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    Fenikkusu Zoku!


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    Fenikkusu Zoku! Empty Fenikkusu Zoku!

    Post by Kirahunter on 23rd April 2014, 7:33 pm

    Simon came through the doors of the Fairy Tail guild hall with a bang and a shout "I'm back! Rejoice!" Today Simon was carrying in with him a cartoonishly over sized brown back slung over his shoulder. After walking into the heart of the guild hall he sat the bag down and turned to look at the rest of the guild "Now I understand you must be curious what is in the bag. Well it's just a ton of food I brought for all of you. I got it real cheap from a trader caravan I saved form a vulcan attack." He grinned at the crowd his shouting and promises of food was getting "However today I come with even greater news! I am currently forming a team of individuals who I find worthy to fight at my side. I want a handful of people I can trust to come to my aid and me to theres at a moments notice so I am happy to announce the forming of the Fenikkusu Zoku! Simon began pacing around the sack of food that was easily 5 times bigger then himself "I bet you are all wondering what being in the Fenikkusu Zoku means and what will be expected of you and why you would want to join. All those answers will come soon. The Fenikkusu Zoku are meant to be a team of people I can call on for special missions that I may need assistance with. I know it's hard to comprehend someone as great as me needs assistance but it happens some times. As for your benefits? Simple. You get to share in my fame and glory!"

    Simon jumped on top of the bag of food and began throwing the contents to the crowd "Don't be shy if you think you are worth of joining the Fenikkusu Zoku come right up!" While Simon was heavily romanticizing it, the truth was the Fenikkusu Zoku would likely just be a team of mages that doubled as the Simon fan club. His face was beaming as he saw a good reaction from the masses of Fairy Tail and his self confidence and opinion of self shot through the roof. The phoenix mage enjoyed the attention so much he was already thinking up ways to get dragged even farther into the spot light. However his little party was dampened when he realized the collected mages were background characters and low level mooks, not actually anyone of note. He wanted his fan cl- elite team to be made of elite people, not background walkers. Frustrated he stood up and exclaimed "Surely this can't be everyone, come one and come all to join the Fenikkusu Zoku! If thou are worthy!"


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    Fenikkusu Zoku! Empty Re: Fenikkusu Zoku!

    Post by Sukiro on 26th April 2014, 3:43 pm

    Simon would enter with a enlarged bag over his shoulder spouting nonsense of obtaining a group but not just any group. A team of mages that he'd fine worthy of fighting along side with to obtain more strength, increase their fame across fiore and other lands as well as their pockets. Many of the mages would stand in awe at the site of the bag and the sound of free food had made their stomachs roar and their mouths drool, except one of these mages. A small feline would sit at one of the large benches with an open book in front of him, studying up on known traverses that have been yet to been explored. But with the sudden increase of noise it made things hard to concentrate.


    Max would let out a large grunt with one of the mages looking down on him with a sadden face.

    "Come on Max, he's just trying to get some buddies to pair up with. You never know, they might just make it big!"

    Max turned toward the mages face with a curious face before returning toward simon tossing different kinds of foods into the air being caught by those before him, fighting over those they liked or something rare that might have been cheap but hard to come by.

    "Well I just wished that he'd be able to do it more..."

    "I got a yellow bellied, three pawed flounder!"

    Shouted a mage holding a fish by the tail with a smiling face in his lucky catch. Only to be struck hard in the cheek as his nose burst with blood and saliva flying through the air, Max flew into his face with his feet struck out forward upon contact, he'd strike the guy off ward toward the bar. Hitting and falling over the bar itself with Max holding the fish in both hands as he chomped on the head.

    "I'llu juoin yough, Simohn!"

    Max would speak with his mouth full and he's cheeks flushed.


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