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    Here there be turtles


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    Here there be turtles

    Post by Serapheal on 21st March 2014, 8:48 am

    Job Title: Here there be Turtles
    Rank: 100y
    Player Requirements: At least 5 guild members totaling a minimum of double H-equivalent in rank.  This job cannot be canceled.   Players who go inactive are considered dead if this job is not completed,  and are to be ignored for the job unless they come back.  
    Reinforcements can be called by rolling a Boss in civilization.

    Job Requirements: Discover the secret to the Ruby Shell
    Job Location: Earthland (Forum Section)
    Job Description:

    Step 1: Retrieve the Shell-
    The job starts anywhere as part of a made-up job in which one of the guild members discovers a ruby turtle shell [Someplace Reasonable].  

    Step 2:  Research the Shell-
    Upon [researching the shell],  research being provoked due to the unnatural nature of its discovery [Discovery needing to be something unique, not randomly on the ground or in the bin], the faint magical aura,  and the odd runes carved in it's underbelly,  the research will uncover the location of a proposed gate somewhere in Iceburg.

    Step 3:  Follow the Clue-
    Banking on your research will of course need to follow your lead and discover this "Gate".   The gate is hidden in centuries old ice and your only reference is an old map from before the age of Ice befell this country,  the map depicting mountains and valleys that have long since been buried under many glaciers.    The Gate is not some exposed object,  but must be hidden within a cave system that was since buried by the glaciers and partially iced-in,  so you'd need to continue to tunnel through the ice into the cave until it's clear.    The cave is up to your own fantasies to design [Must be reasonable].  
    The gate must then be activated somehow,  using the Ruby Shell as the keystone.

    Step 4:  Enter the Unknown-
    The gate being activated reveals a violent looking frenzy of energy behind a shimmering wall of ripples through the gate eventually [Caution, strategy, planning expected here.  If you aren't careful enough staff can decide you should have died].
    Through the gate all players will be scattered and be on their own (Adding up into groups of at least A-rank,  but individual if A-rank+).

    Step 5:  OH SH*, WHERE IS EVERYONE!?
    Monster Dice are now active at this point.
    If your strategy was decent enough,  you should all make it through the gate without harm and not land in an immediately dangerous situation.  A staff member should judge your strategy before this step is taken to determine how the individuals landed [Preferably me,  Sirenine / Silent Night, as I know the world better than a random staffmember would.]
    If you're well prepared enough you might have a means of communication between the characters,  maybe not.
    You'll have to find the others.

    The environment appears to be a jungle of some sort,  with smelly swampy marshlands to the south,  mountains to the north,  typical tropical environments to the west and east.  The mountain trail runs from the north to the south splitting east/west,  running into the marshlands to a diminishing effect.   In total,  there is up to 1,000 miles of land in a roughly circular landmass surrounded by ocean.
    No one player will be less than 30 miles from another.

    Traveling into the ocean reveals that even a Titan would be one of the smallest creatures in the ocean,  the smallest creatures being massive goldfish looking sea life the size of a proper guild hall...  goldfish that open their mouths to reveal teeth like razors...  they come in schools of twenty.   Magic cannot be cast within 500 meters of one such fish,  each fish stacking for 1 rank of cancellation.  Six fishes nullifying H-rank magic.
    These are the weakest creatures in the ocean and take twelve S-rank hits / 6 H-rank hits to kill,  meanwhile other creatures of the sea regularly feed on these as the bottom of the food chain,  meanwhile schools of these typically live nearer to landmasses such as what you are on and prey off land animals that try to swim,  and each other.  Schools together sometimes are able to eat some of the creatures closer to themselves on the food chain.

    Point:  Don't go in the water.   You're going to have a bad time.

    Most the animals seem to share common similarities,  in that almost all of them are shelled in some way,  most of them resembling a turtle or beetle-like shell,  with a reptilian physiology.
    Insects on the other hand don't have exoskeletons,  but most are furry with mammalian features.   The equivalent of flies are like tiny birds,  while the equivalent of spiders look more like tiny cats.

    Flora on the other hand,  is massive,  with the largest tree being a mile tall and only a hundred or so meters thick around.   These more massive trees are located in the central jungle points on both east and west fronts,  and they dwindle to common earthland sizes towards the edges of their territories.  

    In these core jungle areas,  bipedal humanoids called the Tortasian http://kriscooper.deviantart.com/art/Ninja-Turtle-Fan-Art-417917644 can be found that bare turtle-like characteristics including a hard back shell and softer forward shell.   They mirror an oriental fashion style,  described in their history as having been brought to them by the skinbred,  which are apparently two-legged creatures that brought them education and culture to their previously tribal and wild lifestyle,  to which they still share some elements of.  

