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    Priscilla Lorelei


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    Priscilla Lorelei Empty Priscilla Lorelei

    Post by Sumdumguy on 1st March 2014, 10:42 pm

    Name: Priscilla Lorelei
    Gender: Female
    Age: 569
    Birthday: 04/15
    Sexuality: Bi
    Special Characteristics: Three scars, not unlike claw marks in apperance, that run diagonally down most of her back from left shoulder to just above the right side of her waist.

    Personality: Priscilla is a strange, unmotivated being who is shrouded in her own complicated past. She is a walking mystery who never explains why she's lived so long or why she doesn't explain her past to others. All she does is walk around as a child, eat doughnuts, and sleep. Occasionally she'll pop out of someone's shadow, but no one really has any idea as to what she does with her spare time. She'll go on jobs with other people, but if they ever ask her what she does or why she does it, she probably won't respond or even acknowledge their existence.

    Over the 500+ years she has been alive, Priscilla has gained great knowledge and wisdom, and often spouts cryptic nonsense no one really understands. Her levels of perception surpass that of other people, and she often points out things that no one else even notices. She has incredibly high levels of perception that allow her to easily analyze and fix problems, as well as figure out attack patterns and flaws in another person's combat style.

    When Priscilla isn't spouting hardly understandable nonsense, she's often in her child form and sleeping in people's shadows. She finds it helps pass the time and keeps her from remembering why she's still alive and why she hasn't finished her "business" with a certain guild. If anything she likes to forget her past as much as possible and leave it behind her. Unfortunately, it tends to catch up with her, but there isn't much she can do about that. It always tends to get in her way and come back to bite her in the behind. Lately she's been looking into a way to remedy herself of this problem, but other things have gotten in the way. Namely, her "friends" have interfered with her making any form of progress in her resolving her problems, and probably made them inadvertently worse. Still, she doesn't feel the need to burden other people with her own problems so she keeps them to herself.

    As stated previously, Priscilla enjoys analyzing complex things and finding a work around so she can work faster and more efficiently. This, coupled with her quick wits, allows her to find flaws in people and the environment very easily. This is also so she can go back to sleep faster, as she doesn’t like taking any longer than she needs to in order to do her job or finish the task at hand.

    Despite Priscilla’s lazy and unmotivated personality, something she enjoys quite a bit and will take time out of her day to participate in is music. She grew up around lots of it, and enjoys it quite a bit. Her singing voice is very good, and there are few instruments one would see in an orchestra that Priscilla cannot play well, and even less she cannot play at all. At this point it’s more of a hobby she does to pass the time when she’s not sleeping, but had she not wanted to learn magic, then that would have been the next best thing for her to get into.

    -Sleeping: It helps pass the time and is just generally pleasant for her to do.
    -Music: She grew up around it and enjoys it quite a bit, it’s even a hobby for her.
    -Analyzing & Deduction: Priscilla thinks it’s fun to use her brain, so she does. When she’s not sleeping, that is. Unless she’s having a lucid dream, which she learned how to do a long time ago.
    -Spouting Cryptic Nonsense: Or wise words of wisdom, as she calls it, but everyone else sees it as cryptic nonsense.
    -Nature: Nature is something that has fascinated Priscilla, but is not something she has delved into much due to her lazy and careless personality. It is very beautiful to her, and is what the world shares with humanity. It is a breath of freshness from the usual smoke and concrete of society and is something Priscilla wishes to preserve forever.

    -Egotistical People: Those who think they are cool, or think highly of themselves to the point where it affects their personality irritates Priscilla. Maybe it’s because they begin thinking they can do whatever, or that they are all powerful that she gets upset at them. “You are a person, like me, and no more. We are all equal here, you are no better than the dirt beneath your feet. Understand?”
    -Those Who do not Understand Their Place: “You think it is okay to terrorize others? Are people not allowed to live a life of peace? You are disrupting what little tranquility there is here, I must eradicate you.”
    -Large Quantities of Manmade Material: “It is okay to indulge oneself in guilty pleasures and temporarily succumb to greed once in a while, as it is human nature. What is not okay, is greed beyond control. Greed that consumes nature, or even the very world around us, will be the end of all things eventually. Stopping it is impossible, but I may be able to slow the process myself, if even just a smidgen.”
    -Things that Interrupt her Nap Time: “Hey I was sleeping! Have you no respect for other’s privacy!?”

