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✩ the moon's inkling | nita & desirée ✩




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✩ the moon's inkling | nita & desirée ✩ Empty ✩ the moon's inkling | nita & desirée ✩

Post by desirée 24th July 2022, 7:47 pm

✩ the moon's inkling | nita & desirée ✩ Dd8a7pv-5ffe5d2b-4264-4c27-b645-88c8ad93b6ab.png?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwiaXNzIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsIm9iaiI6W1t7InBhdGgiOiJcL2ZcLzZkNTVlNTYxLTNiZWQtNDczNi1hMDc1LTdlYmFkYjE5MWRjN1wvZGQ4YTdwdi01ZmZlNWQyYi00MjY0LTRjMjctYjY0NS04OGM4YWQ5M2I2YWIucG5nIn1dXSwiYXVkIjpbInVybjpzZXJ2aWNlOmZpbGUuZG93bmxvYWQiXX0

desirée blooms luminous rose

It was a rare sight to see the girl of pink diamonds asleep in the bed that rested within the middle of her private chambers of the Luminous Rose Stronghold- ever since she abandoned her aspects of humanity and became that of a crystalline divine, almost four years ago, she became accustomed to the lack of a need of rest like ordinary mortals. A subtle change with its own pros and cons, it was not that she didn't wish to achieve sleep like the others, but that it entailed such a loss of time within her many responsibilities. The normal awake hours of the day spent in the realm of Earthland and the night hours spent in the other dimension of Chrysalis, it was her new way of life; though after living through a day on the Ministrelian Desertio border on behalf of the Luminous Covenant, she felt as though she wanted to spend a bit of time in ultimate relaxation under the silky covers of her bed.

Though the dreams that lined the canvas of her slumber were bitter and dark. All she could see within her fields of vision within the astral plane was a solemn squelching of utter darkness, an abyss of stars embedded with the colors of a deep black sinking and rising within its ink-like seas. It was not as if Desirée could process what she was seeing- she was unconscious as she slept and envisioned such a thing, but what would catch her eye would be the crystalline structure of a brilliant white that would be sinking into the depths of the mass of darkness that sprawled across the dream's brilliant universe. Just what could that shining star in the depths be? It was an unsettling sight for her mind to produce within the resonance of her brain, and though it felt wrong, it was accompanied by a familiar feeling of longing.

Within a burst of white and pink light, the guildmistress would shoot awake from her bed, twirling aggressively due to a feeling of being slingshot into reality once more- she would float just above her bed only to be met by multiple different tones of ringing from various forms of crystaltech that lined her bedroom's furniture and trinkets, notifications directly from the other eleven diamonds consistently blaring. A feeling of panic would ensue within her stomach. Nothing like this had ever happened before within her rule as queen of the other world; it was wildly concerning, and though she was in a puffy nightgown and her hair was sticking in all sorts of different places from the tip of her crown to far beyond her feet in levitation, she would rapidly shoot to the side of her room. Upon a luxuriously ornate dresser made entirely of pink and white crystal, ordained with various otherworldly and familiar Fioran trinkets, would sit a large diamond-shaped gem that would be emitting one of the notification sounds- she would rest her hand above it like a lacrimatech mouse and click it to reveal a multitude of different holograms with various text dialogues and diagrams. Though one of the cameras would be focused in another room, being that of her holy mentor, Diamandis Stellavera, the predecessor to the throne of Chrysalis. She would appear to be frantically pacing around her room, opening books of all kinds as her golden sheep of the cosmos would begin setting up telescopes and opening star portals to retain stardust.

"Vera..? What is going on? I'm just waking up from starsleep, why so many calls?" Desirée would ask in a rather concerned tone, wondering just what was going on to warrant such things.

As soon as the woman's ears retained the voice of the pink diamond, she would immediately turn to face the camera and would run towards it frantically- her golden sheep would follow, spilling bundles of stardust across her chamber's floors to be met with Desirée on the other side of the crystaltech video call.

"Desirée, something is going very, very, very wrong, it's so bad, why does it have to be this bad?" Vera would frantically speak to the pink-haired slayer while also muttering to herself in a panic, tears forming in her eyes as she would continue, "Diamandis Stellune has vanished from the Royal Crystal Court and her location is leading to the moon- not the Chrysalis moon, but the moon of Earthland. Her airship is still in its docking hub, but there is so much more to explain."

"But she could have used one of the warps to get there, wh-" the pink-haired slayer would begin to speak to the other Queen as she would open the decadent rose and white curtains that lined the nearby walls facing upward to the sky, only to be cut off by such an immense feeling of dread.

