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    A Sky, Alone

    Rhace Tarrin
    Rhace Tarrin

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    A Sky, Alone Empty A Sky, Alone

    Post by Rhace Tarrin Wed 16 Nov 2022 - 22:30

    Rhace Tarrin
    A Sky, Alone

    Months had begun to pass as Rhace considered his role as the master of a guild. The irony of a non-magical person from Ca-Elum running a guild of Fiorean mages had not quite been lost on him just yet, even amidst how busy the work had kept him. Learning how to manage the guild between understanding the requirements of both of the divisions that made up the aspects of nature’s champions and how to operate the starship that was the guild’s vessel– which was still something that he kept close to his chest in order to maintain some of the mystery of the Endeavor and the pure depths of his secret, even if to most others the fact that it was an alien warship converted into a habitable environment with a mission of peace was incredibly obvious when you thought about the fact that the technology of Earthland was insufficiently advanced to support the ship’s creation, even with Pergrande making technological strides in leaps and bounds beyond what should have been possible. Yet, no matter how once perceived it, the role of guildmaster was endless, tiring, and a challenge - and usually thankless work. However, Rhace was all too happy to complete the task on behalf of those in his care. It had proven to be rewarding. Besides, dedicating oneself to the cause of the betterment of the world was always a noble goal.

    However, this left him with a bit of a dilemma. Rhace’s future had always been given a specific goal: as a swordsman, he had been tasked with the mission of taking up the mantle of teaching his father’s school of swordsmanship and taking on that particular job when he had fully mastered the six circles of the Granven school. Given the school’s history of being warriors in the service of the royal family of Ca-Elum, it was considered to be a prestigious and important role in society that, while it bore its own set of challenges, was still an important ceremonial title for his family - a family he loved dearly. Being a guildmaster, however, was eating into that time. It was a little different for Meliora Vitae, where other guildmasters lived terrestrial lives and could hold other jobs at the same time - running an airship was a full-time role. In reality, Rhace had to indefinitely put his other aspirations on hold in order to maintain the sanctity of the vessel that he was now sworn to protect. This was something he thought about often, truth told, for developing his talents with the sword was something that was so mission critical to him that not being a student of the Granven school was something he could ever perceive. Training with Lethe, learning to run the guild– all of this, together, was his life now, and even as a swordsman with the aspiration of owning his own school… how long would that be paused in order to allow him to serve Fiore, and in doing so, the world?

    Tiredly, as dawn began to break over the horizon, Rhace took the captain’s seat upon the bridge of his vessel, and bore the mantle he had been given without a single word of dissent or complaint. No matter what he had considered his original future, this was his reality now.

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