    As you travel through the land you have to contend with the wildlife here.   If you roll a Boss,  you stumble upon a Tortasian clan.   Tortasian clans differ depending on their area.    

    -Western Tortasians- Clan Terris live more in the roots of the great trees in underground societies built around the roots and connect around through vast tunnel networks. They have yellowy skin with coppery-golden shells.  They have vaguely hex-like spot patterns.

    -Eastern Tortasians- Clan Karen live in the trees themselves.  They carve a home through the thick,  massive trees that are linked together with other trees through the branches.  They have bluish skin with cobalt-turquoise shells.  They have wavy patterns.

    -Northern Tortasians- Clan Camron live in the sprawling massive mountain ranges of the north where there are few horizontal surfaces that occur naturally,  due to the mountains being steep and the valleys sharp and usually filled with lakes or rivers.   So Camron cities are built against the mountain sides with heavy bracing stretching across the vallies,  and with heavier estates on the edges against the mountains and  cities stretching out on these supports.    
    Smaller towns are built more like they're hugging the mountains with passages carved against the mountain between houses.  
    The Northern Mountains are harder than the soft Southern lone mountains,  are are exceptionally difficult to mine through.   Hence the Camrons building on and between the mountains rather than through the mountains.    Mining is reserved for survivability pursuits.
    They have reddish skin with crimson-scarlet shells.   They have smoky patterns.

    - Southern Tortasians- Clan Meddly  live built around the smaller,  more spread out mountain patches that are more like sharp hills than literal mountains.    They heavily integrate with these lone mountains building through and on top of them in singular towering cities with the lower class living at the base and around in the swamp in slum districts.    Civilization here is very heavily based on city-states with minimal interaction between them.  They have their own Family system that further separates the Southern clan from one another with families that constantly struggle against one another to reach for the top.  
    They have green skin,  with brownish shells and stripped patterns.

    As you try to find others,  try to discover the world around you,  learn,  study,  examine,  find a way back sooner or later.  

    After some time,  you'll eventually learn that other's have come before you periodically through history and you'll find some human families that were descendant from them.   Their population is limited as they have a hard time surviving.

    The Tortasians on the other hand,  are all strong.  A kid is the equivalent of a B-rank mage,  while adults are the equivalent of S-rank mages.   All through physical skill.  No Tortasians have magic,  but have incredible durability, being almost immune to damage to their shell,   and strength.   A Tortasian can rip a man apart as easily as a man could rip a small stack of paper.   Even better when using their Tortasian Blades, which are nearly indestructible by Earthland standards and allow them to use their full strength without it breaking.    Tortasian Blades have a color scheme matching the clan that made it.

    You are safe in the civilized areas,  but wont learn much there.   You'll have to get what information you can from them about the land,  and go from there to traverse the area.
    Roll.  If you get Knowledge,  you can learn a new location to travel to.  Once there,  you can roll for Knowledge again to learn something new.

    You have to do this 3 times to learn about the next step:

    Step 6- Central Escape:
    Eventually you'll find some sort of ruin towards the center of the landmass where you will find another gate with four required keys.    Among the ruins you learn more about the land you're in and how you're here.     You learn that after arriving the way back remains but is fading.    The gate here will lose it's connection soon but you need the four keys to activate it.

    To find a Key,  you need to roll Knowledge at these ruins to learn where a key is,  travel to find it,  and there you need to roll Knowledge again once at the destination to find the key.

    You need to do this four times for all four keys.

    If you do not collect all four keys before 150 total posts have been made- since the topic was started-,  the way is shut and you can no longer leave,  If the topic remains this way,  all players are considered dead.

    You only have one chance remaining.

    You learn after 3 Knowledge rolls at the Ruins,  that the land you are on is not a land at all.    In the oldest records of the ruins,  you read about the deity turtle: Tuartarlogia.   The mountains are it's spines,  the land,  it's shell.   The turtle influences the actions of magic-bearing individuals from other worlds to find it's gates,  and pull them in where it drains them of their magic as they age.

    From here,  every 5 years spent captive reduces your rank by 1 until you are no longer magical.

    All players must defeat the Great Turtle to shatter the small demiplane of reality you are trapped in,  and in doing so,  free yourselves.  