Within the sky where the moon rested, as it was still the time of the morning where it was a bit visible within the rising sun's rays, would sit the moon, though it would appear to anyone who would get a glimpse of it to be extremely unordinary; it would seem to be over halfway encompassed in a black mass of darkness, and though it was quite far away, it was extremely potent in color. Unholy darkness- it made a pit form in the girl of the cosmos' stomach, and though she felt extremely confused due to just how much was going on in such little time, she knew that it was her responsibility to get to the bottom of just what mysteries were unfolding on the surface of the moon.

"All of the Chrysalis warp pads to the moon are disabled- though it hurts me so bad to say this, it has to be because Stellune is in trouble. She installed all of them during her era," her mentor would say to her on the screen, trembling in her wake.

"The warp pad in the gem vein, Vera! ✧" Desirée would exclaim as the idea hit her mind like a truck, her eyes fluctuating from a hot pink to that of a lustrous golden, "I was the one that created it, so it may still be functional! I will head there at once, and if it doesn't work, I will fly directly to the moon. Thank you, Vera, I will send you updates when I can."

Quickly shutting off the crystaltech with the click of her crystal, amidst Vera's pleading for the guildmistress to be immensely careful, she would shoot up from her seat she was taking and would briefly stare at the moon- she knew she needed help with what she could potentially be facing, if anything, as it takes immense strength to take on the diamonds. If Stellune was in trouble by an outside force, it would have to be due to someone with great strengths. But just who would be able to do such a thing, especially within the Chrysalis Royal Court of all places? Pondering to herself with multiple ideals at once, Desirée would try to think of just who would be able to assist her with this mission out of her list of aces she had appointed within Luminous Rose. But most led to roadblocks- Lyra was facing a magical sickness of some kind, the Faulkners were most likely busy due to various forms of magecraft within jobs, and the same would most likely apply to Sakura. Would Nita be available?

"Rose, set out to find Nita at once- if you find her, tell her that I request assistance in something extremely important if she's free. In the Hall of Legends," she would speak to her fluffy pink crystalline wolf, which to Nita would probably look more like a fox.

Immediately following, the two would shoot out of the door that lead to the guildmistress' chambers in different directions- Rose throughout the many winding roads and bridges within the ravine, and Desirée in the direction of the grand hall. Taking flight and leaving an extremely luminous trail behind within her flight, made entirely of white and pink swirled stardust, if one were to spot her she would appear disheveled and panicking; still within her flowy gown she used to sleep in, her hair somewhat straightening out due to her speed in flight but still sticking out in some places. Once she would make it to the entrance of the ravine's central base of operations, she would shoot down the extensive hallway that housed the many familiar faces of her current guildmembers' statues, landing next to her rosy throne of crystal that sat just under the statue that depicted her within her prime. Though upon her feet smacking rather aggressively on the floor when she landed, she would sprint just behind her statue and raise her hand outward to meet her palm with the stone- channeling her magical energy into her hand she would begin to speak an incantation, followed by a brilliant light shining out of the gem that rested on her forehead.

Due to such magical intention, from behind the large mass of her statue's left leg would create a fluctuating pink portal, which would soon reveal a hidden staircase heading deep into the underground of the ravine- though it was lit by ultraviolet pink torches, it would appear to not have anywhere close of an end to the sets of stairs it hosted. It led deep underground into the earth, all the way to the hidden gem vein- it was Desirée's newest precautionary, having been created in secrecy by her during some occasional nights. It served a variety of different purposes for the future, though there was one reason she wished for it to exist that soared far beyond the rest. Her mind after seeing just what was unfolding between the different sides of the war in Earthland made her feel a concern for the land she called her home- she wished for it to serve as a bunker for guild members and innocents alike if things were to be brought to Fiore in the future, and from there, she would wish to establish a castle on the moon that could serve as an even stronger bunker from such terrible events. She wished to prepare for the worst- and the warp pad to the moon in the gem vein was just installed, and though it had not been buttered up (aka used) yet by anyone, she felt it could serve a use in the predicament she currently found herself in.

If the newest Ace of Luminous Rose was available and willing to assist the demon slayer in the potential threat that resided on the moon, she would be the first person other than Desirée's pets to witness the hidden gem of Luminous Rose that was the gem vein. Though she seemed to be focusing on the situation at hand within her mind rather than the excitement that she normally would feel while showing people such new creations of hers- nothing mattered more to her at this moment than finding out just what was going on within the cosmos. She wanted to save the diamond of white- and she hoped she was not too late. Within her panic, while she was awaiting the potential return of her wolf companion, hopefully accompanied by Nita, she would raise her hand out to summon her equipment to get ready for her arrival on the moon. Developing her entire body in fluctuating light rays, they would soon be cast out to reveal a reinforced and much more put-together version of the guildmistress- a silky white dress decorated with crystal chains and invisible armor of sorts that would cascade over her skin would appear, matching her otherworldly crown of diamonds that rested upon her pink waves of hair.