    -Family: Her family is what wanted and inspired her to learn magic and become such a good musician. The least she could do is respect their wishes after helping her become what she is today.
    -Nature: As stated previously, nature is something Priscilla wishes to preserve. When humans don’t intervene, it is a peaceful, tranquil place that makes her happy just thinking about.
    -Her Guild: She doesn’t want to let her friends down, nor her guild. As a representative of her guild, she tries her best to be on her toes and bring good reputation and wealth to them so they can all be happy. It makes her very pleased to see such happiness come to those who work for it.
    -The End That Humanity Will Have Wrought Upon Itself: “Humanity is pushing itself towards it’s death, and it cannot be stopped. Never shall there be enough effort to prevent it, as that would take everyone in existence to fix. No, it’s best to just let it happen, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be frightening to see when it comes.”
    -The Unknown: “While this isn’t something I freeze up when thinking about, nor is it something that makes me horrified, it is still a frightening concept. What awaits us after death? Nothing? Another life? Are we doomed to forget our past lives and keep living in this pathetic excuse for a world, where one man so easily strips another of his freedom and decides what he does? It is frightening in it’s own right, but not in a way one would usually dictate as “scary”.”
    -Being Hated: “Unpleasant feelings… I’m far too familiar with them, and it pains me just to think about them. Nobody likes them, me especially, even to the point where I’m genuinely afraid of them.”

    General Appearance

    Height: 5’10”
    Weight: 146 lbs.
    Hair: All Ages - Golden/Yellow

    12 Year old Priscilla - Long enough to reach down to the center of her back, and it curls up into points around the ends.

    18 Year old Priscilla - Often stylized in a side ponytail to the left side of her head, the band used to tie it up often being shaped like a doughnut. Otherwise it flows straight down to just above hips in length.

    33 Year old Priscilla - Same as her 12 year old form's hair, except longer and in proportion to her new size.

    Eyes: Yellow
    Skin Tone: Pale
    12 Year old Priscilla - Average child height, with a thin, pale skinned body. Her face is heart shaped and is framed by her long yellow hair. She wears a white dress and glass heels and often wears a sun hat to keep the sun out of her face.

    18 Year old Priscilla - Priscilla is a slender girl with curves in all the right places and an average sized chest. While her body may seem frail, it is quite the opposite. Her eyes are often half closed from her laziness/tiredness, and her mouth is oft in the shape of a smile. One of her teeth may occasionally stick out of her mouth, but for no real reason. It’s just an abnormally long and sharp canine. Both her canines are this way, but for no real reason, (she’s not a vampire, that’s just how they are). Both her ears are slightly pointed as well.

    Often times, Priscilla is wearing a purple long sleeved zip-up hoodie with a doughnut shaped zipper, and an icon of a doughnut on her the back. her shirt is black and short sleeved, and has fur trims around the chest. Her lower clothing consists of a black frilled skirt, black leggings, and black sneakers.

    33 Year old Priscilla - A long red dress that has fur trims around the bottom and around the chest parts. She wears long white gloves that cover thin arms and slender fingers with fur around the upper ends, as well as long high heel boots that reach up to just below her knees.

    Her figure is curvy and voluptuous, with a big bosom that is shown off via plenty of cleavage. Her eyes are piercing and always analyzing what's in front of her, as a force of habit. The one, final thing to note, is that Priscilla is a hermaphrodite and has... "man parts" between her legs. However she only has this in her 33 year old form and not any other of her forms. Due to magic, she IS fertile, and can impregnate other females if not careful. She gained this extra "limb" dozens of years ago, possibly even over hundreds of years ago, so she's quite familiar with it.


    Guild: Nox Animus
    Tattoo: Left side of her neck, below her jaw and colored golden yellow like her hair.
    Rank: C

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    Priscilla Lorelei Empty Re: Priscilla Lorelei

    Post by Grizzly on 30th May 2014, 9:21 am



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