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    Jeon's Treasure Hunter Mission (Part 1) (WIP)


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    Jeon's Treasure Hunter Mission (Part 1) (WIP) Empty Jeon's Treasure Hunter Mission (Part 1) (WIP)

    Post by HaruxHaru 19th September 2022, 8:18 pm

    Job Description:

    A group of hooded figures stood at the entrance of the ancient ruins. The small band consists of four individuals, all of which whose faces were hidden by grey hoods and their body concealed by silvery-ash cloaks. They stood in wait, as if waiting for something, or perhaps just making sure that the area was secured and safe. The one in front stepped forward and took out a rolled up scroll underneath his cloak and began to unfurl it. The piece of parchment showed a map of the ancient ruins. Though poorly drawn, the Jeon was confident he could identify each marker on the map once he encounters.

    "It says start here." Unconciously uttered the black haired mage as he read the start here indicator right next to a small illustration of a gate. Before the party was a great stone arch that leads into the remains of a once great structure. Only its skeleton remains, it's once mighty walls now lie in shambles and great pillars topped over. The only semblance that a feat of wonder was once erected here was a solitary tower that loomed high at the center of the area. The area of the ruins was wide, it must have been twice the size of their guild headquarters. Judging from the map, Jeon was still far off from the x mark on the map, which laid somewhere north on what appears to be a drawing of a tower.

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