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    [C Rank] The Tiger, The Witch and The Flying Wardrobe


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    [C Rank] The Tiger, The Witch and The Flying Wardrobe  Empty [C Rank] The Tiger, The Witch and The Flying Wardrobe

    Post by Admin on 27th January 2014, 10:17 am

    Job Title: The Tiger, the Witch, and the Flying Wardrobe

    Rank: C

    Solo Word Count: 1,500 words

    Group Word Count: 3,000 words

    Additional Requirements: A passport. Must Defeat at Least Two Groups of Enemies, or the Flying Wardrobe or Raj the Talking Tiger to lift the haywire spell.

    Job Location: Earthland (Seven), Glowflower Lake

    Job Description: Glowflower Lake, one of the most beautiful places in all of Earthland. Glowing roses, vines, and blossoms of untold plantlife circle the entire lake, and the town built around it.

    Walking talking Badgers, nutty Squirrels, Elves, Humans, and Friendly Vulcans, Trolls, and Ogres inhabit the town surrounding the lake of glowing flowers. At night; this places beauty is nearly unrivaled; as people go swimming in Glowflower Lake; surrounded by it's multi-colored fauna and flora that glow vividly each night. Everyone's house is built into trees within the town; Glowflower Lake is a truly beautiful place to behold.

    Hilda, a very buxom and attractive blonde elf Witch of Seven; garbed in a short red dress, complete with her black witches hat; has messed up. She's messed up bad. While creating a Animate Mind Spell for her Brooms, she casted it early; before she had tested it out or practiced it on her own. An explosion from the roof of her chimney started all the chaos at glow flower lake as the spell went haywire.

    Brooms burst from her door, meant for flying. They soared all around the village; smacking over peoples stands and crates, smashing through windows; even injuring a few people. The children in the village seem to love the carnage unleashed by Hilda's brooms, however the parents (a mixture of the races) don't think it's all that funny. Brooms are literally circling Glowflower Lake and rampaging through the town.

    Hilda's pet Tiger, Raj, the Talking Tiger; seems to have run off the Failed Spell seems to have messed his mind up somehow; and he's been spotted popping in and out of the Sevenwood around town; actually trying to attack people! Raj is usually a friendly tiger, seen giving kids rides on his back or joking around socializing with other animals; so no one knows what to make of his new feral behavior.

    The furniture in Hilda's house burst from her windows and doors and has been crashing into things all around town ever since.

    The most dangerous of which is her Wardrobe; which seems to pop open and cast random spells that Hilda had written down on various scrolls inside of it! Her clothes also seem to have a life of their own; as some of the clothes seem to animate randomly when the doors to the Wardrobe pops open and cast spells even though no one is wearing them! They seem to stay on the hangers though; as it's doors pop open.

    No one around Glowflower Lake and in the town surrounding it has gotten any good sleep in several days. As Hilda simply weeps on her front porch day and night.

    She's written too Fiore, hearing that they had wizards and witches there just as skilled as the ones here in Seven; too embarrassed to ask for help from any of the Witches or Wizards from Seven; as she's thrown her whole town into chaos.

    As you arrive, the young blonde witch looks up from her tree house in the village; able to tell immediately that you're not from Seven by your clothes.


    Weak - Flying Furniture x30 - The furniture soars all over Glowflower Lake and the surrounding village! Couches, brooms, lamps, rugs, clocks from the house and vases; everything you can imagine fly around with minds of their own. They are intelligent, and though they can't talk; some of the pieces are very animated and bounce around. They will all be destroyed in one D-Ranked spell each.

    The Flying Furniture:

    They usually roll around in packs of 30 or so. They only have one attack. Flying Bash. It will deal D-Ranked damage, and knock any wizard or individual of C-Ranked or below off their feet if hit.

    Normal - Haywire Witch's Brooms x20 - These brooms fly at up to 40MPH! Meaning they really can pack a punch! They fly around, harassing people all day. If they're attacked however, they will swat you at high speeds repeatedly until you go down! Each broom can be destroyed in one hit of C-Ranked damage.

    The Brooms!:

    They usually roll around in large trains of brooms flying around Glowflower Lake and the village. They only have one attack. Multi-Swat. It will deal C-Ranked damage three times to an opponent if they fail a block roll against it. The brooms will attack all at once, dividing amongst attackers. Meaning if you're alone, prepare for a full on swat down of 20 brooms, which can equal out to B-Ranked damage or more. Be careful!

