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    An Honorable Death

    Kaito Shiratori
    Kaito Shiratori

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    An Honorable Death Empty An Honorable Death

    Post by Kaito Shiratori 23rd December 2022, 1:46 pm

    Job Info:

    Of all the requests on the job board lately, this was perhaps the most unusual one. A simple D rank, but the request was anything but simple. Although legally sanctioned, a man had requested a death, fighting so that he may go to the correct afterlife. He was old, and had lived a blessedly long life, but he felt it was time. From the moment Kaito had read the request, his curiosity had been piqued. After all, it was not often legal jobs were sanctioned killings, not of humans.

    The mage had decided to accept the request, having dressed in form-fitting black leather for the fight. Even if he wouldn’t really be the one fighting the old warrior, he still felt as though dressing as he did normally would be a disrespectful thing, as if he weren’t taking the fight seriously. Stepping off the train, the young man made for an imposing sight. Although not tall, his heeled boots and dark leather made him look dead serious. The expression on his face no doubt helped that impression, as a few people scattered at the mere sight of his serious face.

    After having made his way to the requested spot, Kaito noted that the old man had only a shield and a worn sword. Both had clearly seen a great deal of battle, and the warrior was comfortable in his hold. “You have requested an honourable death. My spirits shall grant that to you. When you are ready, we may begin.” the man called, watching as he received a grim nod. This was a man who was determined to die on his own terms, and even knowing he wanted to die there was a fire there.

    Kaito nodded back, gripping Ophidia’s key to summon her. The snake princess emerged within seconds, her own expression just as dead serious as Kaito’s and the old man’s. An understanding seemed to pass between all three parties, but then the fight was on. The old man was nothing particularly special, in combat, and Ophidia hadn’t bothered to use her snakes. Instead, she lunged herself, circling like a predator as the old warrior attempted to defend. However, she was clearly faster, and although he certainly managed to hit her once or twice, he fell in the end. The princess’s face softened as his body hit the ground, while Kaito’s expression remained hard and unmoving. “Let us hope he finds the afterlife he was looking for.”

    Kaito pondered for a moment, but then looked at the woman, who he called his summons.”Whether he found it or not, he was determined to die on his own terms. You have helped grant him that, which I’m sure his spirit will be grateful for. You may leave, if you wish. I want to think more about what has happened here today.” he replied, his expression shifting from serious to slightly contemplative. And what a sight they made. A man in dark leather and a woman in fine robes, standing over the body of an old warrior. The old man would be given a fitting burial, but that was not where Kaito’s job laid. He had completed his task, as well as could be expected.

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