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    Crop Help [Job/Solo]

    Silas Clearwater
    Silas Clearwater

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    Crop Help [Job/Solo] Empty Crop Help [Job/Solo]

    Post by Silas Clearwater 14th January 2023, 11:22 pm

    It hadn't been long since Silas had joined the Sabertooth Guild, a little over three days when he decided that he would go on a few requests. He took a few actually, figuring he would make it a bit of a round trip before returning to the guild. His first request was in Hargeon and immediately got a transport boat from Ace of Spades and shortly after docking at the seaside town, made his way to the little farm indicated on the form. "Hello?" Silas called as he approached the farm. An elderly man popped his head from out behind a large pile of sacks with the word 'seeds' on the side. "Are you the one who took on my request?" He asked with a raspy voice. Silas nodded and smiled hesitantly as meeting new people was still very new to him. "T-that's right. I heard you need some help planting some seeds?" The old man nodded and pointed at the sacks in a pile. "I need to get all these seeds planted before the end of the day otherwise I wont be able to provide the crops for the next season." The old man looked at Silas up and down, as if he was judging whether or not Silas was cut out for it.

    Without hesitation, Silas placed both hands on the ground and created a brown magic circle. "Oh might Aeon, I summon thee. The Stone Giant. Golem. Aid me!" He called out. Before the old man could even ask what the young wizard was doing, the earth began to crack and rise up out of the magic circle in the form of Silas' summon. "Golem, we need to get these seeds planted by the end of the day, do you think you could give us a hand?" Silas asked, looking up at the large creature with hopeful eyes. Golem nodded with a grunt and turned to the fields. The large earth creature began to plough the fields with his large arms while Silas and the old man began to follow him with sacks of seeds, placing them as they moved down after the giant.

    With Golem's help, Silas and the old man planting the seeds and a cool breeze keeping the temperatures down throughout the day, they managed to get all the seeds planted by early afternoon. Golem returned to his universe after his part was done and Silas began to water the ground with a nearby hose and tap. "So what are you growing exactly Mr.?" He asked, using his finger over the hose to cause the water to spray out and cover a larger area. Silas grew up on a farm so he had some experience with this line of work. "Watermelons, got to have them ready for Summer." The man smiled, clearly pleased that the request was completed and that his plants were going to grow in time for the next season.

    Once Silas had finished watering the seeds, the old man approached him and handed him a small sack of jewels and a glass of lemonade, thanking him for the work done today. Silas put the sack of jewels in his backpack and sculled the lemonade down before waving the man goodbye. Silas had more requests to do and needed to start moving on to the next. The young wizard was pretty pleased with himself, completing his first request and earning his first wage, something he would not have been able to do in the past. A big thank you to Golem though who did the hardest part of the job.

    WC: 598 - Job Complete


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