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    Lich of hell

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    Pirate Captain's Treasury Empty Pirate Captain's Treasury

    Post by Eris 19th November 2013, 6:14 pm

    Lady Red's Bank

    Main Info Topics:
    Lady Red:

    Devil Pact

    Mythical: VACANT$
    MultipartApollyon, AAL+++

    W e a p o n s
    Strong: Traded(Combined)
    •  Legendary+(Combo^)Sinclaire(Multi)
    •  Legendary+Bloodreaver
    •  Artifact+Sinclaire(Multi)

    A r m o r
    •  Legendary+Soulshroud
    Artifact: Spell

    M a g i c - I t e m s
    •  Legendary+(Combo^)Bloodwell
    •  Legendary+Sight Stone
    •  Artifact+Sinclaire(Multi)
    •  Artifact(Event Slot)Abyssal Archive

    P e t
    • Weak:
    •  LegendaryDracolich
    •  EtherealPsyche

    Psyche; 225k/10cc:
    Name: Psyche
    Rank: Ethereal
    Species: Leopard Snowgrune
    Type: Combat Pet
    Psyche's Appearance:
    Pirate Captain's Treasury Full
    Psyche is a Leopard Snowgrune, a rare creature that is found in the tundra landscape of Iceberg, and only found in its icy wasteland. Her species is considered rare due to the magic that they possess allowing them to be able to hide and disguise their existence from the living realm. It is a species that rarely reveals itself to the public’s eye, but when it does, it is a magnificent show upon being able to spot one. Legends of this creature say that its magic isn’t the only thing that keeps it secret to the world, but also the high intelligence that it displays. And while it doesn’t show off its magic very often, it is believed that it has highly revered sensory abilities that let it navigate the landscape with utter ease. This is also due to how they live, spread out across the icy lands of Iceberg, where territory after territory meet on edge. Coming across one of these Leopard Snowgrunes is like coming across a Unicorn, almost impossible if one isn’t looking hard enough.

    Leopard Snowgrunes are extremely large and bulky creatures, with females weighing in at 1,500lbs and their counterparts in at 2,000lbs. No other animal is able to match the sheer muscle power of the Leopard Snowgrune, especially when a mother has to defend her cub. Typically, Leopard Snowgrunes are omnivores, capable of eating both the sparse vegetation of the land as well as the meat of weaker and smaller animals. However, they are more well known for preferring to eat large land animals, such as deer, bears, and the like, as well as fish. The more food a mother Leopard Snowgrune is able to supply her cubs, the quicker her cubs will grow and be able to defend themselves. These creatures are one of the many feline creatures that have dewclaws, but these dewclaws are slightly opposable, helping them to grab prey from both land and sea. Where there is an abundance of prey, such as fish, these Leopard Snowgrunes will gather and form what is known as an hierarchy.

    They are known to be rather solitary creatures, albeit for a mother raising her cubs due to cubs being too young to fend for themselves. However, each Leopard Snowgrune is known to defend its homeland, with males having larger territories that overlap several females’. When it comes to confrontation between the females of this species, they are more known for being able to tolerate other females and will even be friendly sometimes upon them wandering in. Males, on the other hand, tend to be more aggressive, defending their lands vigorously from other males that may attempt to steal it. In instances where magi have gone out looking for them, they will find claw marks along tree trunks that mark a male’s territory in order to warn other males. Yet, most of the time, these creatures remain in their own territories, hunting on their own land and keeping peace between others. When male cubs grow up, it is more common for them to leave the nest and often travel miles before finding unclaimed territory.
    Aphrodite's Love:
    Name: Aphrodite's Love
    Rank: S
    Type: Area of Effect, Enchantment, Infatuation, Love
    Duration: 10 posts
    Cooldown: 11 posts
    Description: When Psyche steps into the vicinity of the battlefield, an immense and overwhelming sensation of love and lust will fill everyone. Those that are within one-hundred (100) meters of Psyche will feel as if they cannot fight each other any longer. Instead, they will drop their weapons and show kindness toward each other, rather than spilling the blood of innocents. However, deep down, a bloodcurdling sensation will crawl inside of them, less intense than that of the love they feel. This pain will cause damage 50% user-rank damage (max S-rank) on the initial blow to those in twenty-five (25) meters or closer to the user, and 50% of user-ranked damage (max S-rank) for four posts after the first post of the spell's total duration. Anyone within twenty-six (26) to fifty-one (51) meters of Psyche will be dealt 37.5% of user-ranked damage (max S-rank), with 37.5% of user-ranked damage (max S-rank) for four posts following the initial post of the spell's total duration. For those in the fifty-two (52) to seventy-seven (77) meter range will receive 25% of user-ranked damage (max S-rank) and 25% user-ranked damage (max S-rank) for four posts after the initial post of the spell's total duration. Lastly, anyone in the seventy-eight [78] to one-hundred (100) meter range will experience 12.5% user-ranked damage (max S-rank) and 12.5% user-ranked damage (max S-rank) for four posts after the initial post of the spell's total duration. The sensation of love and lust will only affect those that are equal to the user's rank or lower, max being S-rank or lower.