    Outside of Civilization is found:
    Turtle Hounds.
    Turtle Hounds are the size of horses.  They aren't the brightest but have good pack minds.  They attack in groups of 5.
    Each Turtle Hound can be killed with an A-rank spell to the head.  Their turtle shells can take two A-rank attacks to the same spot within 10 seconds to break it,  or 1 S-rank attack.
    4 B-rank spells to the head can kill it as well.

    They have a claw attack which deals B-rank damage,  but usually comes in pairs,  and a bite attack that deals double-A rank damage.   Unlike most turtles,  Turtle Hounds attack rapidly rather than biting once and keeping hold.   So they will bite in quick successions with the speed of a snake's bite.
    They work together,  and if one attacks you at least two others attack at the same time in different areas to work together.
    In Civilization:  No effect.


    Outside of Civilization is found:
    Rage Turtle.
    Rage Turtles are huge turtles the size of buses.   They are fairly intelligent and extremely territorial.  
    They always do everything to their fullest potential in a frenzy.    When they see a bipedial creature they go nuts,  revealing long muscular limbs that stretch out to their fullest extent and in a frenzy of adrenaline they hold nothing back.   They travel at a horses gallop and are capable of climbing trees and burrowing through ground with minimal slowing of their pace and swim like as fast as a dolphin... though they swim with powerful berserk butterfly strokes that just look intimidating as heck.
    They lock on to the first creature they saw that has their rage,  and will not stop until either of them is slain before either dying or moving on to the next bipedial creature.
    Once every post on the player who rolled it's turn,  it will emit a wookie-like sounding call (without slowing down) to try to call for backup.   Roll an attack die.  If the attack would hit,  a second Rage Turtle comes storming through the area to attack any other player first,  if no other player is there,  it attacks the original player.

    Rage Turtles can take S-rank hits to the shell with minimal cracking,  meanwhile an S-rank hit to the head will kill it.  But the head is quick and long,  it easily ducks and weaves and can withdraw into it's shell in the blink of an eye.  A-rank attacks damage non-shell areas normally,  with four killing it.

    They make rapid fist attacks which deal A-rank damage and bites that deal S-rank damage,  and lock on to the victim.   It will violently shake it's head to attempt to tear a limb off or at least a large chunk of flesh.  If a limb is hit,  it deals an additional S-rank damage and can tear the limb free assuming the victim is of S-rank or less without armor.   If it hits armor,  Legendary+ or less armor is destroyed in that location.    The Rage Turtle will not let go until killed or the limb/chunk of flesh comes off.   The turtle's barbed spikes inside it's mouth prevent prey from sliding out without losing a limb or chunk.
    The head strikes quickly like a snake's bite.

    In Civilization:
    No effect.

    Outside of Civilization is found:  

    Great Turtle.
    Great Turtles are massive turtles with heads the size of school buses and bodies the size of a baseball field.  They are very intelligent but somewhat slow-thinking.   Their bodies are heavily armored in shell that can withstand H-rank impacts without harm.  (It would take incredibly optimized attacks that add up to multi-H levels of damage to crack/shatter it eventually,  and then only in damaged locations).
    It's skin is less so,  and it can withstand A-rank or less damage without harm.   It would take 2 S-rank attacks landing at once to break through it's thick skin, or 1 H-rank.    Once exposed,  it's bones are harder still and would take four S-rank attacks to break them,   or 1 H-rank attack.
    In the mean time,  the Great Turtles are not that slow.  They travel on large stubby legs at about the pace of a sprinting human,  factoring it's size (Meaning that it would take the turtle as long as a sprinting human would take to reach a distance).  
    It's bite will instantly kill anyone of human or even elephant size who is not armored in Artifact armor and S-rank or higher,  or equivalent.   It's jaws snap shut in an instant with enough force to pulverize a steel sphere the size of a car into a flat disk.
    Inside it's jaw,  the Great Turtle has hundreds of spiked barbs that are inverted as though to prevent things from escaping.    If bitten,  even an H-rank player will at least lose a limb,  if appropriate.  
    The bite has a range of 50 meters from it's base body,  with the turtle's head capable of inverting into it's shell and stretching out to that range with the speed of a bullet.  
    It's legs are capable of stomping their immediate area for half the damage of the bite.

    While in Civilization,  at the Central Ruin,  or after fighting the Great Turtle at a location discovered through Knowledge (where you need to go to find knowledge)-  You discover Knowledge).

    Before civilization is found:  You discover Civilization.   While in civilization,  you discover a Gateshrine capable of pulling someone from your world into this realm of turtles, for the purpose of Reinforcements.
    While in Civilization,  all players can take various relevant actions to recover 15%HP and MP per post.
    Civilization is one of the Tortasian clans mentioned above in the description.

