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    Rune Knight Applicant: James Hill

    James Hill
    James Hill

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    Rune Knight Applicant: James Hill Empty Rune Knight Applicant: James Hill

    Post by James Hill 24th November 2022, 3:12 am

    The current young man sitting at the edge of his seat was a stark contrast to his usual confident self. Head downcast, right leg shaking as he kept tapping his feet on the ground, hands clasped together and continuously tightening and loosening his grip, James Hill was an anxious mess. He was currently sitting in the waiting area by the Rune Knight headquarters’ reception area. Occasionally he would quickly look up whenever he heard approaching footsteps, and when he saw that it was just the Rune Knights going in and out of the building, he would let out a sigh of relief.

    It was funny. Here he was, waiting for an audience with a senior officer so that he could put in his application to join the Rune Knights. Yet, he was relieved when he saw those approaching or passing by weren’t any of the senior officers. The Rune Knights headquarters weren’t a strange place to James, having been here all the time, especially the waiting area, where he would sometimes be sitting here for most of the night when he was way younger. He would be waiting for his mother to get off work, and regardless of how long he had to wait, the younger James had never been angry at his mom.

    While he would keep looking up whenever he heard someone approaching, James would also look towards the side door where the Rune Knights would exit from the restricted areas, reminiscing of the times when his mother would unreservedly and happily hug him tightly whenever she saw him waiting for her out there. Sometimes there would be treats for him, which would spread his grin even wider.

    As those thoughts began flooding his mind, the dark-haired youth began to regain his confidence, drawing strength from the memories of his mother and how much she had inspired him. His hands separated and James brought his right hand up to his left shoulder, touching the tattoo beneath the sleeve of his long-sleeved navy shirt. A faint smile would appear on his face as he found his state of mind refreshed.

    Confidence restored and will burning again, James finally assumed a more relaxed position as he adjusted his seat and leaned back into the one-seater, arms crossed across his chest.

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