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    Anita (Yukine's Pet)


    Anita (Yukine's Pet) Empty Anita (Yukine's Pet)

    Post by Guest on 20th April 2014, 12:59 am

    Name: Anita
    Rank: C
    Species: Weak
    Type: Dog (Non-Combat)
    Anita (Yukine's Pet) MiQHJyl
    Anita is a very intelligent wolf. She often memorizes her surroundings, and plans every motion she makes with great focus. She also tends to learn new subjects quickly; even those suited for a human- other than battle, of course. Anita is often comforting towards Yukine, and will show lots of affection when the two are together. Futhermore, when she senses discomfort in Yukine, or lack of emotion, she will become very protective over him. This signifies her great relationship with Yukine. When by herself, Anita often rests in Yukine's bed, or creates her own routine; though none of these actions have ever disappointed Yukine. She is a very friendly, cooperative and supportive wolf. In fact, Yukine often refers to her much like a sibling.
    Abilities: Anita has gained supernatural abilities through noticing the sudden changes in Yukine's soul: the Regalia. Every time a Regalia has linked itself to Yukine, Anita has also felt the same sensation. However, through this sense, Anita obtained a unique ability. She has the ability to send Yukine to an alternate dimension, also where the Regalia reside.
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    Anita (Yukine's Pet) Empty Re: Anita (Yukine's Pet)

    Post by Godlike Frederik on 20th April 2014, 2:33 am



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