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    High Speed Hex


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    High Speed Hex Empty High Speed Hex

    Post by Imai-chi 17th January 2023, 12:32 pm

    High Speed Hex
    High Speed Hex GWssBl9

    Magic Name: High Speed Hex
    Magic Type:
    Primary Curse (2 additional signature spells equal to the character's rank (Up to S))
    Auxiliary Combat Arts (+25% to Melee Damage. Access to Techniques. 50% of full MP is converted to SP)

    Proof of Possession: x1 Magic Slot Used
    Description: A Curse granted by a poor host who encountered Imai on a mission. The two squarreled, and Imai came out victorious, but the Curse implanted inside the host saw this mage as a more suitable vessel and jumped...

    Imai had no idea, until things began to slow down around him. With many more symptoms impeding his daily life, it took a while before he knew how to keep this accursed power in check. It accelerates his body, increases his perception of events happening around him, and evolves his body to handle the increase in speed. Speed, speed, speed, speed, this curse thinks only of one thing - be faster. And faster. Until no one you know can keep up with you.

    Imai can use this huge spike in speed to overwhelm his opponents with short, light but blitzing punches and kicks. Even a body slam is lethal thanks to the momentum granted by this cursed magic. He ought to be careful, though, or the endless thirst for speed will take everything away from him.

    Unique Abilities:
    • Formula 1: Imai's cells have established a way to gain benefits from this curse. Movement Speed is increased by +120%.

    • Formula 2: Imai's body is constantly trying to catch up with the power of this curse, but without outside aid, it could end up devouring him. Movement Speed is increased by +120%.

    • Formula 3: The problem with being the fastest is that you always leave the others behind... but that might change. Movement Speed is increased by +120%.

    Advanced Spells:

    Signature Spells:

    A-Rank Spells:

    S-Rank Spells:

    Unlocks at H-Rank \/ \/ \/
    H-Rank Spell:



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    High Speed Hex Empty Re: High Speed Hex

    Post by Medeia 9th March 2023, 6:22 am


    High Speed Hex QlhAT3Z


    High Speed Hex Medeia123

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