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    Post by desirée 15th February 2023, 1:22 pm

    ☆ Channeling her magical energies within the diamond on her forehead as she would boost through the clouds, the guildmistress of rose’s eyes would reflect golden fractals from the sunlight outward, scanning the horizon below for the titan of wretched construction she had learned about minutes prior. It was clear to Desirée that her father was now resuming his unholy activities at full force, following the many events that had occurred in the cosmos prior, and she knew it was her responsibility to take care of any eminent threats that he had spawned within any of the allied dimensions of Chrysalis. There was a giant colossus, a black titan constructed of demon cores, slowly making its way through the cherry blossom forest of Sakuramori toward the Stronghold of Roses that Luminous Rose called its home— despite the bubble in place to act as a divine shield of the chasm-ridden guild, she did not want to risk just what her father was now capable of. She wouldn’t put it past him to attack the guild and break defenses because that is what he did best, and with his now potential of turning crystals into dark stars, she knew anything was possible, even if it was motivated with dread.

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