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    Gourmet World Island(Speed Demon Zack, Chaotic Rumble)

    Rosetta Crawford

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    Re: Gourmet World Island(Speed Demon Zack, Chaotic Rumble)

    Post by Rosetta Crawford on 18th February 2015, 2:43 pm

    He didn't need the words of Ayeseru. As soon as it leapt out of the cauldron in its true form he had blasted forward with a ridiculous level of speed. As such just as Chaotic said his words the monkey king had got a demon force enhanced fist to the face that sent it flying through several walls. What was weird was that Zack didn't even appear to have hesitated or thought. He just acted. This wasn't particularly odd for Zack who relied on instinct. No, it was the fact that his instincts had been triggered to such a level that he hadn't held back an ounce of his strength in that blow.

    "hehehe." came a voice from the hole. "You really do show the strength needed to beat an emperor." Suddenly from the hole the monkey leapt faster than even Zack could fully react to it. He managed to block its blow barely, but he felt his arm crack even with all his buffs and both of them went sliding outside onto the island. "But it took all seven of them to seal me before. The first time they've ever worked together." Zack made a gesture with his free hand and instantly a huge typhoon of demon slaying wind formed. The beast, despite its strength, was quite light and thus was sucked into it and began being shredded by the wind.

    "I didn't go all out against any of them. I'll bring you down to Monkey." Zack shouted his voice echoing over the sound of the twister. However, in response there was a huge screech that somehow managed to blast apart the typhoon to reveal the monkey king barely hurt and standing on what appeared to be a cloud. How could that be? He had hit it with one of his strongest spells and it was enhanced by demon force. HE growled and flew at it like a missile, but rather than dodging the monkey king just stood there. As Zack collided its body seemed to flow backwards and then suddenly it struck Zack. However, what hit him wasn't just the monkey king's blow it was the blow of his own attack. He was sent flying like a skipping stone across the water. Fortunately, he was used to this sort of thing and flipped up. His body was hurting like hell. He had to end this now.

    He flew at the creature once more like a missile and like before it just stood there as if it was nothing, but this time Zack added an extra spin to his attack. He quickly began rotating like a drill all three swords out in the blink of an eye and hit it like a drill. It gasped as it was sent flying backwards by the blow. It flipped around in the air and held its stomach.

    "Looks like my power hasn't awoken fully yet. We'll meet again. Thanks for releasing me...this world will be a fun playground." With that it leapt with all its might and suddenly it was gone. Zack couldn't even see it with his demon enhanced sight.

    "Ayeseru...we have to warn the magic council and the guilds...all of them." Zack said flying into the Outcast's home. "That thing...was being sealed by all the emperors...and we just woke it up...I barely scratched the thing...and it said it wasn't even at full strength...and I don't think it was lying."


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    Chaotic Rumble

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    Re: Gourmet World Island(Speed Demon Zack, Chaotic Rumble)

    Post by Chaotic Rumble on 18th February 2015, 3:26 pm

    Zack had gone all out on the strange monkey creature...  And barely even got a scratch on him, whilst almost breaking Zack's arms in return.  It had escaped...  They had let out a frightening power into the world.  Ayeseru's vision was probably going to come true, now.  Ayeseru only nodded slowly at Zack's response to all of this, for the second time in his entire life, afraid of something.  Ayeseru was honestly not certain what to do.  Sure, they were going to have to warn Fiore, but...  He felt like a large part of this was his fault, and, it was.  It was Zack's fault, too, but he honestly didn't think about that.  He really did feel like it was entirely his fault.  He walked over to the cauldron to look within it; the liquid that previously was stored in it had completely vanished.  The monkey emperor must have absorbed it all, but...  There still was something in there!  There were two crystals - an extremely dark one, and a very bright one.  Ayeseru tossed over Zack the bright one, seeing as the dark one would definitely suit Ayeseru, or so, for some reason, he felt.  It was as though he was attracted to it, and as Ayeseru rest his gaze upon Zack, he could see that his fellow Blue Pegasus team mate felt the same way about his crystal, too.  Both crystals had something in common, however, which was an immense amount of magical energy and power coming from them...  Did the smith purposely leave them these?  Was it sort of his "Enjoy it while it lasts." gift?

    After all, part of their payment was to get a powerful armor, or weapon, made out of all the materials of the island rulers.  Ayeseru assumed that even if they were tricked, the smith did live up to his word.  Ayeseru could feel all of the emperors, or part of them, within his crystal.  For some reason, he even felt like...  He heard them, but he wasn't too certain, at least, yet.  Either way, that wasn't the most important part, because they now faced a new problem - the monkey emperor.  They knew he was going to be a force that required absolutely everything if they even had a chance at taking him down.  It was very well established at this point, and the crystals that the two mages had just obtained were going to aid them heavily, because the magical energy it was giving off was simply...  Too powerful.  ...The problem specifically was that neither of them knew how to actually make them into actual items, but, for some reason, Ayeseru felt that if they gave the crystals a bit more...  "Time", so to speak, they'd evolve themselves into something that would be useful to the duo of mages, each to suit his specific needs.

    Ayeseru felt like that was the case, and was able to calm down...  A very little bit. "Let's get back to Blue Pegasus, get ourselves on our feet, somehow manage to make items out of these crystals, and then confront the council.  I feel as though...  We'll need a bit of time to put this properly."  Zack simply nodded, and the two went back to their home...

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