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    Aiden Burke


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    Aiden Burke Empty Aiden Burke

    Post by Puddle on 19th April 2014, 5:20 pm

    Name: Aiden Burke
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Birthday: 5/18
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Special Characteristics: Soft, clear, porcelain-like skin, except not as white or fragile. Nothing else in particular.

    Personality: Aiden is a unique and creative individual, yet at the same time practical and down to earth. He has his ideals, but he doesn't expect anyone to share them with him, and though he can be passionate and energetic he knows when to take a step back and calm down. That, however, does not always mean he is capable of doing so, unfortunately for him. He tries to be kind and helpful, and is really quite a generous person in the end, though when it comes to an actual battle he becomes focused and relentless until it's all been said and done, so to speak. He isn't the type to kill without a damn good reason, unless it's simply by accident (used an attack that was too powerful, couldn't hold himself back, etc.), so he much prefers to take captives, meaning his focus in a battle is generally more towards debilitating and incapacitating. Though, if things get serious enough, he's not afraid of a little 'wet work'.

    Aiden has little use for the laws that don't suit him at the moment, wherever he goes, so he will often disregard the law of the land if it would get in the way of what he wanted, or needed, to do. Thankfully, he's a decent and good person, so it's rarely an issue for him. If a law is particularly unjust, though, he will fight against it tooth and nail, despite whatever his original need for being in the area was. Therein lies another bit of Aiden; he is ever the hater of injustice. Bullying, unfair laws, freedoms being taken from someone, all of these things are big no-no's when he's around. He won't immediately spring into violence.... all of the time, anyway... but he will definitely attempt to intervene, if at all possible. And if it's not possible, he'll probably still try.

    Aiden is a cooperative person, loving to work as part of a team. He likes to make sure everyone on the team is getting along, and is happy with the task at hand, but that doesn't mean he won't be a bit pushy at times, trying to goad the group into particular courses of action. He isn't the best leader, but he's also not a particularly good follower, so it's best to work democratically with him, or just let him take the lead. He won't fight over leadership, however if he is given an order or demand that he doesn't find particularly 'tasteful' or intelligent, he will disregard it with as much ease as he does laws. Otherwise he is a very sociable person, and is always ready and willing to help those around him, especially the ones that are on good terms with him. He always tries to take others' feelings into account when dealing with any situation, and is very apologetic when he fails to do so. He believes that the best path to success in any venture is to make sure everyone is happy and getting along well.

    In conclusion, Aiden is kind, creative, down-to earth and sociable, but is very focused and relentless in combat scenarios. He does not do well as a follower, per se, but he is fairly good at being part of an equal team, and he's not a terrible leader, just not a phenomenal one either.


    • Puzzles- Aiden is very good with puzzles, often being seen defeating even the most difficult ones with ease. Oddly enough, despite his being excellent with puzzles he is... Not as good, with mental games and riddles.
    • Swords- He has always had a fascination with swords of all types. His favorites include the Chinese Dao, the Japanese Katana, and the English Broadsword.
    • Strategy- He's decent at strategy. Not the best, but he likes to make use of it frequently, and play strategy games when not using it for battle.
    • Sailing- Of course, he's also great at sailing. So multi-talented! Anyway, he took an interest in sailing at around the age of 6, and has been studying it and learning how to sail for quite some time, more as a hobby than anything though.
    • Calligraphy- One of the many scholarly things his parents insisted on. This one he didn't mind though, he found the art style and the brushstrokes fascinating, and he enjoys using his skill at calligraphy whenever he has the opportunity to write... Just about anything, really.


    • Reading- Particularly reading things that don't have very interesting lettering. It's so time-consuming, and he'd rather just have someone tell him the information.
    • Injustice- As mentioned in his personality, he absolutely hates injustice, and will not tolerate it, if he has the choice, and frequently he will try to stop it even if he doesn't have a choice.
    • Staying in the same place for too long- It drives him crazy. Sitting still for more than, like, an hour tops, hell even staying in the same town or city for more than a month without doing something exciting seems to drain all of the energy out of him completely.
    • Goats- He'll never be able to tell you why, beyond exclaiming, "THERE'S A REASON SATAN IS PART GOAT!". The truth is, he was 'attacked viciously' by a goat at a very young age. It was trying to lick his face.
    • People who are better than him- To clarify, only the ones who rub it in peoples' faces, particularly his own. He can't stand show-offs, despite his tendency to do so, himself.


    • Get a girlfriend/boyfriend- Like many people his age, his hormones are raging. No matter how well he manages to control it, he deeply wishes to impress someone he fancies, and start a relationship.
    • Become a guild Ace- He may want to become a guild master down the line, but for now he has his sights set on becoming the ace of Sabertooth one day, even if that means taking down the current ace.
    • Perfect his combat style- Almost every mage, it seems, shares this one goal with him, in one way or another. He wants to become stronger, perfect his magic and his physical skills, learn new forms of magic. He can't really explain why, or simply refuses to, and the only reason he has ever given for this desire is that it 'just seems like a good idea'.


    • Goats, naturally. As I mentioned earlier, the dude's terrified of those beasts, and would love to see them removed entirely from the world's presence. They're not even good for anything, according to him. At least, not good for anything that we can't get from something else.
    • Death- Unlike most who list Death as a fear of theirs, however, he does not fear the dying itself. He fears what comes afterwards, the uncertainty of it, the possibility that there is, in fact, nothing at all, or that he is going to hell.
    • People- Not all people, but people in general. The reason he is so kind and generous, and caring of others' feelings, is because he knows what an unhappy person, or group of people, is capable of. Scary stuff, really. Nothing he wants to be on the receiving end of.

    General Appearance

    Height: 5'11'' (180 Cm.)
    Weight: 162 lbs. (73.5 kg.)
    Hair: Aiden has wild, bright orange hair, usually kept in a ponytail.
    Eyes: Sharp, thin, and gray.
    Skin Tone: Aiden is very fair-skinned, as are most people of his ethnicity. Though, unlike many other red-heads, he does not have freckles.

    Appearance: Aiden is tall and thin, with a fairly slight build, obviously meant more for speed than force. Despite this, he is very evenly toned all over his body. His eyes are sharp and gray, and he keeps his bright orange hair in a ponytail almost all of the time. His fingers are long and thin, and he has fairly average-sized feet, leaning more on the large side. He enjoys wearing very flowing, soft fabrics, preferring comfort over fashion (though he often has very attractive clothing, as well). He often wears a twisted red-and-white rope in a bow as a belt, along with various bits of armor all over his body to provide a little protection, though not a lot as that would inhibit his movement. Finally, he tends to wear a headband with small, fake antlers protruding from it. Honestly, he doesn't really know why. It has no real meaning to him, he just really likes the way it looks.

    An Image:
    Aiden Burke 11jygza


    Guild: Sabertooth
    Tattoo: Palm of his left hand.
    Rank: D
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    Aiden Burke Empty Re: Aiden Burke

    Post by Chaotic Rumble on 20th April 2014, 9:33 am

    We're going on a Sabertooth spree, eh?

    'Tis approved!


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