    • Anyone that is within one-hundred (100) meters of Psyche will receive damage from the ability up to the fifth (5th) post
    • Damage lasts for five (5) posts, with the sensation of being unable to fight lasting for the remaining all ten (10) posts
    • Only affects the enemies of the pet, so what is not considered an enemy will not be affected by the ability


    • What can be considered an enemy to Psyche may be considered an ally to the user, and thus, allies may be affected
    • Higher ranking magi can entirely ignore the sensation of peace and love and continue to cause havoc in battle
    • Damage varies depending on where a person stands, so one person may receive 250% user-ranked damage versus only 62% user-ranked damage
    • Psyche may choose not to cast this ability at all, thwarting the attempts of the user to deal damage to opponents

    Roses Are Red:
    Name: Roses Are Red
    Rank: A
    Type: Enchantment, Instant, Love, Valentine
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 8 posts
    Description: In some cases, when Psyche steps onto the battlefield, an array of flowers will burst out from her feet and fill the area. All around the user and those within the vicinity, in a eighty [80] meter range, these flowers will coat the ground. They can either be the flowers, themselves, or the petals that fill the area until one is quite literally walking on them. The petals do not deal any damage, but the flowers that arise from the ground strike up with harsh thorns at Psyche's opponent. So, those that are trapped in the eighty [80] meter range are instantaneously dealt 100% user-ranked damage (max A-rank). Every thorn that pierces the skin of the opponent will deal 75% extra damage to them, making for 175% user-ranked damage (max A-rank). Careful where you walk because the second one steps on the flower, the higher chance of one receiving heavy damage.

    • An array of flowers will appear along the ground, looking harmless and beautiful that a person may want to pick them
    • Sharp thorns lay hidden in the shallows of the petals and flowers and will pierce opponents to deal an extra 75% user-ranked damage (max A-rank)
    • Upon stepping on the flowers, an opponent will be dealt 100% user-ranked damage (max A-rank)


    • The user and the allies of the user may potentially step on the flowers and be hurt by them without caution
    • They are flowers, so things like water and fire can easily kill them off and negate the effects of the spell
    • If the player is lucky enough, the thorns may not pierce them and they will be scott free of the extra 75% damage
    • Pretty flowers, definitely very, very deadly, must advice not to pick them unless one wants to be injured

    Sandstorm Lacrima.

    Lacrima name: Sandstorm
    Lacrima type: God Slayer
    Item/Energy needed to reach force: Sunlight or Sand
    Slayer can control: Sunlight and Sand

    Brief Description:
    This unusual lacrima seems to have taken on the properties of the surrounding area. Upon first glance a person may be willing to over look this item as nothing more than a magically charged sunstone due to the golden sparkle and warm yet dull sandy glow. It is only with close further examination that a raging sandstorm can be seen stirring up the sand and glinting sunstone within.

