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    Gettin' Ink Done

    Xavier Clarent
    Xavier Clarent

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    Gettin' Ink Done Empty Gettin' Ink Done

    Post by Xavier Clarent 24th January 2023, 2:01 pm

    Trevor Winters

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    One of the things Xavier never really got done was some honest-to-Gods ink. Tattoos were a rare and expensive commodity on Rhaegar, saved for the wealthy and the elite. After the rebellion had emerged victorious and Xavier had been placed as the new God-King of the world, a lot of former tattoo artists had been tried and executed. After all, they had knowingly kept their prices high so that the rich and powerful were the only ones that could afford the artistry. Xavier had, of course, enjoyed the sight of several tattoos over the years but his time was spent on other avenues.

    Now that he was on Earthland and free of the responsibilities of ruling a planet, he found himself having more time on his hands. Granted, Confidence International still took up a lot of his time but luckily the members of the guild were fairly self-driven, requiring very little oversight. They were all in it to make a profit together, after all. Now that he had a bit more scratch than he did previously, mostly from the few jobs he’d arranged and partaken in, he began to wonder what kind of leisurely purchases he could make. There was always buying more equipment for his music; since establishing CI, his music had started to get some recognition. Soon he would need to start thinking about recruiting members for a real, consistent band.

    He’d have to set aside some of the jewel for that. But for some reason, the idea of getting a tattoo came swimming up from the recesses of his memory. Perhaps it was because he’d been looking over some of the profiles for the guild’s members and came across Estelle Blooms. A remarkable woman of beauty and significant renown as an artist. If anyone would have connections to tattoo artists, or possibly even be capable of completing the artistry herself, it would be her. So with that in mind, the man known as Trevor Winters to everyone on Earthland whipped out his iLac and opened a new conversation.

    "Hey Estelle, it’s Trevor,” he started, typing remarkably quickly for someone that had lacked any kind of technological exposure for over a century. "I’m lookin’ for a hook up for some ink. Was wonderin’ if you did that kind of thing? I’m willing to pay and all and we can set up in one of the rooms here at the office.”

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