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    To Valhalla! [Solo Mission]

    Sojiro Sakura
    Sojiro Sakura

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    To Valhalla! [Solo Mission] Empty To Valhalla! [Solo Mission]

    Post by Sojiro Sakura 14th September 2022, 5:36 pm

    Mission Details:

    There were conflicting emotions inside of Sojiro as he read the mission posted at one of the local pubs, reading over how a man wished to be sent to Valhalla by going down in battle. He understood wanting to follow your beliefs until the end but why not go and find some great monster to die against instead? He wasn't even going to take the mission until Archeron, the being responsible for Sojiro being in this world and for his magical powers, convinced him to do otherwise, *Helping another warrior, another hero, on their path is something that only you can do. Do not besmirch or disgrace your duty.* And that was all he had needed to give him the push to take the mission.

    That was why he found himself standing inside a large arena with only himself and one other person within. Sojiro looked across at the man who had asked to die, an older man whose completely grey hair was pulled back into a ponytail. He wore no armor, the same with Sojiro, and even though he was up in his years one couldn't mistake all the years of physical training and fighting this man did, "Thank you again for doing this, son. I'm not big on words, so let's get this over with." Sojiro couldn't argue with that idea much, seeing as he wasn't sure what you would even say to a man in this situation. What type of person wants to die? Dying was one of the man's biggest fears, so the idea that this older man across from him was not only brave enough to face it but was embracing it? Sojiro had so many questions that he wished to ask this man but he'd never get the chance now and he had to be alright with that.

    The Unnamed Warrior would have taken a long breath as he drew his longsword from the sheathe and slipped the shield from his back onto his left arm, his legs shifting apart and bracing to show that he was ready for battle. Sojiro would slowly draw the wooden katana from his belt, his signature weapon, and would have taken a Kendo stance of his own. Once he was settled, his amethyst eyes met the solid blue of the Warrior's and the energy between the two of them began to fly. Sojiro's weapon lashed out to strike the man's chest and was met with a parry from his shield, the longsword whipping through the air to try and catch Sojiro's exposed side! But the man managed to twist the weapon in his hands and bring it to parry the blade off to the side, leaving only a small cut to the man's side and shirt instead.

    The Warrior lunged forward afterward and slammed his shield into Sojiro, causing the man to slide across the ground a few feet backward before he caught himself, just in time, too. The Warrior brought his longsword in an overhead strike that threatened to slice Sojiro completely through the center. The blue-haired male had only a split to bring his own blade up to collide with the man's, sliding one hand down the length of his own blade to brace the other side to stop the man's force from breaking his defense. This time it was Sojiro's turn to use their exchange to try and catch him off guard, barely managing to slide his right foot forward to kick out one of the man's feet.

    The Warrior was the one to stumble slightly this time, Sojiro using this to press against the man's sword with his own and screaming slightly as he flung his arm to one side. The longsword would fly from the man's hands and arc through the sky, eventually meeting with the ground blade first and sinking halfway down. The Warrior tried to bring his shield up to block but Sojiro brought his weapon to smack down against the inside of his left forearm, causing the shield arm to also fall to the side and leaving the man exposed, "May you rest well in Valhalla, Warrior." And with that, Sojiro would run his magic through his weapon to increase its damage before driving it down across the man's chest.

    A spectator, from the Mage's Association, would come down from the stands and Sojiro would leave with a bitter taste in his mouth.

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