    The lacrima was found deep within the ruins of a desert temple said to have been the at the heart of the sand and sun. It was a pilgrimage many where said to have tried within the ancient world and none ever managed to have fore-filled due to the harsh almost ungodly heat, shifting expanses and unpredictable sandstorms. It was said that the person whom got the closest to the gift of the gods was a young prince looking to make a better future for his people. What happened to this young royal is sadly left up to speculation as no information was ever found about him returning to his home and as the chamber this lacrima was found undisturbed it is obvious he never reached the end of his journey.

    The overall history of this enigmatic lacrima is shrouded in mystery; even now no-one knows just where it originated from, whom made it, for what purpose or how old the lacrima itself truly is. It is thought that this ancient lacrima is at least a few thousand years old wither this is truly the case or not is yet to be authenticated within the magical community.

    Cosmic Coin Price: 250
    Jewel Price: 4,000,000


    Approved Weapons:

    Approved Armors:

    Approved Misc(s):

    Ongoing Missions:

    • [urlUrl of thread goes here]Thread Title[/url]

    Ongoing Threads:

    • [urlUrl of thread goes here]Thread Title[/url]

    (Some) Finished Threads:

    • [urlUrl of thread goes here]Thread Title[/url]

    Siren's Personal Projects & References (Only small ones.  Larger ones get PM'd to myself):

    Pirate Captain's Treasury 967WcW6
    Throwing Guide:

    Status:  Fair and Usable.  I am satisfied with the result despite logic problems and lack of official mathematics on things like air resistance, surface area,  proper weight scaling, and so on.

    An extremely rough guide on throwing something at a given rank.  
    Spell ranges and speeds should probably at least be allowed to equal these,  on a common sense-ish basis depending on the spell and intent.  

    Assuming a D-rank is in peak natural human condition and without additional boosts within apps,  they'd be able to throw a baseball sized object...
    140 meters in range.

    Rather than doubling the power of the previous rank as normal rank progression,  to account for some losses (I don't have actual math on the matter of throwing things),  we're just going to add 25% of the previous, with 50% for H as it is a 3x step from S.

    For every % heavier an object is over 5 ounces or 1/3rd a pound,  reduce the speed and range by the same %.   Increase the 1/3rd pound by a factor of 5 at each rank to try to account for easier handling of heavier objects.

    Aerodynamics can't really be accounted for in this...

    175 meter range

    218.7 meter range

    273.3 meter range

    342.6 meter range

    428.2 meter range

    How fast are you?:

    Using the same conclusion I reached above using 25% increase from the previous rank, 50% at H from S,  here is how fast in Meters per Second a mage of a given rank could sprint.




    12.8 A



    The average punch on the other hand is different.  Using a Boxer as the baseline,  increasing by the same %,   the default punching speed per rank is (in Meters per Second):


    11 D
    13 C
    16 B
    20 A
    25 S  
    38 H

    Both these numbers are of course effected by Speed enhancements,  and not Strength.

    How strong are you?:

    Well.  Strength is more vague and changeable,  variable.  Meanwhile to stick truer to source material... the 25% concept doesn't really work.

    Thus to gain strength numbers,  doubling as normal between ranks is more reliable.
    Using the average human as a baseline,  the pounds a player per rank could squat by default are:

    125lbs D
    250lbs C
    500lbs B
    1000lbs A
    2000lbs S
    6000lbs H

    D95, C190, B380, A760, S1520, 4560H  OR   D70, C140, B280, A560, S1120, H3360

    Old item list:


    1st Artifact (1st Armor slot): Clawing Wall (Signature) + non-sig bonus unaccounted for.
    2nd Artifact (Weapon): Poltergeist (Signature) + Finger of Death (Non-Sig bonus)
    Bonus Artifact: Conqueror's Crown

    Legendary(+)(2nd Armor): Hell Gate (Signature)  + Elite Rank (Non-Sig bonus)
    Legendary(+)(Weapon): Flamethrower (Signature) ---> Dominance (Signature) (If my topic with raffle spells ever gets approved.)

    Strong(+): Fire Ball (Signature)


    Magic Item: Necromancer's Mark
    Magic Item: Eyes of the Inferno
    Magic Item: Deceiver's Ring

    Old magic:

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