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    For Some Reason...


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    For Some Reason... Empty For Some Reason...

    Post by Fraag 31st December 2022, 10:25 pm

    Yeah, so for some reason, I just felt minded to do this, so I'll just come and put it out here, because I've no idea where else to put it, and a therapist told me that I should try more to express myself, so I shall attempt it. Anyone mock me for this, and I shall come at you when you're sleeping.


    To @Seijin, God Panda and owner of this site, thank you for being responsible for such a community. It has been a source of pleasure and good vibes for me thus far.

    To the Administrators and Moderators, you guys are the best! I know I have a busy life, but I suspect that some of you might have busier lives than me, or at least some times of the year are hell for you, and yet you make this site run smoothly. No caps, but this site has the fastest (if not one of the fastest) staff response time to requests that I've experienced for as long as I can remember. To add to that, you're all so amiable and polite for some reason I was scared of Joh when I first joined the site; not sure if that has changed..., and I've never had any case of anyone trying to effect powerplays with me.

    To the "Semi-Staff", those who hold not-so-Admin-or-Mod-positions, but still run their sweat and blood to make the site a joy, I see you guys. Things like the Sorcerer's Magazine, the Oddities and IoTMs, and so on; done by amazing folk who don't get paid but still give top-notch work. It's incredible what you guys do, really. I really, really appreciate you guys, because I must emphasize again, you're not being paid, and it's never wishy-washy stuff from you. You have my utmost esteem.

    To all the members of the site, those I've RPed with and those I haven't, you're all amazing folks. I'm really glad to be a member of a site such as this, and it's you all that make it possible. I mean, I frequently find myself reading other people's stories and RP plots that I'm not even involved with because the stories generated by us are really outstanding. Here's to us making more incredible stories together.

    From lil' ol' Fraag, HAPPY NEW YEAR, FTRP people. May this year be a stellar blast for us all.

    For Some Reason... This-one-is-to-you-dwayne-johnson

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    Will I get into trouble for exposing names like this?


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    For Some Reason... Empty Re: For Some Reason...

    Post by Serilda Sinclair 1st January 2023, 6:11 pm

    For Some Reason... Elmo-embarrassed

    Thank you, Fraag! You're always such a sweetheart, and I am greatly touched by the kind words of appreciation. I was having a somewhat stressful afternoon, but this brought a smile to my face. Happy New Year, and thanks again! <3



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    For Some Reason... Empty Re: For Some Reason...

    Post by Saraphina 16th January 2023, 4:41 pm

    For Some Reason... Bear-sniff

    this is VERY late


    i love you fragg <3 thank you for being part of this site and the community we have <3


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