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    Catch Those Jewels [Job/Solo]

    Silas Clearwater
    Silas Clearwater

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    Catch Those Jewels [Job/Solo] Empty Catch Those Jewels [Job/Solo]

    Post by Silas Clearwater 15th January 2023, 12:03 am

    Silas had just finished a request outside of town that required him to help an elderly man plant some seeds so that they would grow in time for the next season. It was quite a pleasant job for him really, although it did require some manual labour, it wasn't anything different than the times he would work on his own farm back home. As he was walking back to the docks to catch the boat to his next destination, he noticed a group of particularly suspicious men running towards the wharf with large sacks over their shoulders, jewels falling out as they ran. At first, Silas wasn't sure as to what to make of the situation but then kind of put two and two together. Bandits, who had likely just recently stolen those jewels and were making a break for it. At first, the young wizard didn't want to get involved as he wasn't at all good at fighting and always second guessed himself. But he knew that he couldn't just stand on the side lines and do nothing, he couldn't allow them to escape. Of course, Silas couldn't fight a lick and knew he would have to rely on one of his Aeons, but which one? He was standing there for a moment, thinking about it when one of the bandits spoke up. "Over there, he's a witness. Get him!" By the time Silas looked up from his train of thought, 19 men were charging at him. "W-wait. What?" Out of panic, Silas immediately raised an arm out in front of himself as a white magic circle appeared in the sky in front of him. "Oh mighty Aeon, I summon thee. Goddess of Ice. Shiva. Aid me!" He calls out, cowering away a little and closing his eyes expecting to be attacked by the bandits at any moment.

    Out of the magic circle, a diamond shaped piece of ice fell down, landing on three of the bandits and shattering. Those three bandits were taken out while another two were taken out by the flying ice that had shattered away. Standing over the first three bandits, where the ice had shatter, Shiva stood there in perfect beauty and elegance. "He's a wizard! Quick, take them out!" The bandits changed their target and began charging towards Shiva instead. "Are you really just going to stand there with your eyes closed boy?" Shiva asked, looking at Silas with the corner of her eye. The boy hesitantly opened his eyes to see his summon was now standing not too far in front of him. "You really need to develop a back bone if you ever want a boyfriend." She stated as she turned her focus back to the bandits who were now encroaching even closer. "I'm sorry." Silas sighed, seeing how his behaviour in this situation seemed to irritate the woman. She did not respond however and instead rolled her eyes as she raised her arms up in front of herself to create another magic circle. Whipping herself around as she calls. "Frozen Tundra!" A powerful, cold blizzard bursts out of the magic circle in front of her that causes a majority of the surfaces there to freeze solid. The entire wharf was frozen, along with the pillars. Some bandits had their feet frozen to the ground and weren't able to move while a few others lost their footing on the ice and began to slip, sliding off the ice wharf and into the ocean. The bandits frozen to the ground began to hit at where the ice had entrapped them but it was already too late. Shiva had already raised another arm up in front of herself, creating another white magic circle. "Diamond Dust." A volley of razor sharp, ice shards fired out of the magic circle, connecting with all the remaining bandits & pirates but it wasn't a killing blow. Shiva targeted them perfectly so that the shard instead forced them to fall to the ground and trap them in their positions by pinning them down by their clothing.

    It was at this moment that the authorities began to show up to the scene and Shiva approached Silas. "You really need to learn how to fight. You can't rely on us all the time to come save you." Unfortunately her words were falling on deaf ears as Silas attention was more focused on the authorities. To be more specific, one of them was very young, very handsome and was 100% Silas' type. Frustrated when realising this, Shiva placed a hand on the young wizard's head, giving him an incredible brain freeze before disappearing back to her universe.

    WC: 776 - Job Complete


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