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    Lending a Hand to a Saint


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    Lending a Hand to a Saint Empty Lending a Hand to a Saint

    Post by Nadarr 10th January 2023, 1:29 pm

    Jiselle Kitaas got off the train as it stopped in Magnolia. Grabbing her large case she walked off looking around for a moment before making her way to find the Headquarters of the Fairy Tail guild hall.  Today she had some business with there Guild Master one of the top Wizard Saint, God of Mettle Mura Kensho.  A powerful mage who had recently done battle with a Warlord.  However powerful but foolish because he lost an arm in the battle.  Losing the arm wasn't the problem though... the problem was it was still missing.  The fool never got a prosthetic arm or anything like that.   This wouldn't do at least not to Jiselle.  The man was a Saint and had done so much for Fiore, the last she could do is offer help and remedy this problem for him.

    After a brief stroll down mainstream she found her destination, the castle like building that would be the Fairy Tail guild hall.  She took a deep breath sighing as she adjusted her lab coat slightly. The worked out of a castle. Only a tad jealous she chuckled before walking into the building walking around briefly looking for someone to assist her.  The intior definitely matched the exterior in it ls grand appearance. She found herself a random mage roaming about walking to them.

    Hello, can I help you Miss?

    Yes, My name Doctor Jiselle Kitaas, part of the Rune Knights Engineering Corp.  Though that last part has no bearing on my visit today.  I wanted to see your Guild Master Muro Kensho in regards to his missing arm.  If you would be so kind As to retrieve him I would be very appreciative.

    Oh um...sure one moment.

    With that the young mage left to go find who she would hope to be the Guild Master.  While she waited she found herself a seat and set the case down next to her. It wasn't every day she got to meet someone she respected so.  She just hoped he accepted her offer in treatment.

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    Lending a Hand to a Saint Empty Re: Lending a Hand to a Saint

    Post by Mura Kensho 2nd February 2023, 8:01 am

    … This was supposed to be a day of celebration. He had been hailed as a God of Ishgar, the same title that a previous Guildmaster he looked up to obtained as well. It was a huge enough milestone to become a Wizard Saint alone, but to join the 4 Gods of Ishgar was above and beyond what he expected in his lifetime…

    But it was all due to a sickening defeat at the hands of that accursed witch bitch. Despite what he did to bring Shirotsume’s population back to life, it felt nothing like a victory. It felt like a slap to the face, an utter insult, as if the witch herself was laughing her ass off in the far distance at the mere notion of someone like him obtaining such a rank.

    Mura was beyond down. Secluded in his office to tend to his work, he had been less active as of late. Hell, he even hid his open arm wound under his haori and pretended to be fine at first, but the mask fell off very quickly. Then he laughed it off as a badge of honor, but it pained him tremendously. There was nothing to truly laugh at concerning this wound… a wound that would never heal for as long as that seal was on.

    Someone from the Rune Knights, a doctor of sorts, was requesting his arrival. Mura had heard of her, of this Jiselle Kitaas and her expertise, and if he desired to return to full duty, then he needed to find out what to do with his missing limb. The idea of engineering a new one came to mind, and thus he contacted the Rune Knights. This led to his meeting with her today.

    “Jiselle. Welcome…” Mura greeted her, his eyes weighed down by their lids due to how exhausted he appeared to be. His gi was hanging over the left side of his torso, concealing the missing limb. “…”

    He didn’t know what else to say at the moment.

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