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    Soul Illusions


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    Soul Illusions Empty Soul Illusions

    Post by Jaheira 28th October 2022, 9:51 am


    Magic Name: Soul Illusions
    Magic Type: Slayer - Here
    Description: Deep within the heart of the forgotten desert, there was once a temple protected by mirages. The temple was the final resting place for the souls of otherworldly beings, be it gods or demons, it didn't matter to the priests and priestesses that called the temple home, and they tended to the dead equally. On rare occasions, the body of an exceptionally strong mortal would find final rest there, but for those selfless people who had gained the favor and protection of those they helped, everything went wrong. A warrior of some renown had apparently passed and he was deemed worthy enough to be sent to the burial site of the gods, which was, unfortunately, not the case.

    The noble warrior had died, that much was true, however, the one that had arrived was not the warrior they had been expecting. They were isolated from the world and so knew no different, but even if they had known they wouldn't have denied someone a burial. That was their tasks in this life, after all. It was night when the body had arrived and, based on their traditions, they had to wait for dawn to start their preparations, so they left him on an embalming table with incense burning around the body. What they found out later was that the man had taken a toxin that would mimic the signs of death for a certain amount of time, and that he was, in fact, not dead. While the members of the temple rested, the toxin had worn off and he had started to move. The treasures of the mythical temple were well known and the man's greed vast.

    During that night he stole the most sacred treasure of the temple and fled. The reason why he had done such a heretical thing is lost to time. It is known, however, that when the treasure left the temple, the clergy had lost their protections, the souls that once had been laid to rest would rest no longer, turning them beyond angry. They were vengeful and envious of the living and so slaughtered those who had cared for them. The temples exact location has since long been lost. Many who have studied the ancient lore believe that the temple still stands somewhere in the desert sands and that the souls of the dead that had turned against the clergy still wander there. Envious, vengeful, and angry, where the priests and priestesses continue their duties as they did in life to contain the threat. Praying, begging that the treasure will one day be returned to them so they all may finally find eternal rest.

    Unique Abilities:
    • Ability 1: Slayer Damage: Increases spell damage by 120%
    • Ability 2: Slayer Speed: Increases movement speed by 120%
    • Ability 3: Slayer Reserves: Increases MP by 120%


    A Rank Spells:

    S Rank Spells:

    H Rank Spell:

    Advanced Spells:

    Signature and Passive Spells:

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