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    Sabertooth Guild Hall

    King Zenshin

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    Sabertooth Guild Hall

    Post by King Zenshin on 1st February 2014, 8:20 am

    With a new guild master comes a new guild. This was the idea for the new and improved guild hall for Sabertooth before the incident, and now it is complete. Sitting up in the sky at about 2,200 meters is the new guild hall, floating high above the current hall that still stands as a monument to the past Sabertooth. There are two ways to reach this place. One is to have the magic or ability to fly, then it should be easy. For everyone who cannot fly, there is a teleportation lacrima sitting in the center of the balcony overlooking the foyer in the old guild hall. Simply stepping on it will teleport whoever to the central platform of the new guildhall. A small bridge connects this platform to the main building of the guild. Inside this building is everything you'd think you'd find in a guild, except a bit classier.

    To your immediate right, you'll see a fully stocked bar with shelves made of white, polished steel with a golden trim, the theme for most things in the sky fortress. The counter is made of the same material and has a few upside down cone lamps hanging from thin, but strong strings to give it some light. There are bar stools as well, seven, all lined up with even space apart from each other on the perimeter of the counter. Under your feet, you'll find that the floor is made up of shiny white tiles of steel that are mixed with opaque, black tiles in a checkered pattern throughout every building of the guild. If you continue to walk forward from the entrance, you'll find that, on both sides, are long tables that have chairs lined up on both sides for any members, or future members, to sit and eat.

    At the center of the main building is an intersection. Going South will lead back to the exit, North will lead to the staircase and announcement balcony, East will lead to the member's quarters, West the is the bridge to get to the guild master's building, which is normally floating into tiny pieces that form whenever he decides to traverse it. At the North end of the main building are two sets of parallel staircases that lead up to a protruding balcony for announcements to be made. The stairs themselves are lined with red carpet, leaving only a bit of the steel visible. Upon reaching and saying something on this balcony, the sound will echo throughout every building of the guild due to the enchantments given to this balcony.

    Towards the East end of the main building, will be an open arched doorway into the quarters of the members of Sabertooth. On the outside, it just looks like a very long hallway full of doors with numbers on top. All the doors on the right are odd numbers and all the doors on the left are even numbers. At the very end of the seemingly endless hallway is a locked door with a 0 over it. Unlike most places, these rooms are not all the same, in fact, they are all very different. Every room is created to the member's specifications when they join, and can be added upon at any time. They could be as varied as the inside of a log cabin, to the interior of a contemporary studio. The possibilities are as close to infinite as it gets. Finally, the West end of the main building will lead to a small wooden door. A door that will only open to the guild master and his aces.

    The bridge is broken anyways, in case any flying mages made it past the door. Then again, the flying mages don't need a bridge to get past a broken bridge, right? Well, when anyone who is "unauthorized" gets too close to the bridge, all the pieces will form a barrier instead of a bridge, blocking anyone who tries to bypass the system to be barred from proceeding. Inside this building... well, it wouldn't be a secret if it was stated in the description. Aside from this bridge, there's also a similar enchantment in place as the announcement balcony, in case he needs to say something from his building. Aside from the aces, there are a few who are allowed inside and their names are as follows: Kyll, Aegis Bright, Alye Reyold, Iana, and Hikari Shirokawa.

    Now, at the back of the central platform is a small, protruding balcony that will teleport two mages to the large, circular, floating arena on a separate part of the sky from the main building and two connecting buildings for two mages to spar, fight, etc. It takes quite a bit of damage to actually break pieces of this arena and they will immediately fix themselves if it does happen. An invisible dome covers the arena, in case any magic goes loose and threatens anything below, it will be stopped by the field. This project was a long time coming, but it's finally been completed.


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