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    Particle Transmission


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    Particle Transmission Empty Particle Transmission

    Post by Reiterpallasch 18th October 2022, 4:29 pm


    Magic Name: Particle Transmission
    Magic Type: Caster
    Description: This magic allows its user to move collections of particles from one location to another, by passing them through a pocket dimension that is under the user's control. The degree of control the user has over this dimension varies depending on the strength of the mage. While particles are passing through the pocket dimension, certain qualities can be temporarily altered. This includes things like velocity and mass. Living beings are made up of an exact number of particles, and any spell cast transmitting more or less than this amount will fail. Due to the precise manipulation needed to transmit living beings, direct line of sight or an equivalent amount of information is needed in order to do so.

    In order to sync timing between the mental calculations of for determining particle coordinates and the activation of transmission, a physical motion must be made by the mage (referred to as the somatic component). This can be any physical motion made by the mage, but must be engrained in muscle memory as strongly as breathing would be. Without this motion done in sync with the magic, spells cannot be cast.

    Ashe chose to make her somatic component a finger pistol when preparing to cast a spell. Index and middle fingers extended, ring and pinky fingers folded in touching her palm, with thumb lifted up as the hammer. To activate the spell, Ashe brings her thumb down as if to fire the imaginary gun. She can do this with either hand, and does not need aim them towards the target of her spell. She can also do this motion without activating a spell.

    When casting Transmissions spells, bright blue light illuminates the target and destination space. After a short delay, the light in both locations briefly intensify, then wink out. Rudimentary forms of transmission magic swap particles 1 to 1, where later forms are able to move particles without target particles to swap with.

    However complex the end result, the base function of this magic always remains as moving particles from one location to another.

    Unique Abilities:
    • Ability 1: Vector
        The mage is able to alter the current vector of particles that they transmit. This means the direction, and velocity, of particles being transmitted can be altered. They can be accelerated, or slowed, by up to 10m/s. The direction of the resulting velocity can be chosen at will.


    Transmit Enemy:

    Transmit Self:

    Transmit Object:

    Transmission Combat:

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    Particle Transmission Empty Re: Particle Transmission

    Post by Saraphina 26th October 2022, 5:56 pm

    Hey there Reiterpallasch! I'm Saraphina and I'll be your grader today. My edits are in this color, so keep a look out for them. When the edits are completed, please reply to this thread with a 'bump!' and I'll take a look at it again. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the thread, or pm me on site~ With that out of the way, here's your grading!



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