Truthfully, the feeling that strung throughout her heart and mind was that of fear- just what if her father was responsible for such terrible things, just like he was for the many years prior to this one? Sure, he was slacking off after facing a defeat within his brigade in the other world- but almost a year has passed since the last colossus was defeated. What if all this time he was building back up his evil, wretched power? It made goosebumps arise upon her crystalline skin- she hoped it would be an anomaly of sorts, something less extravagant. A false alarm. But while she would wait for the arrival of her acquaintances, summoning and sharpening her rose quartz ring blade, her mind would tick on and on about the endless possibilities of pain that could come from what was unfolding in the morning sky.

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✩ the moon's inkling | nita & desirée ✩ IY2eFxu


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✩ the moon's inkling | nita & desirée ✩ Empty Re: ✩ the moon's inkling | nita & desirée ✩

Post by Fraag 25th July 2022, 8:09 pm

Many things of import had happened of late to the Pergrandian seated somewhere in a comfortable bedroom at the bottom of a meteorite crater somewhere to the south of Sakuramori. She’d recently been made an ace of her guild, something that made her as excited as it made her nervous. Being an ace meant that her strength had been recognized, which was truly deserved, being one of the strongest, if not the strongest member of Luminous Rose. But with this recognition came a sort of reliance: she had been identified as a pillar of her guild, someone that the newer members were supposed to look up to. There was something overwhelming about responsibility, and while Nita did not really care for the burden that new responsibilities brought, her father had once told her that the desire to not shoulder responsibility, when borne out of a fear of failure, meant that a person was actually more responsible than they believed. Nita hoped she was. She always joked that she could never join an organization such as the Rune Knights, because she was too unserious for the military. Which was quite an ironic twist of her life, seeing as she had started life as a military personnel, even though she was not as combat-oriented as the rank and file members of Pergrande’s standing army. Well, getting fused with the Primordial, in the most life changing event of her existence, had changed so many things about her, as well as the being she had fused with. And learning to accept that these differences were part and parcel of her life made it a more fun experience than she otherwise would have found it.

Today, she sat cross-legged on her bed, poring through an old tome. She had recently found a strange stone, whose former owner swore was an item of very bad luck; it brought down curses on whoever owned it, he said. Nita had realized it was a lacrima, and although she had been initially wary about buying it, Maria, the second consciousness inside her head and the source of her godlike powers, had advised her to procure it. After all, she was lucky, wasn’t she? Her name bore testament to this opinion. And so Nita had acquired what she had realized to be called the Witch Stone, a lacrima hallowed by some esoteric goddess of night, and granting its bearer mystical powers, or incredibly ill fortune. Nita decided to take the fact that no incredible calamity had befallen her as a sign that she was not under any spell of bad luck. That, or maybe she had not yet been able to engage the stone’s powers. She had, after all, not gained any new abilities from taking possession of it. There were an awfully few sources of information about the Witch Stone, so Nita was presently studying documented lacrima with similar themes in the hopes of understanding more about this mysterious item.

And that was when she sensed the presence of something quickly enter her room. An animal it seemed. Nita lifted her eyes and saw the fluffy vulpine creature. Her eyes widened in surprise on seeing it, but already she suspected that it belonged to someone in the guild; it was pink, after all. Despite its fluffy fur, it did seem to have a sort of crystalline sheen to it, which made Nita guess that it would either belong to her fellow ace, Lyra Karant, or the guild mistress herself, seeing as those two seemed to possess crystalline-based magic. Before the Pergrandian could speak, the crystalline wolf asked her to meet with Desiree in the Hall of Legends; it was rather important too, from the looks of things. Nita nodded, as she closed the great tome in her laps. ”Give me a moment, and I’ll be there in a jiffy,” she replied, as the canine creature acknowledged her reply and took its leave. The Pergrandian immediately changed into her work clothes, and stashed her weaponry in her Ark, just in case such things would be needed. This was likely a mission, and from the urgency of the wolf, Nita suspected that Desiree had good reason to tag whatever this was as ‘extremely important’. Having made sure she was ready, the Pergrandian drew a line in the air with her left hand, as a portal opened, following the movement of her hand and then widening to make space for her to enter it. To her chagrin, this portal was very good for long-distance traveling, which her Misere spell would not be able to cover, due to its shorter teleportation range. While that made this portal annoying was the swimming part, although that was a minor inconvenience. Still….

Desiree would see a glowing line materialize out of thin air in the Hall of Legends, and expand into a two-dimensional rectangular film, from which her newest Ace would emerge… dripping wet! ”Hey, Des!” Nita called out to her guild mistress, waving happily as she saw her pink-haired leader. ”I got your message. Cute fox delivered it, so here I am. What’s going on? And please, ignore the water, it dries out much quicker than regular water.” She turned to look at the statue of herself standing all regal and majestic. ”Why does that statue make me feel inadequate…?” That one was more to herself than anyone else.

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