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    Showdown: A Wizard's Duel! (WIP)


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    Showdown: A Wizard's Duel! (WIP)

    Post by Haru-senpai on 3rd December 2013, 11:29 pm

    Job Title: Showdown: A Wizard's Duel

    Rank: N/A

    Player Requirements: Opponents Can be No More Than 1 Rank Apart. You may only Challenge another wizard to a duel ONCE per Rank. You may be challenged multiple times however, by another. When applying for this Job; State who you are challenging to a duel. The Judge will be a Staff Member, a Magic Council member, or a Guildmaster.

    Job Requirements: Defeat Your Rival! You Must Include How Much MP You have Spent and What Status Effects You Have in Every Post. After Each Duelist Posts; that is one Round. Your Judge Will Post HP damage.

    Job Location: Capital Crocus (Arena)

    Job Description: The camera pans over Crocus Arena; as a jam packed Stadium can be heard even from a birds eye view. Ballons float up from the crowd; as normal people from all around the country have traveled; some on vacations with their kids and families; to witness something you don't see everyday; a duel between Wizards.

    The fans leap up and down as screams from the crowd fill your ears.

    You are exiting the Locker Room on one side of the arena. While your opponent exits from the other side.

    Up high inside the judges panel; you can see some of the most famous folks from around Fiore! You never know who'll be the Judge until you walk out into the Arena!


    Boss: Your Oopponent

    Reward: The Loser Recieves an XP Equivalent to One Job. The Winner Gets an XP amount Equivalent to Halfway Ranked Up.


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