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    Maid Gone Wild! (Open)


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    Maid Gone Wild! (Open) Empty Maid Gone Wild! (Open)

    Post by Sanguine 11th November 2022, 1:23 pm

    The cold winter air seemed to be as pleasant as ever. Oh how the summit snow remained as thick as ever, only second to the castle shrouded within the blizzard like weather that she had ran face first into coming home. A real home, one she at first had been a bit hesitant towards, but the place grew in her. Having her own will to move about a place, despite the reigns of being a maid that could be called upon, Sanguine loved her job. Being apart of a guild like this meant more to her than anything— well, now it was almost anything. Her time away didn’t change her much in what she loved to do, how she did it, and so on, but what did change about her would soon become present. Perhaps not so much now, but in the future it may hold a more significant role.

    So where had Errings Rising’s favorite maid been? Well, she had been really… a place she would rather never go again, but suffice to say it brought her a bit of annoyance to resurface in her mind. All that those that would see her upon todays return would be quite apparent as to the type of facility she’d been in. What started as a routine job, long term as it had been, quickly collapsed into a sudden abduction that frankly she hated herself for being caught up in. The days there were long, they were rather cruel and despicable if she had to describe it… but the things she was forced to do while there were horrifying to say the least. But, all it took was one slip up on their end.

    The sound of a door creaking opened would echo through the main area of the hall as a somewhat unfamiliar figure entered. She let the heels of her outfit click on the floor, hooking a brown colored coat with two fingers while it laid behind her. Much to her dislike, her upper body wasn’t as conservatively clothed as normal, but having just escaped her recent imprisonment, she hadn’t taken time to acquire new clothing or at least a maid uniform to appear back in. Best to be authentic in her story. ”Feels so good to be home again!” She proclaimed, shutting the door and kicking some snow off of her heels.

    Some might wonder why her jacket was being worn right now? Well, that was simple, the large black wings on her back slowly collapsing in towards her back and receding into her back would surely prove to be the reason.

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    Maid Gone Wild! (Open) JwEY1nx

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    Maid Gone Wild! (Open) Empty Re: Maid Gone Wild! (Open)

    Post by Addre 11th November 2022, 1:53 pm

    While Addre had spent a lot of time outside, running around snowy fields and training in Dragon Slayer Magic and Demon Slayer Magic, he had spent a little more time indoors as of late. You see, the castle… was huge! It looked fancy and all from the outside, but once you walked inside, the space really showed itself. It was warm and cozy and… damn…

    Even after a few days of constant, outdoor traveling – allowing Addre to witness the likes of Motor City, then traveling to Ca-Elum and beyond, and even visiting Crocus – Addre had still spent some time training before he needed a rest. That was it, yeah… just some damn rest. He couldn’t afford to break down just yet – his training was far from done. Until he had achieved a similar level of prowess as Medeia herself… that was his goal. She encouraged it, somewhat – he could sort of tell that she counted on him, but for what specific means was yet to be known by him.

    He heard the sound of clanking… steps? Yeah, those sounded like steps – Addre’s sense of hearing was often too strong for his own good, so he heard the entering of a certain Errings Rising sorceress in clear detail. It prompted him to venture downstairs to the gate and inspect what guildmate of his had entered with such homesickness – he didn’t recognize the voice…

    Addre slowly poked his head out from the corner of a wall to gaze upon her. Snowy-haired, outlandish outfit, rocky back, she was new here… at least according to him. His curious face darted back behind the wall and disappeared for a moment before he acted upon how he’d behave if the guest happened to be the Queen herself-

    Therefore, Sanguine would find the young man return and walk all the way to her with a small dish holding a steamy, porcelain-white cup of tea. Addre hadn’t taken any chances and assumed that the snowy beauty was the Queen herself… or a relative. Even with his strong senses, she just looked so starkly similar to her – or maybe it was his exhaustion that had tampered with his senses.

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