    Tuartarlogia!   (Does not appear when rolled,  appears when scripted).

    Tuartarlogia is a godly turtle who's shell you've been on all this time that makes up the land and mountains.

    Tuartarlogia is fought by traveling northwards past the mountains which leads to the ocean.    Here,  rather than dropping off like most edges of the land,   seems to get steeper and steeper and stretch out below the water.   This is because unlike the other areas where the shell ends and only endless ocean begins,   Tuartarlogia's head is beneath the water.     It cannot be readily seen,  however,  as the water is deep and dark,   and just the base of the neck stretches farther than you can see in either direction.  

    Tuartarlogia takes the equivalent of 50 H-rank attacks per 25 meters to defeat.
    All this must be concentrated on one general area to break through it's hide.

    During this time,  Tuartarlogia shakes,  and trembles,   causing earthquakes that make it difficult to stand...    

    Every 5 posts (total) made between players,  Tuartarlogia's head will rise above the water and it can be seen looming on the horizon,  dominating the skyline as it looks faded due to the distance between you and it,  but it looks gigantic even from this distance like a whole mountain range.  

    It's a slow process but not too slow,   on the sixth post it lowers itself and slams into the water.     A colossal wave of water splashes in all directions a couple hundred meter stall and rushes all players for up to H-rank damage.

    Every fifteen posts,  Tuartarlogia will dive...   Players who are not sufficiently braced will be considered dead from this point on as they are left behind with a huge rush of water.
    During the dive,  Tuartarlogia will roll upside down. and remain so.

    Under water like this,  the players will be subject to large underwater creatures up to the player's imagination as hinted at earlier.   Not to mention the goldfish's magic cancelation effects...

    If a player loses their hold on Tuartarlogia,  they are lost.      Nevermind how the whole civilization of Tortasians are lost as well,  and all the life on it's back.

    Holding on requires S-rank exertion of force with proper bracing.  

    The Dive will last five posts before it surfaces again.

    Once Tuartarlogia has been broken through as mentioned,   it's insides can be seen with thick blood veins like subway tunnels.     Someone needs to enter these veins and ride to the head,  where a single H-rank effect used in the brain can put Tuartarlogia to an end.    The player to do this,  however,  will die in the process.

    Upon it's death,  the reality will collapse as the sky shatters and the ocean seems to drain in a great whirlpool.

    Everyone looses consciousness,  even if normally impossible,   and wakes up on the back of a Great Turtle in a sea in Earthland surrounded by surviving Tortasians who despite their losses are grateful,  revealing that they were never in control over themselves but had their lives directed and controlled by Tuartarlogia,  trapped inside their minds without any real control over their actions.

    They are now free,  but vow to serve the leader of the group as an NPC faction for seven generations and twenty five years per generation (Young Adult to Adult by their age standards).

    All participants:  
    150,000 jewels.
    100year EXP.
    Tortasians are now a peace loving race that can now be found in Earthland that ride on turtles and live on city sized turtles.  
    Great Turtles are now a monster type that can be found in Earthland in the seas,  and rarely on land and underground.  

    All participants share in a group benefit in which they get a Great Turtle of their own that can support a small city on it's back.   It's protected by Tortasians that serve the group,  but like other Tortasians they are peaceloving and wont go out and about on their own,  but can be controlled as an NPC force by the leader of the group.

    They all get the Turtle Badge.

    +50,000 jewels for each Knowledge you discovered or Great Turtle you killed.
    +100,000 jewels for each Key you find (Excluding the Ruby Shell).

    Player who contributed most to party damage output or killed the most:   Artifact+ Weapon- The Tortasian Blade.
    Player who took the most damage for the party/diverted the most damage:  Artifact+ Armor- The Tortasian Shell.

    Player who sacrificed themselves to kill Tuartarlogia:  Can create a new character of equal rank with a Tortasian race,  which gives them twice normal endurance,  stamina,  and strength and can ignore equal-ranked damage that only hits their shell.   They are half as slow as a human of their rank,  however.   Their blood gives them natural health regeneration of 5% per turn.   Spells cost an extra 2% per 5% spell cost,  however.    As part of the Tortasian Race,  this player gets a Tortasian Blade.
    If they do not wish this,  they can still start with the Tortasian Blade and Tortasian Shell.

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    Re: Here there be turtles

    Post by Serapheal on 21st March 2014, 1:57 pm


    ANYONE should feel free to create some turtle-based monsters for this. Weak / Normal / Strong.

    I have a Jungle monster for each difficulty, but there could always be more, and there aren't any Mountain or Swamp monsters :/


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