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    Treacherous Heart


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    Treacherous Heart Empty Treacherous Heart

    Post by Jaheira Wed Oct 26, 2022 4:03 pm


    Magic Name: Treacherous Heart
    Magic Type: Slayer - Here
    Description: Long ago a leader who was fated to change the world was betrayed by a member of his inner circle, a greedy man who was bribed to turn on the leader in exchange for a small bag containing a sum of silver coins. Shortly after the leader was betrayed and executed by his enemies the traitor had a change of heart and returned the payment to those who had offered it, but that gesture could not undo the act of treason. The traitor was overcome with remorse and eventually took his own life. The bag and the coins within were lost for thousands of years but somehow managed to survive the passage of time until they were rediscovered approximately three centuries ago. Shortly after they were found again it was discovered that the bag of coins had somehow been infused with arcane power that only mages could use.

    It was uncertain if the bag of coins had the power to attract selfish individuals or if selfish individuals were attracted to it, but over the centuries many mages who believed only in achieving their goals at any cost came to possess it. Tapping into the bag's power to empower themselves, the empowered mages began to ruthlessly pursue what they wanted. No method of attaining success was off-limits and no one was safe if they were considered an obstacle; enemies got the worst treatment, but friends and family were not safe from being manipulated and betrayed if doing so would benefit the mage. When the empowered mages reached their goals all of them assessed the cost of success and some of them discovered that they had paid dearly... whether the cost was counted in friendships ruined, enemies made, or families torn apart, the mages ended up paying a high price to realize their ambition.

    The Treacherous Heart Lacrima can give power to those who believe in advancing their goals by any means necessary. Users of this Lacrima may find themselves ascending to dizzying heights of power and achieving great success thanks to it, but one must be careful when using its power. When all is said and done, success might come at a higher price than one realizes.

    Unique Abilities:
    • Ability 1: Slayer Damage: Increases spell damage by 120%
    • Ability 2: Slayer Speed: Increases movement speed by 120%
    • Ability 3: Slayer Reserves: Increases MP by 120%


    A Rank Spells:

    S Rank Spells:

    H Rank Spell:

    Advanced Spells:

    Signature and Passive Spells:

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