirit
    Sardon is the third banished spirit Akemi made a contract with. The contract with Sardon did have something special in it. Akemi would have to bring Sardon food, every time he was summoned. Sardon is actually two creatures, but only one of them can speak and that is the rider. Though they are two creatures, they both answer to the same name and can't be separated. If they can't see or touch each other, the gate will close. They are both red in color and the hound, which Sardon rides on, has flaming paws and a jaw made of metal. The rider looks like an imp, though these may have been the effects of the banished world, as from Sardon's words, he is one of the oldest banished spirits, along with the Thorn Witch and The Destroyer.
    When summoning Sardon, the user must point the key outwards and yell: '' Open, Gate of the Rider, Sardon. Sardon will enter in a small fiery explosion and the hound part of him will let out a massive growl.
    Sardon was banished from the spirit world, not for any real crimes, but for his unstoppable hunger. He would eat everything in his path, causing problems for the other spirits and owners alike.


    Sargon's spell
    Name: Flamethrower
    Rank: D-rank
    Type: Offensive
    Description: When cast, the hound takes in a deep breath and after a few seconds, it breaths out a pillar of flame, that reaches only 10 feet in front of it. The column is only 2 foot in diameter. It will only deal most of it's damage if the target stands in it. As if the target gets hit for a second, they will take only half the damage of d-rank damage. The spell doesn't leave a burn.


    • Is effectively two entities, making single target spells less useful against Sargon.
    • Is very skilled in combat and has relatively high speeds, making it the most combat oriented of Akemi's d-rank spirits.
    • Is actually the most friendly spirit of all the banished spirits.


    • Is very weak to water, as he is very used to arid and hot climates.
    • The two entities don't get along sometimes.
    • He needs to be fed, every time he is summoned.
    • It will go down, if any of the two bodies takes 4 d-rank hits.

    Duration: 4 posts
    Cooldown: 5 posts

    Name: Martinez
    Rank: D-rank
    Type: Spirit
    Description: Martinez is an odd spirit. He has taken the form of a teddy bear, which he wasn't before. He was like a real bear, but after the times in the banished dimension, he switched his form for a small, blue teddy bear. Not even his fellow banished spirits know why he did this. He is quite the silent spirit at that, never saying anything. He also carries around a kitchen knife, for some reason. Not much is know of Martinez. Only the reason of his banishing, which isn't that drastic as some, but still. As a bear, he used to go and kill all unsuspecting livestock and pets that people had.  
    The contract between the two holds a special agreement, Martinez requires snuggles regularly.
    To summon Martinez, the user has to hold out the key outwards and yell: '' Open, Gate of the Bear, Martinez. '' A blueish circle will appear a few feet off the ground and it will drop out a tiny teddy bear, which will then get up and look at the opponent with a maniacal smile.


    Martinez's spell.
    Name: Grow Big!!
    Rank: D-rank
    Type: Utility, Offensive, Defensive
    Description: Martinez can use this spell, to well grow bigger, into the size of a real bear, a grizzly at that. In this form, Martinez's combat stats are somewhat boosted, as he is bigger. He will gain a 15% combat boost for both defense and offense, but at the same time reduces his speed by 40%. He can't revert back from this form, if he takes it. Also, he can't use the kitchen knife in this form, only in the teddy form.


    • Has two forms, making him versatile.
    • Gains boosted stats.
    • Can take more hits than a regular spirit. 5 d-rank hits, but only when in big form. In Teddy form, it can only take 3 d-rank hits.


    • Is weak to fire, as he is made of flammable material.
    • Doesn't talk, so it is hard to understand him.
    • If it sees an animal, while in big bear from, it will charge it, forgetting it's commands.
    • Martinez has problems with other spirits, so can't work in a team well.

    Duration: 4 posts
    Cooldown: 5 posts

    Proof of skipping to C-rank:

    Name: Fluffy
    Rank: C-rank
    Type: Spirit
    Description: Fluffy, is a weird name for this spirit, as he is fluffy, but isn't anything like that personality wise. This spirit is pure evil incarnated. It would only want to murder and destroy, if the other spirits would let it. It is 7 feet in length and is 3 feet in height, making it a rather large hound. It has white fur, with the ends of the hairs being red in color. But it's most distinctive feature is it's small tail. Okay, it is actually it's enlarged  mouth. It starts from  the tip of it's head and ends where it's front legs start.
    The contract between the two is basic, but weird. If Akemi would ever die, Fluffy gets to eat her remains. He is quite odd.
    The hound was banished for it's really aggressive nature, though it hasn't committed any crimes yet. To summon Fluffy, the owner must hold the key outwards and yell: '' Open, Gate of the Hound, Fluffy. '' Fluffy enters with a loud howl, appearing in front of Akemi.