    Strong - The Flying Wardrobe - This wardrobe is extremely dangerous. Namely because Hilda keeps all her spells, and magical items within! Even her clothes seem to be enchanted! The Wardrobe flies at about 20MPH, floating about and spinning in the air, hopping left to right on it's legs to taunt it's opponents. Goes down in 15 hits of C-Ranked damage. All of it's attacks deal C-Ranked damage naturally, and B-Ranked damage if hit with the attack and it's your opposite.

    If you roll more than one 'Strong', discard the others, as only one Wardrobe is there.

    Flying Wardrobe's Maneuvers:

    The Wardrobe has 5 Attacks. 'Thunder Thunder Thunder!', 'Flare!', and 'Earthquake!', 'Windy Windy Windy!', and either 'Oh So Bright or Oh So Dark!' it will choose the attack that best suits destroying it's opponent. As it can easily sense what element or natural energy one is attuned too due to the high amount of magical scrolls, and texts within the Wardrobe itself.

    Thunder Thunder Thunder! - Happens when the Wardrobe is up against a Water or Metal type opponent. Three giant lightning bolts slam down from the skies at their targets! Boom! Boom! Boom!

    Flare! - Happens when the Wardrobe is up against a Wind, Ice, or Plant, Nature or Wood opponent. The air heats up around the Wardrobe as it's doors shake. When they open a huge white hot burst of flames scorches the area at a rate almost too fast to see; baking everything around it too a crisp for 50 feet. The Wardrobe will fly after opponents who try to get away from this.

    Earthquake! - Happens when the Wardrobe is up against Lightning and Fire type opponents. The Wardrobe leaps up into the skies out of view at a blur. Two seconds later...it crashes down and uproots everything in a huge cloud of ground shaking dust. The ground shakes so hard, that trees uproot and flip near where it landed in an area of 100 feet.

    Windy Windy Windy! - Happens when the Wardrobe is up against Lightning type opponents, or opponents who use any type of projectile attacks. Projectile attacks will naturally trigger this attack from the Wardrobe as it will try to blow them back at you, or rip through the projectiles with Wind.

    Oh So Bright & Oh So Dark - The Wardrobe begins to shake violently, as it's doors bang as if something is trying to get out. It's doors will fly open and release either what looks like a portal into the heavens or into an abyss. The Light feels like 1000x bees stinging at once all over your body, the Darkness creeps outward like a surprise shadow and causes dizziness, sickness, and confusion all at once. Both stretch 50 feet away from the Wardrobe's doors.

    All of the Wardrobe's attacks deal B-Ranked damage.

    Boss - Raj the Talking Tiger - Raj is impossible for any C-Ranked Wizard to defeat alone. He is the equivalent of a Legendary Pet in many ways by comparison. He is a tiger. So he naturally can leap and scamper up trees faster than most people can keep track of. He is extremely stealthy, and smart; and loves to talk smack. He will leap from hidden area, to hidden area; only striking when he can see that it's best. Although once enraged, all of his natural stealth Tiger tactics go out the window as he tries to shred and eat you for lunch.

    Raj's Moves:

    Raj has 3 attacks.

    'In the Jungle' - Raj will zig zag around you; and then leap upwards, sideways, or over you. He can't be harmed during this attack due to his raw speed. He will disappear. Every 3 posts, roll a "Normal Dice" if it is above 3; Raj flies from seemingly nowhere out of a tree; on top of a house---anywhere. And slaps you with one of his claws, or picks you up for B-Ranked damage with his jaws and shakes you around before slamming you.

    'Claws' - Raj runs at you; roaring as he leaps towards you with a leap that is even faster than his running speed. He will try to tackle, swipe, and claw you. His claws are so sharp you can hear them in the air as they swipe. Roll a "Normal Dice" if it's above 3, Raj will shred you a few times with his claws for B-Ranked damage.

    'Might' - Raj dashes at an opponent like a blur; and carries them in his mouth through any and everything in his path; trees, rocks, boulders, houses; it doesn't matter. He's carrying you through it, and chomping down on you in his mouth the whole way. After running you through a few obstacles; Raj flings you off into the air away from him likely to go crashing into the ground or something else. Deals B-Ranked damage. Roll a "Normal Dice" if it's above 4, Raj catches you in his jaws and you're in big trouble.

    Raj will cycle through his attacks, beginning with 'End the Jungle > Claws > Might' from the very first post you begin combat with him. His targets will be chosen at random usually; or if he senses one is stronger than the others by their conversation; he will go after the strongest member first, and alternate targets every move.

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