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    Dragon Unroosting


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    Dragon Unroosting Empty Dragon Unroosting

    Post by Kaligos on 4th May 2014, 3:41 pm

    Kaligos sighed as he shut the suitcase. Everything was packed, and in all truth it wasn't much. He took one last look around the apartment he had spent the last two years of his life in, and let out a long sigh. The furnature wasn't Kaligos' to take, the next person who lived here would get the sofa, where he had often slept, and the fire place he never got to use. He had done his best to clean everything, and surprisingly the dragonslayer known for breaking everything... hadn't broken his home.

    Walking out of the small building he had all day to get to the train station. His tickets for the last train out of magnolia was in his pocket. The boy walked through the streets, his bare feet brushing the familiar cobblestone. It wasn't a long ride to hargeon, but it was gonna be a painful one. Kaligos had always thought of Fairy Tail as a family, he had never once believed in leaving them, but now... He bit his lip. everything had changed since that fight, Kaligos was different physically, and the guild had changed so much that it just wasn't healthy for him to stay around the others. It was for the best if he left now and made his goodbyes official instead of just leaving. Walking into the loud guild hall with his stuff anyone could tell that he was planning on leaving.

    He walked up to the bar, and gave a long sigh. "Can I have a cranberry juice." He asked lightly. Checking around he took off his jacket to show the cyan guild tattoo on his left arm. "And... Can I get the tattoo removed." He said with another long painful sigh. Today he was leaving his family and home.. but all people did that.. eventually every grateful child needed to leave the place of comfort right?


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    Dragon Unroosting Empty Re: Dragon Unroosting

    Post by Aiden Ainsley on 4th May 2014, 3:48 pm

    Lance was sitting at the counter silently until a man came up and asked for some juice. This was alright with Lance until the man asked for his tattoo to be taken off. Lance slammed his hand down on the counter "Who do you think can take that off! We don't have a Guild Master right now!" Lance yelled standing up "If you want to go then go because no one is stopping you... goodbye" he muttered walking up to the second floor. People stared at him worryingly as he walked up.

    He hated the fact that because Mari had stepped down that they were leaving. "If this is what family means I don't want one..." he muttered to himself as he punched the wall am making a hole in it.

    OOC: This is a time when Lance is sort of in a bad mood because of shit going on plot wise and the guild master thing... so hold it against him IC not OOC


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