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    A Hunting Trip! [Solo Mission]

    Sojiro Sakura
    Sojiro Sakura

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    A Hunting Trip! [Solo Mission] Empty A Hunting Trip! [Solo Mission]

    Post by Sojiro Sakura 15th November 2022, 11:10 am

    Mission Details:

    Sojiro had received a missive in the mail about how in the forest outside of Sakuramori there had been an overpopulation of a certain species. There hadn't been much of an issue until a hunting party had gone in for their normal run and had nearly lost the life of one of their party members in their attempt. It had caused them to reach out into the wide world for a mage that could help them and, whoever had gotten that message, had decided that it was a job Sojiro could do. And so, he had set out from his shared home and towards the town, having arrived only a few days later. Sojiro wore his normal clothing, a pair of black dress pants, a fancy sleeveless shirt with a red tie, and a sports duffel bag that was on his right shoulder and rested against the same side's hip. From the back, the only thing that seemed obvious was the wooden handle that seemed to belong to a training Katana.

    Once he had finally arrived in the town, the first thing that he had done was find an inn where he could place down his extra things before heading back out to find his client. Now, he had the wooden katana tied to his waist with a white band and a beautiful red rose resting in the breast pocket of his dress shirt. The blue-haired man had easily found a small dwelling where an older hunter was within it; a man that couldn't have been older than fifty years old, with a thick beard that was once black and had begun to lose a long fight against the grey within it. Sojiro had been invited inside and would get the full rundown of the situation, finding out that the creatures that had attacked the men were an aggressive breed of squirrels that had claimed a whole new territory and needed to be stopped. Sojiro found it hard to believe that squirrels could be so aggressive but, at the same time, he was not from this world so perhaps it was his fault for drawing parallels between the two.

    The Mage would be given a location, as well as a map to get there, and had been told to place as many traps as he could and kill as many of those things as he could while he did so. So Sojiro set out from the small dwelling, through the city, and eventually into the forest so that he could find his goal. The map that he had been given was fairly helpful, despite the simplicity of it; referencing landmarks that one should use to keep straight along the path. It wasn't any longer than two hours before he had located the final marker on the tree, a large oak that towered over the others with great ease.

    From this position, the man's instructions state that Sojiro should do his best to place three of the traps in different locations before heading out as quickly as he could. It ended up being an extremely simple task, at least at first, the man moving to his first chosen destination and setting up one of the traps that ensured the squirrels would come closer to check it out, entrancing them into a deep sleep before they'd peacefully pass away. About thirty minutes later, Sojiro would have found a suitable place to put his second trap. It was at the third trap that he had found trouble.

    When Sojiro had found the third location and went to bend down to place the trap, something soft landed on his shoulder. It caused him to blink but before he could turn his head to look, there was a searing pain in his neck and as he tried to let out a scream, blood filled his throat. He stood up, stumbling backward in a panic as he pressed his hand to the wound on his throat. A squirrel had jumped from his shoulder and up a tree, covered in blood and trying it's best to run away. Sojiro knew his healing factor would save his life, so he threw up his right hand in fury as several balls of lightning crackled around him and then flung at the creature. And while the squirrel had managed to avoid being struck by the first bolt, the second one hit home and splattered the thing into small ribbons.

    Once his neck had finished healing, he turned his attention up toward the trees and... Saw dozens of eyes looking down at him. The man gulped loudly before screaming out and summoning forth the Incursio Armor of the Hero Spirit Archeron, which would cover his body in armor. Only a moment later was he attacked by a swarm of small, furry death that tried to claw him to death. But, with the armor protecting him they weren't able to find any open skin to gnaw at. Sojiro summoned forth more magical power while raising his right hand, creating a large icicle within his grasp and brining it to slam down between his feet; impaling several squirrels along the way. When the spike made contact with the ground, several dozen more spikes exploded in a circle around him and would kill most of the other squirrels. But he wasn't done! After that, he'd swing both his hands outwards while folding back all the fingers on both except his middle and pointer fingers. Fire would erupt around him and cause the ice to melt, the flames scorching the rest of the squirrels and any others who tried to attack would be burned alive by the steam left behind.

    After the fighting had finally commenced, Sojiro would stand there in the crator of everything and take in what had just happened. His chest was heaving slightly from using so many spells in rapid succession, though he'd be fine in a moment. Keeping his armor on, after nearly being assassinated by a squirrel, Sojiro would have made sure the final trap was sent before heading back to the dwelling to say that the mission had been completed.



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