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    Ray Ignazia's Spell and Magic Shop

    Ray Ignazia

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    Ray Ignazia's Spell and Magic Shop

    Post by Ray Ignazia on 7th May 2014, 3:04 pm

    ~Welcome to Ray Ignazia's Spell Shop~

    Hello there, I am Ray Ignazia, and this is where you can find instructions and post with requests if you want a spell, a certain set of spells, or even a brand new magic you want me to make for you.

    However, I do have certain prices, as I now realize that doing this for free is really just taking time off my hand, and therefore, I require some output with this sort of work, so there shall be set prices for the work you want me to do.

    Prices List:
    - New Magic: 300,000 Jewels
    - Guild Spells: 150,000 Jewels
    - H ranked spells: 100, 000 Jewels
    - S ranked spells: 75, 000 Jewels
    - A ranked spells: 50, 000 Jewels
    - B ranked spells: 35, 000 Jewels
    - C ranked spells: 15, 000 Jewels
    - D ranked spells: 10, 000 Jewels

    Also, if you want some additions made to your existing magic, the price will be 10,000 Jewels for editing/addition of ideas.
    I shall provide consultation and discussion of ideas free of cost, since it is my job to help out another fellow RPer if need be.

    In order to help me understand your requests better, here are some templates that you should fill out and post with in this thread:

    Magic Template:


    [b]Type of Magic required:[/b] (Elemental, non-elemental, buff/debuffs, so on and so forth)
    [b]Specifications:[/b] (Fill this out ONLY if you want specific magic, i.e, Water based, Dragon Slayer, so on and so forth, leave blank if you want me to make you any random magic)
    [b]Caster or Holder:[/b]
    [b]Additional Comments:[/b] (Any additional things that would need to be said, etc.)

    Spell Template:


    [b]Type of Spell Required:[/b] (Defensive, Offensive, Supplementary)
    [b]Rank:[/b] (Self-explanatory)
    [b]Link to Magic:[/b] (Self- explanatory)
    [b]Additional Comments:[/b] (Explained above)

    Now, of course, you would be wanting to know the quality of my work. If you want to meet satisfied customers, please speak to Alexander Zenneth or Ethan Ran, as both have been customers and have gotten spells made by me, as well as a magic made by me.

    Thank you,

    Ray Ignazia



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    Re: Ray Ignazia's Spell and Magic Shop

    Post by Zeon on 7th May 2014, 3:07 pm

    I really highly reccomend his spells, magic and any ideas that come from his head. His mind thinks outside the box and will come up with some of the unique interpretations of your magic. The price is well worth it and I highly recommend him to make your spells.

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