    Fluff's Spell
    Name: Howler Storm
    Rank: C-rank
    Type: Offensive
    Description: Fluffy places all of his paws steadily and firmly onto the ground. Before growling for some time that is. After the growl Fluffy let's out a high volume howl, damaging everyone's hearing, except the owner of Fluffy. The howl deals damage and after the howl, D and C ranks can't hear for 2 posts, B-ranks for 1 post and everyone else is unaffected.


    • Is combat orientated, so is good in a fight. Goes down in 4 C-rank hits.
    • Can disrupt people's hearings.
    • Has blood lust, making him go after bleeding targets first.


    • Is fairly stupid.
    • Holy magic hurts him more, 25% more.
    • May attack his owner, if the owner has an open bleeding wound.
    • For some reason, he will never appear on weekends.

    Duration: 5 posts
    Cooldown: 6 posts

    Name: Blaire
    Rank: C-rank
    Type: Spirit
    Description: Blaire is know as the thorn witch. She always has her eyes covered for multiple reasons, but there is one that is obvious. She doesn't have eyes. Blaire is blind, but her other senses are increased thanks to that. She is actually very quiet in nature, even being an exhibitionist. She did have a habit of consuming human flesh, though has gotten over it so far. Blaire is one of the nicest of the banished spirits and one of the oldest as well. As old as Sardon. In fight, she summons metallic thorns from her body to try to impale and stab her opponent. They can be used for cutting as well.
    The contract between Akemi and Blaire holds no special agreements, only that she can't be summoned on Thursdays.
    When Blaire is summoned, the user must hold the key outwards and yell: '' Open, Gate of the Thorn Witch: Blaire. '' The gate shall open then and with a metallic clang, Blaire will just be standing in front of Akemi.
    Blaire was banished due to actually being just dangerous to others and of being a cannibal.


    Blaire's spell.
    Name: Thorn Spike
    Rank: C-rank
    Type: Offensive
    Description: When Blair casts the spell, her right hand turns into a sharp metallic spike, that can extend. It can extend up to 15 feet and is 0.5 feet in diameter. It moves 7.5 feet per second. So it takes 2 seconds for it to reach it's max length. The spiked does C-rank damage with each hit. It lasts for 3 posts.


    • Can grow small spikes from her body, to protect herself.
    • Is excellent at a range.
    • Is actually very friendly to others, more than her owner.


    • Is bad at hand to hand combat.
    • Goes down in 3 c-rank hits.
    • Doesn't like to fight other spirits.
    • Won't come out on Thursdays.

    Duration: 5 posts
    Cooldown: 6 posts

    Proof of Aries's key:

    Name: Aries
    Rank: C-rank
    Type: Spirit
    Description: Aries, "The White Lamb" (アリエス Ariesu) is a Celestial Spirit that is one of the 12 Golden Zodiac Keys. Aries is a female spirit which resembles a young girl with pink hair, brown eyes and a pair of twisted horns on her head. Aries usually wears clothes based on a wool-like style, white and fluffy.  
    She first came into contact with Akemi, when Akemi was a few years old. Aries was owned by Akemi's mother and when she died, Aries became Akemi's. Though the bond between the two is incredibly powerful. Akemi thinks of Aries as her sister, as her family, as the closest person she has. Akemi would die, if she lost Aries.

    Aries :

    Name: Wool Bomb
    Rank: C-rank
    Type: Offensive, Defensive, Utility
    Description: Aries conjures a massive amount of Magical wool around her opponents, in which she can ambush them in any given direction and lull them into a relaxed state, bringing the battle to her advantage. The targets that can be lulled or well seduced, are D-ranks for 3 posts, C-ranks for 2 posts and B-ranks for 1 post, everyone else is unaffected. This works on both female and male targets, weirdly.


    • Is efficient in hand to hand combat.
    • Has status effects.
    • Has an adorable appearance, which may distract men.


    • Isn't that durable, can only take 3 c-rank hits, before going down.
    • Is very shy.
    • Doesn't like to fight other spirits.
    • Draws maybe too much attention, with her appearance.
    • Easily scared, very easily.

    Duration: 5 posts
    Cooldown: 6 posts


    Re: Banished Celestial Spirit Magic

    Post by Guest on 11th May 2014, 3:42 am

    I actually have no issues with this, although having specific days when the spirits can't be summoned isn't necessary, but I'm assuming this is for IC reasons so there's no need to worry about changing it. Besides, each of your spells has at least 3 other weaknesses to match the 3 strengths, plus the cooldowns separately.

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