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    Zuko's History


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    Zuko's History

    Post by Zuko on 22nd May 2012, 7:28 am


    History: The begining:

    Zuko Kurosaki was born into a rich and lovely family of four who loves and . Zuko father is a business man who have his Master degree and owns a company. His Mother is the head manager of a hotel. After two short years, Zuko’s little sister was given birth by his mother. And then three years passed, Zuko is now five years old and studying in a magic school where all magic histories are taught. Zuko chosen to be a ice mage and begin learning and taking ice magic histories lessons and his sister who chosen to be a lightning magic also joined the school of magic. After eight long difficult years, Zuko have gain a lot of knowledge during these passed years. Zuko is finally going to that the final exam to become a real mage. A few days later after the exam, the day have finally came to Zuko. His teacher gave him his test result and Zuko took a close look at it. Zuko slowly became very happy and smiled because he saw that he have passed the exam and is finally a real mage. He went home and told his results to his parents, his parents felt extremely happy and they decided for him to begin his journey. So his parents wanted him to goto the the South pole to learn his ice magics there.

    Zuko wanted to goto the South Pole to learn magic but at the same time he also wanted to stay with his family. But at the end he chose to leave his family behind and begins his journey. He packed his bags and started his journey to the South Pole with a transportation outside waiting for him. It took Zuko a while to get to the South pole from the western part of the Continent. Zuko arrived around a three days journey on transport. Suddenly Zuko felt very cold and the sky is slowly falling Snow. Zuko looked around but sees nothing excepts for trees, mountains and frozen lakes. He went for a search through the woods but found nothing, not even a single man. He walk and walk for deeper into the woods for about a twenty to thirty miles. Miles after Miles, Zuko finally found something up high on the mountain. Zuko spotted a temple up on the mountain, but he wonders what is inside the temple. So Zuko decided to climb up the mountain with his gears that have been packed into his bags. It took Zuko a long long time to climb up there. He went to the temple’s gate and knocked... A little guy that looks like one of the students from the temple came out and asked him. “ who are you and why are you here?”, “Well i am here to learn and train with ice magics!” said Zuko. The young student took him inside and brought him to the Temple’s master.

    The master introduced himself and so does Zuko. “Zuko requested that he wanted to be a student of your’s master.” said the young student over there. The maste saw the look on Zuko’s face and allowed him to become one of his students. The second day, Zuko started his first class with Master Long. After a few days training and learning with Master Long, Zuko became an expert in making ice and some of the Ice spells. Master Long said to Zuko that he will be teaching him Southern Traditional Ice make Spells in a few weeks. Zuko became very very happy and begins to train harder everyday until the week pasts. It has now been three weeks, Master Long came up to Zuko and started teaching him the ultimate secrets to southern ice make. The master created some sort of green ice make and then explained to Zuko why it is green. Zuko then understand all the ice make tradition to the Southern ice wizards. Zuko slowly started making green ice and day by day he got used to making green ice easily. Master Long then taught him Green Ice Make Spells. Only in a few short days, Zuko Masted all the Ice make spells that Master long have known. The master then gave him a test. Zuko did extremely well and got 90% through the test, in fact he is one of the top ten scorers in the temple. Master Long then said, “Now you have completed your ice make training. You are now an expert Ice mage. Now you can continue being an expert ice make or you can create Static ice make like creating objects or you can create something even new that only some of the most expert students did. Creating a new ice make with the southern style. Creating Dynamic ice makes that can be living ice or living objects. Zuko chosen the path of Static ice make which means he wants to learn to create spells with objects (non living ice) too.

    One night Zuko went out to hunt for foods along with his best friend Tedd in the temple. Tedd was also one of the high scorers in the temple which he was even more powerful than Zuko but lack discipline. Zuko quickly realized that tedd uses the Dynamic Ice make which means creating living ice which are more powerful than Zuko’s ice make. Zuko and Tedd finished their last kill and brought some fishes, some chickens, and one gigantic deer back to the temple. When Tedd and Zuko arrived at the temple. Zuko and Tedd are frightened because the temple was half destroyed and saw some of the students hiding in pain. And suddenly a loud noise came from the Master’s room. “Oh no” said Tedd. The master’s room is on fire and no way the fire can be stop by ice because it’s too hot. A gang of people from nowhere came to Tedd and Zuko. They laugh and said “ Get LOSS, ice freaks!” Zuko heard that and gotten so angry that he wanted to punch there face but was stopped by Tedd. The gang then started moving out. The gang were then very far away but they still can see Zuko and Tedd even when they are quite far. The leader of the gang shouted and explained to them “ Me and my Gang have planted Explosives all around your temple. If you don’t want to die then give us your Master!” Zuko Yelled and said to them “ We will never give you our Master to you!” Tedd and Zuko then realized that they don’t even know where their master is... The gang got pretty angry and then the leader targeted Zuko with a arrow. The gang leader have charged it’s arrow and said it’s final words “If you don’t get me you master here then i’ll kill you!” “Forget about it we’ll never betray him.” said Tedd. “So be it!” said the leader. The leader shot the arrow and Zuko was so scared that he couldn’t even move... The arrow moves closer and closer until it is right in front of his face. The master ran so fast and pushes Zuko away and take the hit. The arrow was shot onto Master Long and he is raning out of breath. Zuko cried and said “WHY!” “Because I treat you like a real son of mine!” said Master Long. Tedd said “What are we gonna do now?” “Ran as far as you can and take the rest of my students away safely. And don’t forget your trainings.” said the Master with his last breath. Zuko and Tedd ran and took the other learners out of the temple too. They all ran into the forest and went hiding. The gang triggered the explosives and the Temple went in flames and scattered. Even from this far Zuko and the rest of the students also can see the temple crashing down and burning in flames. Zuko took the people back to where he first started his journey where there is transports. Zuko and the rest of the students arrived back in his

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